Karma comments for female professionals

I've been going through the karma comments for female professionals. Here are the kinds of things people love and appreciate about them.

See also: A to Z of professional karma.


"Appointment was easy to set up and she was flexible with my schedule."

"When she makes an appointment, she keeps it; I've seen her at least 20 times, and never been stood up or last-minute rescheduled."


"She has a very comfortable room for cuddling - spacious, clean, and comfortable."

"She made sure that everything was perfect for the session - the temperature, ambience, etc."

"Brings essential oils and music for those who want it."

Being professional

"She is very very professional. I mean, she met me on time, she gave a warm hug made me comfortable very instant I met her [...] She offered me water, allowed me to settle down. She walked me back to my car."

"A real professional, but never made me feel like she was just doing it because it was her job. She created a comfortable and friendly atmosphere and really cared about me and how comfortable I was. She is a very kind and warm soul and treated me like a loved, long time friend rather than a client."

"I forgot it was a session and it felt like I was with someone who genuinely wanted to be there."

"She is very client-centered, compassionate, and professional. I feel like she put heartfelt effort into making our time together special and tailor-made to my needs."

"She was genuinely interested in who I was, how I was doing, and made me feel like I mattered."

"Puts you as the center of attention throughout the entire session."

"She definetely wanted to make sure I was loved, cared for, and happy with our cuddling session."

"She is always focused on making sure your experience with her is perfect."

"Most important, she wants to make her client happy!"


"Not only made me feel comfortable very quickly, but she was present, kind, attentive ..."

"She was very present at all times."

"As a cuddler, she is fully engaged and engaging - she put her phone in the other room so there would be no distractions."

"She gives great eye contact."

Putting at ease

"Within minutes she will make you feel like you have known her forever."

"Easy to talk to. Felt at ease from start to finish."

"She has such a warm, nurturing, charming and intellectual personality that can make even a nervous nelly like myself feel right at home. She breaks the ice easily and enthusiastically."

Being unrushed

"Although time ended way too quickly, we were never rushed."

"She's not a clock watcher!"


"Intuitive to your needs."

"She has a good sense of how to make someone happy."

"The perfect amount of soft conversation and calm cuddling."

"The perfect mix of conversation, caressing, and calming silence."


"She is calm, compassionate, and easy to get along with."

"She's a wonderful, warm person [...] with a gentle playful spirit."

"Has a terrific, upbeat, and playful energy about her that really makes her a pleasure to be around."

"She was extremely warm, bubbly, sweet and down to earth."

"The kindest soul I've ever met. She's very easy to talk to, and is genuinely caring and affectionate."

"Sweet, kind not judgemental and very loving."

"Filled with so much love & positivity."

"Warm and lovely and kind and gentle-spirited and peaceful."

"She exudes love and tenderness."

"Friendly and full of positivity."

"Beautiful and comfortable, warm and inviting, intelligent and worldly, but without a ounce of arrogance."

"Sweet, funny and extremely blunt but in a very good way."

"Sensitive, caring, understanding, nonjudgmental, warm, kind, joyful, loving, encouraging, sincere, authentic, genuine."

"She has a wonderful warm, bubbly personality that makes her a pleasure to be around. She's kind-hearted, attentive, intuitive, and knows how to get you to laugh. "

"She is an upbeat, kind person, who really does this for the love of people."

"Kind hearted, genuine, honest, respectful, and just plain fun to be around."


  • Authenticity

    "One of my favorite things about a professional cuddler is when they show up as themselves, totally authentic, not hiding behind a persona."

    "Refreshingly genuine for the whole session."

    "Her best trait is her openness ... [she] is as genuine as they come."

    Cuddling ability

    "An amazing, interactive and responsive cuddler."

    "Someone who you can easily sink into and feel cared about, loved and cherished, has a delicately calm and loving touch."

    "She can cuddle strong or soft."

    "A great teacher as well!"

    "She eagerly tried many cuddling positions."

    "She's a great cuddler, always up for trying a new position to keep things fresh."

    "We were in all the normal positions you would expect, but she changes positions so smoothly, you barely notice when it happens. She is so good at cuddling and conforming to me and my body that it was similar to a hand in a glove sensation."

    Nurturing and therapeutic

    "Knows how to cuddle professionally in a true healing way."

    "Has the innate ability to hold the world off of you and let you feel protected for a while."

    "A genuine nurturer."

    "She has a nurturing style of cuddling that will make you feel relaxed and at peace."

    "Absolutely the warmest most nurturing darling of a woman you can hope for."

    "Soothing beyond words."

    "You feel safe and cared for in her arms."

    "She has a way of just accepting you as you are."

    "I let out a good cry [...] and got some needed rest, all while in the soft and warm arms of a sympathetic and non-judgmental listener."

    "After cuddling with her, some of my deepest and most valuable emotions came out."


    "Not only is she a fabulous conversationalist, but she's also funny/sweet and creates a space where you feel completely at ease and comfortable."

    "Our conversation was very smooth and it was nice talking to an intelligent person who can carry on a conversation."

    "Friendly, charming, and a great conversationalist."

    "Very thoughtful, intelligent and understanding."

