Top 220 female professionals according to karma comments

For an updated version of this list, see: Top female professionals according to karma comments (Sep 2020), with bonus emoji

This is a list of the 220 top rated female professionals who cuddle men (as of the beginning of February 2018).

Names in bold (49) had karma comments like "deserves more than 5 stars" or "best cuddle I've ever had"; the others (171) were highly recommended by at least one person. (This was a bit subjective though).

They are grouped by state (with non-US countries at the end), largest numbers first. There may be inaccuracies in the locations.

Los Angeles is officially the cuddle capital of the world!

(Note: this will only be updated if I find out I missed a karma comment originally, or if someone's location changes -- so there is no pressure on pros to get amazing karma ...)

California (69)

Anaheim: @lexi8194
Bellflower: @13apia @stellarosass
Beverly Hills: @mamajade
California: @KomfyKarmz
Diamond Bar: @TacosB4Vatos
Fremont: @cuddles83
Fullerton: @RayOfLight1
Glendale: @QTPi
Hemet: @zlprice
Laguna Beach: @LifeDoneRight
Lemon Grove: @fickleivy
Long Beach: @FreckledCuddles
Los Angeles: @AlisonMiller @Bella6 @buffyswan @KittyJazzmin @MadameRose @MMichelle @NikkiSlick @Sia @yoursweetpillow @abonarun @alexcuddles57 @CatVal @cuddlbunni @dilansnuggle @GeekCuddles @IAMSophia @Joy101 @Kell @Kell @KissKiwi @Leonora @littlewildthing @LuluBop @Neo_Queen_Hugs @NickeyHuntsman @ReneeS @sammie162 @VanessaHB @yourmagicuddler
Mission Viejo: @missyrawr
Monterey: @Marin
Moreno Valley: @cuddlebugTM
Norwalk: @01Blair
Orangevale: @Bastet
Pasadena: @AutumnLovesYa
Poway: @CuddleMeToday
Redlands: @my_tender_touch
Riverside: @Lyd @melloyello
San Bernardino: @MissyTheCuddly
San Clemente: @LizzyBear
San Diego: @Bella_Sunkiss @Cutietocuddle @hugger84 @missandreamarie @SexySoulMatrix @snuggle554321 @SophiaTara
San Francisco: @cuddlincutie @lavenderhugs @stephanie123
Santa Ana: @CuddlePanda9
Temecula: @comfortgirl
Torrance: @shawniece24
Valley Center: @ngiberson11
Whittier: @Brandi

Texas (25)

Austin: @Evie @purepoetry
Dallas: @show3737 @lylac
Fort Worth: @Valelise
Frisco: @faifort28 @felicityklimt
Houston: @RitaNR @bay111 @divinepartners @Firewoman @izzygrace @KathrynR @NikiJay88 @Sherm @Snuzzle_Monster
Mesquite: @courtneycuddlez
Midlothian: @anniewhere
Plano: @TLyn
Rockdale: @Lanie
San Antonio: @autumnrose2017 @Lorelei @Marlene
Spring: @AshleyCuddles
Tomball: @stefvillanueva

Maryland (12)

Baltimore: @AlexBabyBoo23 @cuddleinmd @Suzanne
Bel Air: @Scarlette
Bethesda: @JennyBee
Chevy Chase: @lilly26
Fort Washington: @scarletlace
Gaithersburg: @Christina02
Germantown: @JazzyPants
Nottingham: @TexasComfort
Parkville: @Babykaykez
Silver Spring: @mhershey37

Massachusetts (12)

Andover: @Lylliette
Boston: @HealingHug @artemis @michellethemuse
Cambridge: @Tiffaknee89 @Phoebe
Lee: @Chickey
Lynn: @Cuddlebutt
Newton: @PinkLipstick22
Revere: @Anyanoelle90 @Marie617 @QueenHearts7983

Arizona (9)

Chandler: @Tink
Mesa: @cuddlesofcurves @SnuggleWyrm
Phoenix: @MsClickers @cuddlycristina @martavillosa @Rainbow13 @WaterBaby
Tucson: @eternity

New York (9)

New York: @lorna @Anna1914 @BlessYourHeart @Cyn @Ellie @happycuddl @LostInNY @monsoonbabe23 @TigerSnuggles

Florida (9)

Clearwater: @BlueIris
Coconut Creek: @Mariah
Fort Lauderdale: @sherylmckoy
Largo: @Cocacola
Miami: @nooradoug @Erza
Saint Petersburg: @MemeBrewer
Sarasota: @Celeste07
Tallahassee: @Bowie

