Cuddle parties

Hello there. I had a cuddle session the other day with a young lady and she mentioned it would be great to have a cuddle party. Anyone interested???


  • You are fortunate enough to live in the second-largest city in the U.S. so there is always a cuddle party happening near you every week. I live in the 5th largest so I only hear about one once a month.

  • I wish someone would do a cuddle party in Orlando!

  • How about arranging one at Disney World, with hugging on rides.

    Or is that a Mickey Mouse idea ?

  • @geoff1000 that’d be great except not everyone has access to that kind of money it takes to get to Disney World.

  • @ILikeWarmHugs
    On another thread, they're going to hire a cruise ship. 😀

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    I've seen 3 LA cuddle parties crash and burn.

    Bring on number 4! :3

  • A guy turned up to give a lecture at a social club. He was a bit put out that there was only one person in the audience, but gave his lecture anyway.
    When he'd finished, the one listener asked him to stay on, because he was giving the second lecture.

    I think that meeting up for some other event might work, so that the cuddling ( or not ) is incidental.

  • Is there any cuddle party in Philadelphia region? It will be 👍

  • If there are cuddle parties happening every week in los angeles will someone please let me know.

  • In London, uk normally 1-2 platonic clothed cuddle workshop / party / gathering per month are held

  • @stdisc0827 there might be one in March! I have another member asking about me doing one up there. I travel to Philly and NYC every 3-4 months. I plan to open my schedule in the coming days to go up to Philly in March!
    @ILikeWarmHugs We can do one maybe in February! We need to plan it! Anyone in FL willing to come to a cuddle party?

  • I would be interested to come to a cuddle party in Florida, more specifically in south Florida. There were a couple of them years ago but now there hasn’t been one in a while. I signed up for a meetup cuddle group that was started by a CC pro but they never got a cuddle party set up and the group got cancelled within two months.
    So it would be nice to have one here in the south Florida area for sure.

  • @cuddleversed I know her and I talked about a cuddle party in Orlando but I’m sure a South FL one can be arranged as well since she is from Miami.

  • @SouthFlorida4U
    Great to hear that and thank you for responding

    Just to be sure.. what does a cuddle party have? Is that something you can try and cuddle with anyone in the party ? 😍😄

  • @stdisc0827 Yes, that’s exactly what a cuddle party is! You can get more info at but I’m not certified with them but I can do a cuddling party that is similar.

    @cuddleversed i don’t think many pros in Miami are interested but I can do one. Miami isn’t as busy as other cities. I can try to set one up!

  • If the conversation ever circles back to Orlando, I'm sure my ears will perk up. :smile:

  • @stdisc0827 I opened my schedule! Check my profile for dates!!! =P
    @StoryDoctor1138 I'm opening one on Feb 29th at 10am in Orlando! @ILikeWarmHugs will post it in the forums and I'll add extra info!

  • @StoryDoctor1138 Always! Its how I work. I come every 4-6 weeks to Orlando to see clients. I'm trying to build a community there. Its important! :)

  • Interesting.

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