Tips on Staying Safe?



  • What's fear mongering in this situation? Just asking not quite sure lol @galowglass

    Ah interesting @respectful I was just saying for everybody else, especially for women. I guess some need to do a little digging around the site explore to find it I hope they do. Thanks for your concern!

  • maybe cuddle in a movie theater that has the seats that have arm rests that can go up.

    I approach this from the opposite perspective. I'd only meet a girl cuddler in a public place because I wouldn't want to be falsely accused of anything. I'd be vetting her to know if she's crazy or not. I would insist on doing the session in a movie, but then that becomes cost prohibitive because movies are usually two hours.

    I do totally sympathize with female cuddlers that have to figure out if they're going to be safe.

  • Okay, one more question. I just read in the Cuddle Resources thread:

    " Think carefully about the message your profile photo might give people. If it features a lot of cleavage, visible underwear, etc. (or bare chests for men), it starts to wander away the "platonic" realm."

    And one of the guys who messaged me sent a photo of himself in shorts and no shirt, same guy suggesting we trade massages and we've never even met. At the very least, it seems a bit insensitive to me to be sending a shirtless photo to a woman you've never met that you've approached about cuddling. Am I being too sensitive? I'm open to honest feedback.

  • @Babichev - I agree with you, that's a red flag. The only possible way that would be acceptable is if the photo was taken at the beach and the shirtlessness was incidental to the photo. I think you are absolutely right in steering clear of that person.

  • Thanks. I assume with time I'll get a better sense of how to screen potential cuddle buddies. For now, I feel cautious and I do appreciate honest feedback from those more experienced.

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    @ubergigglefritz the only concern you have to worry about with antipsychotics is those with a mental disorder that should take them that don’t take them. I have colleagues one of whom is a General Surgeon, another anesthesiologist and one by chance the Director of one of the largest Mental Health Hospitals in Pennsylvania that are all on antipsychotics but you would never know. I do understand many concerns not just yours for antipsychotics but just as the other poster said he has issues with his blood pressure so he could have a stroke during the session. I am by far not trying to make light of the posting but I think every individual has health issues and it’s not that they have it, it’s whether they are taking care of it.

    More people than anyone knows are on Psychotropics but for fear of the stigma of Mental Health would never divulge that fact. I have had to meet with professionals in other parts of the hospital because they didn’t want to be seen as someone receiving treatment in our building. (Our Behavioral Health building is attached to our hospital but in essence 2 seperate entities).

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