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  • Just had a private conversation with someone about the subject of age. It's interesting to me that more men in their 30s and 40s have contacted me first, and I've usually been the one to contact guys over 40 first. It's been extremely rare that anyone over 50 has contacted me at all. Perhaps the guys over 50 who are afraid of age discrimination might do better to include the more mature cuddlers closer to their own age in their search for cuddle pals.

    My best cuddle experiences have all been with guys over 50!! Looking forward to many more!!

  • In my area, 3 out of 10 women are over 30, while the rest is under 30. This is taken from the top 10, but the numbers are very similar down the list. :/ Not sure if it's the same everywhere, but if it is, men in their 30s (like me) aren't likely to find someone their age to cuddle.

    Not that I'm not willing to cuddle another age group, but the younger girls on here usually state a max cuddle age of 27 or 28. I don't blame them, it can be hard for young women to trust an older man.

  • I guess I'm fortunate @tallteddy but very few of the cuddlers in SoCal seem to have age preference posted (that I've seen). See much more of that in CL but not so much here.

    Perhaps @BlueIris older gents just take awhile to get used to the concept and get over their fears to reach out. Thank goodness the community has such kind souls as yourself who reach out to n00bs and help get them over the hurdle and get them engaged.

    If anyone reading this is on the farside of 30 (and beyond) and is reticent about reaching out to someone (out of fear of rejection or??), perhaps starting off with a pro would be easier start?

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    I think that when you're young you're more likely to assume you won't have anything in common with people outside your age group. Maybe you don't see yourself as an adult yet, so you wouldn't want to date an adult or cuddle with one. As you get older you realize there's not much difference between 20 and 30 , 80 year olds look in the mirror and are surprised they're not still 40. People are just people, some have more experience than others. It's a shame b/c older ppl, widowers could use this kind of connection more than most.

  • @mjg, I wish pro's were an option, but there aren't any in my country. At least not on this site.

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    @jbo729 In my experience there's a huge difference between a 20 year old and a 30 year old. There's a negligible amount of difference between a 30 year old and a 40 year old. The men in their 20s who contact me act more like teenagers than young men. They're much less in control of their hormones and responses. Although I have two regular cuddlers who are in their 20s, I much prefer men who are over 40. There's a lot to be said for maturity and experience.

    @mjg I'm interested to find out what fears and anxieties about cuddling some of the more mature men have. I can totally see why women can be terrified, but I'm clueless about why men would be nervous. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts.

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    @BlueIris that's absolutely true, there is a major maturity gap between 20 and 30 in general, although maturity isn't a given no matter what age you are, and some 20 year olds are wise beyond their years. I was more thinking about their pov, when you're 20, 30 seems SO OLD and you'll have an entire lifetime before then. Then you reach it and it felt like no time at all and you start seeing different age groups as being more similar and age isn't as important.

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