Dealing with Hot Cuddle Partners (not what you think! lol)

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I don't know that there is an answer for this question but maybe someone out there has some coping techniques. I am hot natured in general and I can put off some perspiration. Add a similarly hot-natured cuddle buddy and it can make for some uncomfortable and damp cuddle sessions especially in warmer months. lol

Of course, body heat can be managed, in part, with clothing choices but there is a limit to how much you can take off and follow the rules. In a hotel room, the situation can be a bit easier to manage because you can crank down the air provided both parties are willing, but what do you do if one person is not as hot-natured, or if you are a guest and the room is hot? Do you ask the person to turn on the air? Do you address this in advance of the cuddle? Also, are there cuddle positions that are more "cooling"? Any other coping techniques so you don't wind up a sweaty mess?

PS, I do promote and participate in excellent hygiene and odor control, btw! :)



  • I crank down the A/C, I like to cuddle in bed with my sound machine, rain fall, I can control the A/C in that room, set it around 72-74 and use a light sheet, it works good for me.

  • 72 to 74 is warm for me I like it in the upper 60s

  • I can get a hot flashes at any given moment. When that occurs I have to be able to pause a cuddle and refresh myself.

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    @pmvines you know I feel you boo--we are well matched in that regard. lol I'd rather be cool and add a blanket than hot and sweaty.

    @MsStressnomore yes, I have had to physically get up and "refresh" myself a few times... ladies of a certain age just need that relief.

  • Comfy chaise lounge for two. Chilled cucumber water. And two toga-clad warriors waving palm fronds to keep us cool while we cuddle. Bonus points if they peel grapes, too.

    That's my strategy, anyway.

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    @Sideon I like the way you think. I do keep a large container of ice water nearby when I cuddle. Sadly, that means lots of potty breaks though.., lol

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    @littermate I think you and I need to start a pro cuddle duo thing--two awesome ladies for the price of one! lol

  • @2dogmom - as owner of the world's smallest bladder, I am ashamed that I hadn't considered your wisdom prior ;)

    @littermate - Excellent. I've got the togas, now to find the warriors - and palm fronds.

  • @2dogmom sounds good!!

    @Sideon ditto!

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    hahahhaa oh @2dogmom you are so fabulous. :) I LOVE This thread. (NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!!!)

    @Sideon I'm sure you could somehow get that lined up.... because you are so freaking creative! Anyone who can have a Train cuddle with a stranger is a MASTER!

    I am an enthusiastic fan of discussion ahead of time. Its something that is good for you to know about yourself and all of those details you address before hand... this is just one. If they are cold it will be perfect! You can warm them up!!

    You said this.... Of course, body heat can be managed, in part, with clothing choices but there is a limit to how much you can take off and follow the rules Just remember these are YOUR BOUNDARIES. The site has beautiful rules for everyone's comfort and safety but you get to create what is comfortable for you and your cuddle buddy. A tank top and shorts can be absolutely perfect depending on your snuggler. (some people want to wear sweats and big t-shirts)

    BTW I would totally come be your toga wearing frond waiver. <3

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    A friend of mine who travels full time in her Winnebago passed through in the summer so I visited her . Without the AC function being on it was too hot to cuddle lol we were basically doing very light contact lol . But then she visited again last mo and it was much more comfortable . Sometimes you can't get the weather ya want so you deal with what you have

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    @sillysassy I meant naked was not an option... lol I wanted to rule that out before someone said "well, you can always take off more clothes." I have purchased, specifically for cuddling, lightweight, loose cotton loungewear in various lengths of sleeve and pant leg to cover all seasons.

    Yeah, I have a cuddle wardrobe. I am serious AF in all regards. lol

  • My 2 cents:
    I am also become hot very easily. I usually cuddle in a shorts and t shirt. I crank my ac to 68 and use a light sheet. I have a fan which directly blows air on me that helps a lot to take away heat.
    Usually soft breathable materials help a lot. Try some breathable cotton.

  • @2dogmom Serious AF!!! Noted!!! hahahahhaha
    @pmvines you are a guru. Truly a master of the arts!!! I suppose heat brings about less spooning and more head/hair carressing with head on chest and legs/body perpendicular to said cuddler. :) You know all the things!

  • How about strong A/C in the room, and a half-width electric blanket for the partner who feels the cold.

  • Also "hot natured" here, and I totally blame it on being an Aries. Too bad the horoscope doesn't give practical advice to us on how to literally stay cool. ;)

    On a serious note: If I'm particularly hot one day, I will peruse mid-thigh shorts and a camisole. I try not to get under covers. I also find it easier to cool down when the bed has a duvet rather than a quilt or something bulkier. If you sleep with a duvet, you already know how your legs can sometimes get unbearably boiling hot, and you need to rest your legs on the cool top side of it to get relief. I'd think it would also be useful to have a cold washcloth on the nightstand (or sitting in the freezer if you need to use it often) and towel nearby so you can lightly pat yourself down if it's getting bad.

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    When things get too warm, I like to put a high thread count cotton sheet between my cuddle buddy and myself. That allows she and I to still have the cuddle closeness with the sheet keeping us dry.

    I also have a very quiet, light, hand-held fan I use to gently caress her with cooling air or gently blow air between us. That feels wonderful during an intimate but warm cuddle session...

  • I remember a session in the August heat, we both were sweating, it was interesting but we both still enjoyed our time together.

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    @loveandsky oooooooohhhhhh. Me like the handheld fan idea. #nice #smooth

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    @2dogmom Here is the fan. It's really light-weight and quiet. And the blade is enclosed to prevent injury! I'll pm you to arrange a demonstration 😁 **

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    @loveandsky wins the forum today! He turned my post into a potential cuddle. #winning lol

  • How about cuddling in a kids' wading pool with waterproof pillows. (And hot tub cuddling in the winter!)

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    @creedhands I would totally cuddle in an adult size pool or hot tub! Kiddie pool might be a wee bit small for me plus one.

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    @2dogmom @creedhands - Would the wet clothes be uncomfortable in those situations? ;)
    In a regular bathroom tub, cool water could be used from the shower head when the cuddlers are too warm. Of course a regular sized bathroom tub might limit the number of cuddle positions.

  • @loveandsky wet clothes are not a problem because they don't stick to you unless you are out of the water. In water, they are buoyant. I have cuddled in both a hot tub and a swimming pool. Swim trunks for me and t-shirt and shorts over a bikini for her. Totally relaxing! I would recommend a pool shallow enough that you can sit or else your legs have to work the whole time.

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    I say strip and I’ll ice ya down, totally just kidding. Honestly I tend to get cold easily but I cater to my clients. If you need fan tell me, if you need A.C. let me know but I will have a blanket behind me or across my legs.

  • I’m fortunate to have ac in my home + a fan above the space I cuddle but I think it’s always great to address this warmth prior to a cuddle session if it’s a concern. Discussions should be had if there should be proper air circulation, maybe some less warm material in the space, and what would be the best to wear.

  • I wish I could just not sweat and also lower my heat production. I also get too hot easily and I don't really have a good solution beyond obvious things like having a cooler room/airflow or reducing clothing. Sweaty skin to sweaty skin is sub-optimal so thin breathable clothing is a good choice.

  • Some people smell bad when they sweat. Some people smell good when they sweat.

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