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    Open,mind with love and happiness can bring any age group ppl close. It's all about giving and sharing happiness. Age is just a number :)

  • I only cuddle with people who are between the ages of 18 and 348 years old.

  • I'm 22 and, if I'm honest, I just wouldn't feel comfortable being cuddled by a man much older than me - even in a platonic sense. One of my boundaries, in order to relax, is that I feel like I'm cuddling a friend. I can have nice conversations with people decades older, but not really see them as a friend I'd invite round to hang out and cuddle.

    To some, age is just a number, whereas others feel more comfortable sticking to their age group. The same way some will only cuddle people of one gender and not the other, even in a platonic context. For example, @UKGuy , you wanted to cuddle women 15 - 45 years younger than you. Why not women your age? Why women so young? Why not men, if it's just platonic? See what I mean? It's just comfort zones that most of us have so that we feel relaxed when cuddling someone we don't necessarily know very well.

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    on the subject of age, i notice a lot of non pro women tend to set up their age ranges in a similar way to dating sites, typically choosing to have a cuddle session with someone within a 5 year range of themselves. As it is not a relationship, and more platonic, it would make more sense to widen the range. I think younger people tend to assume older people with a 10+ year age gap will not share the same interests. That is misplaced, as personally I have pretty much the same hobbies and interests as I did 20 years ago e.g movies, video games, cars, sci-fi etc. I am 42. My point being that older peoples minds do not age as much as younger cuddlers seem to think they would.

  • Nothing wrong with having preferences but I do think many people miss out on connecting with some great people because preconceived notions . Anyone can do what they like but I do encourage people to try out cuddling someone outside their normal comfort zone even if you first get to know them a bit better online first . you may be surprised how much you really do have in common . It’s a suggestion though with no judgment if people don’t .

  • When you're first starting out with a cuddle buddy, it's probably wise to stay within your comfort zones - then venture out if you want to once you know how it works, learn from any uncomfortable experiences, etc.

  • I agree when you are new that’s a good idea

  • @alexb2 I agree with your comment. A funny conversation came to mind that I overheard many years ago regarding a single 60-year old man whose friends were trying to set him up with a mate. But they were all trying to set him up with women his age. His comment was something like this: "I may be 60, but my eyes are still 20 years old!" I thought that funny at the time, but now that I am older I understand how true those words are. The fact is that I still see myself as the young man I was years ago.

    @CuddleBug1995 Thank you for your comments. Very much appreciated.

    My favorite cuddle pro, whom I have seen many times, just turned 22 very recently.

  • We are discussing platonic cuddles here so I don’t think that age is too important. Like physical appearance or body shape is not important we are not seeking a life partner or sexual connection. I guess as long as parties are comfortable with the situation then it’s fine.

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    It's not age that matters: it's attitude and personality. The young men I cuddled who were 30 years younger than me (they sought me out) were mature for their age, well educated, articulate and fun to be with. The guys close to my age I've cuddled were all like me: young at heart, well educated, articulate and fun to be with. In other words, aside from age, their personalities were fairly similar. I haven't yet cuddled anyone older than me, and it's not because I'm opposed to it. I've sent messages to guys older than me, but none have responded, so it's their choice, not mine.

  • I have a 3 hr. Cuddle today with a client that is 65. He was so nervous about the cuddle that we went on a public cuddle last night just to get to know each other. I had an absolute blast! I can't wait for our cuddle today. I also had one of the best cuddles of my life last week with a 20 something.

    As long as someone is of legal age, age doesn't matter to me at all.

  • @andy8502 I had someone message me and was trying to convince me that people only cuddle people they're attracted to. I said I don't, and also pointed out that he doesn't even have a picture, so isn't even affording anyone else the option that he takes by only messaging people he's attracted to, lol. Hypocrite ;-) I'm also pretty sure he's not here with the right intentions if he cares so much about looks :-P

  • "It's not age that matters: it's attitude and personality" - @BlueIris

    Agreed, 1000%.

  • Though I do admit to preferring people my age or older just due to level of comfort and things in common, I recently had a cuddle with someone 20 yrs younger than me and it was actually one of the best experiences ever. She was an old soul, had her stuff together, and was very much into it for the right reasons and did not mind giving which I really needed at the time!

  • I always used to get along more easily with people older than myself and I still have a bit of a bias towards that......however as I am not getting a little older myself I am finding this is no longer true. I do know that my bias exists so I am at least aware and can work on it.

    That being said I've still not messaged people who are like 18-20yrs old in my area. I think this is a personal flaw. I think the youngest person I messaged was 23 or so? That was a little out of my comfort range but since I was not having any luck I decided what the heck.

  • While I understand that not everyone feels the same way, since I am only interested in platonic cuddling, a woman who is younger or older than me is fine.

  • I don't care what age you are as long as you respect my boundaries then why not it's just cuddling.

  • I think if you just want to cuddle another human and aren't specifically looking for someone younger you shouldn't feel guilt. Secondly, the whole point is that the experience is platonic and emulates the kind of love and acceptance a parent would give a child. As long as you're looking at it for what it is supposed to be, I don't see any issue with an age difference.

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