Ohio (7)

Bellevue: @MonicaR
Cincinnati: @Rei
Columbus: @Megan
Loveland: @ArmsWideOpen
Oxford: @silverskine
Sylvania: @Angelbaby88
Twinsburg: @caprice

Virginia (5)

Arlington: @embracethedawn
Falls Church: @Mal703
Newport News: @BrittAngel
Richmond: @CuddliNScent3d
Virginia Beach: @peacesnuggles

Illinois (5)

Aurora: @Lisa2476
Carpentersville: @Vickie
Chicago: @Ema @KeeleyShoup @mayadentity

North Carolina (5)

Charlotte: @PlushyProzac @YummyDimples
Gastonia: @Allison7830
Raleigh: @barefoot_blonde
Wilmington: @anymeaddict

Oregon (5)

Beaverton: @Synchrochick007
Hillsboro: @TeeFlynn
Portland: @cozyposy @CudddlyAlisha @Smokahontas

Pennsylvania (5)

Allentown: @Kaiterpillar
Downingtown: @sarahsunshine11
Easton: @Bethe60
Pittsburgh: @kflor42
Reading: @SaraRose

Washington (7)

Bothell: @MissyBee
Olympia: @bito
Seattle: @AmorAmor
Tacoma: @latinacuddler
University Place: @Nicole_Moon @LeSucreRouge
Vancouver: @hollycuddles

Minnesota (3)

Minneapolis: @happytoholdyou
North Branch: @JRose
Saint Paul: @KatrinaF

New Jersey (4)

Carlstadt: @luci
Clementon: @Jamers929
Edison: @kellyaf7187
Hackensack: @SunnyCuddles

Colorado (3)

Denver: @da123nce @smellingtherose
Lafayette: @Hugginghealer

Georgia (3)

Dunwoody: @MimiK
Stockbridge: @CaliCuddles
Valdosta: @southernscuba

Michigan (3)

Madison Heights: @Missy87
Plymouth: @EntwinedTime
Westland: @sunshine2007735

Tennessee (3)

Columbia: @mandykaybaby
Nashville: @snuglove @bleukris86

Nevada (2)

Las Vegas: @honeydip @kittenkay

Utah (2)

Kaysville: @Victoria92
Salt Lake City: @cuddlesfordays1

Wisconsin (2)

Milwaukee: @ArtemisA @kkfunk

Idaho (1)

Boise: @MissLee

Indiana (1)

Muncie: @HuggableBug

Kansas (1)

Lawrence: @vxmars

Missouri (1)

St. Louis: @carebearstl



Australia (2)

Sydney: @sandy8
Melbourne: @KatCuddles

England (4)

Chelmsford: @BodyTrust
England: @Laflaka
London: @cuddlerfriend @Mili



  • [Deleted User]Alternis (deleted user)

    @Fickleivy is still in the top 2 sessions ive had and ive had over a dozen now.

    @Victoria92 would be #1. Ive seen her once when she visited LA but we didnt karma each other because it was a free session and I didn't want to get her in trouble. She actually spent money to see me since she ubered so I felt bad and gave her a nice tip. Had a bunch of fun interacting with her online via gaming together or her twitch streams.

  • edited February 2018

    @Alternis I've bolded @Victoria92 for you. :)

    No doubt there are many other amazing professionals too; this is just based on karma comments.

    (If anyone feels a professional is missing or needs to be in bold, let me know ...)

  • o0ashley in Houston! Lol! hugges @respectful

  • edited February 2018

    @o0ashley Lol, I'm sure you're a wonderful cuddler! Just gotta find a way to meet @pmvines and grab some karma ... :)

  • edited February 2018

    @o0ashley Yay, some new karma for you! Your wish is granted. :)

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    @respectful You have the determination and attention to detail to be an amazing super-villain.

    Thank you for using your powers for good.

  • @chococuddles Lol!! Curses, they're onto me Thank you for the encouragement ...

  • [Deleted User]masterofcuddle (deleted user)

    How long did it take for you to put that together??

  • @masterofcuddle A few intense days. :) It started as a wish list if I get to visit the US one day.

  • wow that's a lot of wishes! lol

  • [Deleted User]Cyn (deleted user)

    Sorry but this is silly to me. I don't want to be apart of a popularity contest. I feel like going to each woman professional would dont have any and giving them 5 stars for the hell of it now(btw i know I cant without communicating with them but I wish I could lol). I love what I do and enjoy cuddling, and hope each one of my clients enjoy the time we spent together; to me that's all that matters. And to be honest the professionals that should be in bold are the ones who have 10, 20 or 30 clients that are all satisfied with their sessions not because of a certain statement. Btw not everyone gives Karma.