    "Stimulates your mind with intelligent conversations."

    "Conversation flows easily with her. She's smart, educated, and articulate. She has strong opinions on many things, but she's not unduly argumentative, which makes her fun to talk to."

    "Whatever your personality or interests, [she] will be able to more than hold her own in the conversation."

    "Her travel and life experiences(seemingly dodging danger at every turn) and her amazing family make her one of the most interesting people I have ever met."

    "An extremely intelligent, well-cultured and kind soul. The meeting was full of excellent conversations."

    "She is a very easy conversationalist with a rich variety of stories."

    "Totally at ease with me and willing to talk about pretty much anything."

    "And we had the best conversation about our lives, hopes, dreams ... and even the meaning of life."

    "She is wonderful to talk with and enjoyed having some random, some passionate, some personal, and some deeper conversations like we'd known each other for years. [...] She is so easy to talk to and have intelligent conversations."

    "It felt so easy to talk about anything with her."

    "Easy to converse with, an attentive listener, and definitely comes across as a caring person who shows genuine interest in the well being of her clients."

    "She is understanding and intelligent - plus, she's a great listener with a very soothing personality."

    "Getting to know her helped me understand and realize many things. [She] has been a friend with whom I was able to share a lot of my worries and feel so confident about how I can face them."

    "It was a perfect experience with just enough conversation along with warm and relaxing cuddles."


    "Delightful sense of humor"

    "She's a smart cookie with a dry sense of humor."

    "She even laughed at my jokes."

    "An occasional goofball."

    "Hilarious! Knows more than you think and has much to share. Great personality and humor!"

    "She is smart, witty, sarcastic in the good way, sense of humor off the charts."

    "Chatty, fun, and quick-witted; I can't remember the last time I laughed so much during a cuddle session."

    "She's fun to be with and will play along with your antics."


    "She has a melodious voice."

    "Her smile, laugh, and voice is just the best."

    "The most adorable giggle outside of a Disney cartoon."


    "Beautiful in and out."

    "She looked and smelled amazing."

    "Super feminine."

    Overall experience

    "The experience was peaceful, and made me feel like the world is an okay place to be in."

    "My stress melted away. I was energized for the rest of the day, my mood was better and it just left me feeling great."

    "The entire time was a supercharged, filled with love and a sense of connection to another human."

    "I never imagined it would be possible to feel so comforted and content."

    "Being held close was a transformative experience which helped wash away a lot of my pain."

    "After our session, I felt nourished: mind, body & soul."

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    After reading all those comments, now I want to do a cuddle trip to the US! One day ...

    By the way, if you're wondering who a particular quote was referring to, you can do a google search like this:

    site:cuddlecomfort.com "professional cuddler" "occasional goofball"

    (Though some of the karma comments were edited for readability).

  • looks for the like button lol. Come on down sweetheart! I'd love to cuddle you!

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    To all the professionals: I think you guys are just incredible.

    Thank you for everything you give, for being so generous and loving, and for keeping on going in spite of the negative aspects of this profession (i.e. creeps).

  • Aww what a beautiful post! Very refreshing to see <3

    Thanks for sharing! Some of those comments made me smile like a doof haha. I love seeing how much love has been experienced here.

  • [Deleted User]Alternis (deleted user)

    Being unrushed

    "Although time ended way too quickly, we were never rushed."

    "She's not a clock watcher!"

    I absolutely appreciate it when I get some extra time but at the same time I feel like it would be unfair to post a comment like that on their karma since it would set some sort of expectation for future clients.

  • [Deleted User]curiousgeorge1 (deleted user)

    I am thinking that maybe not being rushed could also mean that there was a winding down phase and not like a buzzer goes off and you are kickdd out the door immediatley. I had one pro that was kind of like that. Others would set alarm for a few minutes before end and we would gradually end the sessions

  • @o0ashley Thank you, that's very sweet of you! One limitation of the karma system is that there are lots of awesome people who don't have any karma for whatever reason. I know you are a caring person and would be a great conversationalist too (and cuddler!).

    @Brandi Thanks! You have some pretty amazing comments in your karma by the way.

  • @respectful very welcome. And thank you so much, They truely are too kind <3

  • @reurbo Thanks! I think a few of those karma comments come from you :)

  • @respectful I will get karma eventually. I've only been here a few weeks. But I love all my new friends and the people I'm meeting so much! Not sure those I have talked to are big karma givers. I just hope my personality and love shines through :D Huggies!

  • @oOashely I will karma you, all you have to do is come to Birmingham!! See now isn't that simple

  • @pmvines how dare all those darn states stand between us. lol

  • @oOashley if you are ever traveling nearby I'm happy to drive out to you....

  • Awe well hun closest I will be is Nashville for now. Still too far me thinks

  • http://www.cuddlecomfort.com/respectful Besutiful post. Thanks
    Sorry I do not know how to address my comment. To you @respectful

  • Thank you @AmorAmor.

    You have some lovely karma comments too. :) I especially liked this one: "And her hugs are precious. They felt genuine. I felt that she cared."

    Feeling genuinely cared for might be the thing I love most in a professional cuddler.

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