How y'all feeling about the winter?


  • Used to enjoy it a lot more as a kid when winter meant Christmas, playing around with the occasional bit of snow outside and an uptick in soup and hot chocolate.

    Now it means seasonal depression, rarely being up for daylight hours, the disillusionment regarding Christmas that age has brought and the reminder that another year's gone by.

    On the up-side it does bring plenty of good films and food. Christmas lunch with the family is worth waiting a year for that's for sure.

  • [Deleted User]2dogmom (deleted user)

    I LOVE the cooler weather! Who doesn't like to cuddle when it's cold and dark outside?? And what better way to combat seasonal depression issues than with a good cuddle?? #winwin

  • Perfect cuddle weather! 🤗

  • Winter, snow and cold suck!
    Hello San Diego!

  • Other than the sound of the furnace running all the time it's great! : D Every winter I hope for just one huge blizzard that brings the town to a screeching halt, if even for only a day. So picturesque, quiet and still....

    I will say that I enjoy winter a lot more since I no longer have to live on someone else's schedule. Being able to just stay in makes all the difference.

  • I like it better now that I'm in Texas. More northern areas can keep the feet of snow at a time.

  • Hope no snow and heavy ice where I am from like last year

  • I hate cold weather, snow, and ice. It makes for good cuddle weather though.

  • Go out and run, walk, snowshoe, ski. There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothing.

    And take a cold shower. Wakes you up and strengthens your immune system.

  • It was a beautiful day today in Phoenix. 72 degrees. Clear blue sky. Went out for a walk at lunchtime and it was the most perfect day I can remember in a long time. It's going to be sunny and in the upper 60's to low 70's all week.

  • I like the longer nights, but could do without the cold. Walking the twenty minutes to work in the middle of the night can get pretty chilly. Great weather for curling up indoors with a book and a hot drink, though.

    Now if only I didn't have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day....

  • @Lovelight That picture of the jeep needs to be added to Faces in things !

    London this week has been cold and sunny, and we've seen some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. An old workmate shared this beautiful London sunrise on Instagram this morning.

    Personally I like the darker evenings. I'm prone to anxiety and can get overstimulated by too much brightness. A cosy house, with the warm glow of a few lamps and candles, is nice and calming.

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