    So with that being said. I wish all the professionals on here success and for clients and other cuddlers I wish you find people you can connect and enjoy special amazing moment with. Don't let karma stop you from reaching out to someone that may not have any. Happy cuddling all.

  • @respectful, you amaze me with the careful time and attention you give to contributing such thorough, informative & helpful posts. Thank you for all you do to enrich our beautiful community! <3 <3

  • I agree with Cyn in that just because someone doesn't have karma or enough karma does not mean they are not completely amazing

  • [Deleted User]Alternis (deleted user)
    edited February 2018

    Ill even go one step further and just point out a few people in bold have had terrible sessions with people but due to the current state of karma they can't one star them.

    That being said though thanks for taking the time for putting together such a list. So many potential great cuddlers not in California, I hope they come visit LA one day.

  • @Alternis I was actually born and raised in San Diego and I go there once a year so you never know :)

  • [Deleted User]Cyn (deleted user)

    @Alternis I didn't know that about the karma system but good to know. I'm still learning this site. Would love to try different states.

    @o0ashley You are a sweetheart. I'm so proud of you btw. I'll pm you :3

  • @Cyn awe lub you lots my cuddle buddy! hugs!

  • wait if you are in a different state you cant leave karma? did I read that wrong? If that's the case then lame!

  • [Deleted User]Cyn (deleted user)

    @o0ashley No I meant I would like to travel to different states to cuddle.

  • @Cyn is my new travel buddy folks. Ya heard it here first! lol We shall cuddle the world! hehehe

  • someone needs to give me a

  • [Deleted User]DeliMan (deleted user)
    edited February 2018

    @o0Ashley a good cuddle session we me here in Sunny Florida is the only sedative that will help you.

  • [Deleted User]Cyn (deleted user)

    @o0ashley Anytime hun. I might visit Texas first.

  • @DeliMan I would LOVE to come to Florida. It's one of very few states that I have never been. If I were to get enough interest from there I am soooo there trust me on that one

  • flattered to be on the list :3

  • edited February 2018

    Some general thoughts about karma ...

    Apart from actually cuddling them, you can discover what a particular professional might be like by reading their profile, talking with them, from their forum posts and the opinions of previous clients (i.e. karma comments) -- which I think is the most useful.

    There's also the number of stars, but that's not as helpful because they are almost all 5s, with the occasional 1 that may or may not be justified (so reading the comments is still needed).

    The actual number of karma comments is useful too. 103 people had 3 or more karma comments, and they are all in the list in the original post (not because of that number, but because someone said something very positive about them).

    Only 19% of female professionals have any karma anyway, so this whole thing is very approximate. Some people dislike the karma system so much they ask people not to leave it ...

    So I agree @Cyn that this whole thing is very limited. But it does paint a general picture.

    You said "Don't let karma stop you from reaching out to someone that may not have any" - I couldn't agree more! Hopefully the effect of this thread is to remind people to leave feedback, so that everybody gets some. :)

    And to take the pressure off professionals to get karma comments about being "more than 5 stars" etc., this is probably a one off thing ... it's a bit much to do repeatedly!

  • @Respectful you are so wonderful!!! We need more people like you on this site and in this world.


  • Can someone request themselves to be considered for addition? ;-) Ha. I don't know if I had switched over to professional when you put this together, and I certainly didn't have my karma yet O:-)

  • edited February 2018

    @ubergigglefritz I didn't want anyone to feel pressure to get super reviews (and it's too much to keep track of), so there are no plans right now to update the list -- except to change someone's location, or if I discover I missed something originally.

    Think of it as a historical record ...

    Hopefully when people search your area they'll notice your lovely feedback @ubergigglefritz!

  • I thought that was what you wrote in the post :-( Thanks for responding. Wish the criteria would have been higher. Less than two weeks after you posted and I went from brand new to already at least matching the closest professional to me on your list, possibly passing her, depending on how you interpret karma. The title implies a lot more awesomeness than that, as I'm nowhere near a top level cuddler yet, even though I've already matched people on the list ;-) Maybe the title should have been all professionals with positive karma as of 2/5/2018? I'm going to update my picture once someone's here to help me get a new one, ha, but there aren't even many active members in Virginia, so nothing much happening.

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