Catfished and not stoked!!

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EDIT to be nicer:
Yesterday I got catfished by a transgender person. I feel sad about it. I kindly gave her a big hug and was very friendly and nice to her. I told her to be proud of who she is and that if she would state that she was a transwoman, she would find a good cuddlematch and avoid this issue. I kindly told her that I was disappointed that I was deceived. In retrospect, I was passive aggressive because I was in shock. She said she has no apologies because she believes she is a female. She said this happens all the time and had many cuddle dates break it off.

I'm posting this to let trans people know that it's fine if you're trans.. just please let people know so they can make in informed decision. It may not be important to some... but this topic does matter to some others and most people would prefer to be told upfront and openly.



  • You said you had been talking to her for several weeks but you just joined the site in Feb ...

  • More than likely he is using a separate account so as to not receive negative backlash. 🤷‍♂️

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    @pmvines Yeah dude, I deleted my previous profile last night. I just created this profile 5 minutes ago to post this because I feel hurt and feel that this needs to be discussed.

  • This unfortunately happens fairly often on here.

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    @kense Yeah I could see that it would. That's why I'm letting people know what a negative result it causes to the people who are catfished so we can make a positive change.

  • Now did she know you were 99 years old? 😂🤣

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    What would be wrong with keeping your prior identity ( username) and starting a rational discussion , instead of displaying an angry photo and username

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    @cuddlerforu24 I had deleted my previous profile. But i needed to get this off my chest so started a new profile.

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    @not_so_happy -- perhaps I'm wrong, but now that you've vented, I hope you feel better. But, if you want this discussed seriously, as adults in a community, I would respectfully suggest that you post a shorter, more coherent, and less defensive message. This is all about you and your feelings about this encounter; if you want a broader discussion, take a breath amd think it through, then post your concerns in a more generalized semse.

    This rant just reads like a tantrum, and it's difficult to not just dismiss it out of hand.

  • I feel like this new profile of @not_so_happy is cat fishing us because he was someone else before not_so_happy.

  • lol here we go.

  • That’s unfortunate, i do understand what you are bothered by. I’d hate for this to happen to me. I don’t know what to say about this, a little more honesty is needed. I also believe there is a need for tolerance but this won’t get it. I’m not sure how I’d react if this happened to me.

  • @Myrddyn Sorry I'm not as mature as you are. This is how I communicate so deal with it. Stop attacking me.. you are avoiding the topic. I'm clearly angry and you are invalidating how I feel. I'm pissed ok. If you don't like it.. move on. Or perhaps say some comforting words to me?

  • i am thoroughly convinced that @not_so_happy was @oh_so_happy before.

  • I knew you assholes wouldn't be able to discuss the topic at hand and would attack me personally and blame me. F#k you all you heartless pricks

  • I smell a troll.

  • @FunCartel you're an asshole. Deal with the topic.. stop attacking me.

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    You seem to be bumping into a lot of pr*cks intentionally and otherwise lately. But dude, you just made that profile and you come here seemingly streamed but it seems more like an agenda/joke/catfish on the forum population. It looks funny is all I am saying.

  • @Myrddyn Dude I got catfished by a tranny yesterday you prick. How am I trolling? You are such an arrogant prick. I'm angry and you are intentionally throwing gas on the fire

  • @FunCartel No.. just you.. and the tranny I met yesterday.. she had a prick. You people are throwing gas on the fire.. great job. Not one of you has addressed the topic.

  • Well, I don't know about that, but I have intentionally reported you for abusive language. Buhbye.

  • @Myrddyn I'll be back over and over... you're a mean person. You aren't helping me or the community in any way. Just expel the sinner.

  • Well at least I've reached a few people in this worthless forum.

  • Ok I will address the topic. How did you find out it was a TS? Did she tell you? Could you tell?

  • @pmvines
    Jealous cowards try to control
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  • @not_so_happy now your getting a little belligerent. Nobody in here deceived you calm down and carry on.

  • @FunCartel Thank you. She told me when we met. And she looks like a man... completely. She said that she doesn't tell people shes trans because she is legally a woman and she has had issues with cuddlers because of it.

  • Was it before the session or after?

  • @BashfulLoner Dude, telling someone you are a ciswoman and finding out they are actually trans not deceiving?

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