What Do You Like to Do While Cuddling?

[Deleted User]michael_j (deleted user)
I'm pretty new to this, so let me ask. What do you all like to do while cuddling?
Movies, television, music, conversation, or just silence?
And why?


  • I'm new here, too.

    It depends on the circumstances surrounding the cuddle for me.

    But you may be talking about general etiquette with a cuddle buddy, such as you might find on here. In that case, I would try to find someone who shares a few of the same interests as you and go from there. You should consider what you expect to get out of the experience, as well.
  • [Deleted User]michael_j (deleted user)
    I don't really mean etiquette. There's plenty of good discussion already on the forums about that. I mean do you prefer to focus on the other person or have another focus while cuddling.
    Movies are always great to cuddle during. Nice to get comfortable and talk about the movie when meeting someone. But I always love when conversations progress to weird and serious topics about life, the universe and everything 
  • [Deleted User]masterofcuddle (deleted user)
    I personally don't like watching a movie during a cuddle session. I enjoy listening to music and conversation when I snuggle.
  • Movie is fine in the background but not if you're stopping to stare at the screen repeatedly. At least not for a pro cuddler lol.

  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    edited March 2017
    I like to cuddle when I cuddle 
  • Haha agree with Morpheus. On the other site the email ice breaker from pros is "Could you tell me what you were interested in doing during the session." Mmm this is going to sound crazy but I like to cuddle during cuddle sessions. 

    For me I like music and dim lighting. General conversation, not too intrusive.
  • I am still super new to this, but I would say what we would do, be unique to the individual. Such as I would build a case file for each client, centered around why they approached cuddling in the first place. Such as dealing with depression, anxiety, a breakup, or just for the cuddles and have a "routine" unique to them, to you. Cuz I want to make sure, for my clients anyway, is for them to have the most fulfilled feeling from all of my sessions.
  • [Deleted User]FlowerofLife (deleted user)
    Music in the background, light conversation & lots of cuddling in different positions!  Hand holding, and laughter are welcome:-)
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    As a tinnitus sufferer , unfortunately I can't stand silence .   Some music is necessary , easy listening stuff , etc 
  • I like to make sparse conversation, ask them about work, where they're from, etc. Silence is good but only for short intervals. 
  • [Deleted User]Spoonie (deleted user)
    I like to do crossword puzzles. 
  • [Deleted User]Victoria92 (deleted user)
    I like to do whatever the client wants to. I did have one client who we watched a movie the first time (We also ate pizza and talked about his life) and two episodes of Stranger Things the next time while with other clients, we spent the whole time talking about ourselves and about them and why they feel like they need me. I like to know my client's back stories so I can better understand and help them.
  • I completely agree @Victoria92, I love learning about my clients, not only so I can be more comfortable around them...but so each one of my clients can have their own unique experience tailored for them. That, in my best opinion, is how you figure out how and what to do. Everyone is different and special, so their sessions as pros should be. A therapist doesn't do the exact same thing with every client, but builds a case file and figures it out from there ^-^
  • It depends on where we cuddle. If its outside i like to people watch and just look at nature. If its inside, im a huge movie buff so i would watch movies, listen to music, or just snuggle up and read a book. I dont like to talk to much when i cuddle.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    I like to massage my pros, rub their heads and back and play with their hair. I love to see my pros turn into a big happy pile of mush :-)
  • @Morpheus. Dear Morpheus if I could do that with some of my young friends I would be arrested, but a very good point, Mush.
    Love John, Auckland NZ.
  • I am more of a giver, sort of have trouble with receiving. Guess I'm not always comfortable with myself. I typically do a lot of massaging, hair playing, that sort of thing. My one pro who I have seen is good about making me just breathe and relax so she can some on me.
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