Motivations for being on this site

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I was wondering what your motivations were for being on this site?

My motivations for being on this site is multi-faceted. I am 27 years old and am single. I don't want to be single forever and so I'm using this site as a stepping stone to meet someone.
I've had a lot of anxiety and have never really been in a relationship before so this helps me get used to of simple hugs and cuddles without the pressure of sex.

So, what's your motivation?



  • My motives are simple. I want to help people. If I can truly make a difference to just one person. It is a life well spent

  • I just want to cuddle up with someone and watch some shows/movies.

  • My original motivation for coming here was to find some affection while I was working out of town for two months and away from my wife. Over the course of time it’s turned more into a movement that I support and feel strongly about. Cuddle also acts as my meditation and my form of relaxation. Some people get massages, some do day spas, I cuddle.

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    These are all great reasons! Thanks for answering!

  • Personally, I need physical contact with other human beings in order to be healthy. I grew up in a big family, and I'm used to a lot of cuddling. When I moved out, I missed it. I suppose I'm looking for extra siblings.

  • My motivations are world domination

  • I don't know what I thought this site was when I came here, but it wasn't this, lol. But now I'm so excited to have possibly found work that will allow me to use my skills and passion for such a positive impact on others. I am asexual and can have my own issues with long term relationships, but I have always been an advocate for the unpopular and often looked over. That doesn't characterize everyone here, but the general idea is to provide a source of peace and comfort with your self. I can only hope my gut keeps me safe from letting one bad apple chase me away from continuing to make that difference :-)

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    My motivation was to find some platonic friends who I could cuddle with. I've had four cuddle buddies so far but only one from this site.

  • @chococuddles wifey? I'm super curious for more details there. Lol

  • I enjoy conversation and cuddling. This offers the opportunity to both enjoy physical touch and to have the luxury of getting to know someone in a relaxed environment. My life is busy and I am surrounded by great people, but there is something about learning from someone, sharing with them and enjoying the gentleness of touch that I really enjoy.

  • Well my cat is so good at cuddling. Would be nice to cuddle a very very large cat or get several more, but the upkeep. I'm rather good at communicating cat, but conversation tends to go different places with a human. Then low and behold, I see this non-dating cuddle site, ok, will see how this goes, some other people on here seem to speak cat, too. Taking my time.

  • @AshleyCuddles The only options I can think of are 1) he thinks this is a dating site, 2) his wife told him to go get his cuddles here, or 3) his polyamorous partner, thinking this was a dating site, told him to go find a wife here. Given who we're talking about, I'd put my money on number one.

    Hey, @chococuddles are you sure we can't be nemeses? Because if you're looking for a romantic and... eh... "kissing" partner, everything you're looking for repulses me.

  • I’m here to connect to cuddlers and professionals . This is an addition to my caregiving services . Connecting with people who really get the healing power of platonic cuddling is amazing . Making friends along the way is an added bonus

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    @DarrenWalker You're painful but not worthy to be my nemesis. More of a talkative gnat I have to swat at once in a while. ;)

    It's an ongoing joke that this place is NOT a dating site. I was just joking. Didn't know I'd spark another pompous diatribe.

    Now, back on track...

  • Wow that was a bit out of the blue. I feel like I missed a conversation somewhere

  • [Deleted User]Spoonie (deleted user)

    Uncalled for commentary @DarrenWalker. I wonder what you mean when you say “Given who we’re talking about...”.

  • Make Cuddles not war! :)

  • @chococuddles But that fits the song perfectly! Also, Poe's Law.

    @poonie We're talking about a guy I really don't get along with, so whichever option I like least.... And I'm a repulsed aro-ace (that is, a romance-repulsed aromantic and a sex-repulsed asexual), so.

    @AshleyCuddles [laugh] You might've missed an episode, yeah. We've been sniping at each other for a while. I'm shooting for 'nemesis'. Best he's allowed so far is 'frenemy'. Terrible thing.

  • [Deleted User]Spoonie (deleted user)

    Interesting. Chococuddles seems like one of the easiest guys on the board to get along with.

  • @poonie Really? The first thing he said to me was that I was ignorant and asinine—which endeared him to me immediately, in a weird way, but I can't think most people would have that reaction....

    Of course, I was being typically me (i.e., autistic and straightforward), so I guess he was just being blunt back. Reciprocation's not a bad social tactic, so maybe he is easy to get along with, at that. After all, I don't dislike him—I just really don't get along with him at all! Unless this is me getting along with him. Ah, social stuff is confusing.

    Anyway, @chococuddles, what's your real reason for being on this site, then?

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    @DarrenWalker When you call people who don't agree with you 'rapists' then yes, that is indeed ignorant and asinine.

    What's my real reason being on this site, then? LOVE to tell ya. call. brb...

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    @chococuddles Gah. Yeah, that'd definitely be bad. I didn't do that, did I? I'm pretty sure I didn't, because that doesn't seem like something I would ever say, but.... [goes to check] No, I didn't. I did say that rapists like to be able to tell themselves that what they did wasn't rape (which is an idea I got from articles like this one), but that's a different thing!

    "Phone call"? ...You dork.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    @DarrenWalker Oo you cute little sneak... give the whole sentence. "and this discussion title makes that difficult for them. " That last part of your statement was my issue as men and women both disagreed with the thread title.

    Me? Dork? No. (maybe a little)

    Nerd? YES! Leaving for Blank Panther in a bit to join my fellow nerds.

    Make Mine, Marvel!!!

  • You two are having like this cute little spat, it’s sweet, honestly kinda cute <3

  • @chococuddles Well, the title does make it difficult for any rapist who might happen to be reading the thread to deny what they did. "Every rapist will dislike the title" ≠ "Everyone who dislikes the title is a rapist." Saying it does is like saying that "everyone who likes Black Panther is a nerd" = "every nerd likes Black Panther." That said, I am envious. I wanna see that movie.

    @Morpheus Gee, thanks....

  • Just. Walk. Away ;-)

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    So in keeping with the purpose of this thread and to not rehash old threads concerning different subject matter, my motivations for being on here are to make a few friends cus I live in AL and am bored. I do really like the platonic cuddling concept and am not interested in hooking up. Not asexual, far from it really, just not on my list of important things. I love to cuddle and its hard to find an adult friend of the opposite sex who is cool with just being friends, hanging out, and being affectionate and cozy without other things on the agenda. There is something innocent and pure about it that you don't really want to tarnish with sex. So I suppose that is why I am here.

  • Is anyone here because they have nowhere else to go?

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