Safe cuddles

So with Cavid19 do we snuggle in a hazmad suit and beather. Asking for a friend 10 ft away and stuff. ....


  • I know one thing, you most likely won’t be practicing breathing techniques.

  • In the movie "The Andromeda Strain" they have suits with big hoses that you climb into the back of.

    Another idea would be scuba gear in a tank of sanitising fluid, allowing skin contact.

  • Maybe it's just me, but since we're not exchanging bodily fluids in a platonic cuddling session, wouldn't it work to just contain the head, with all of its mucous membranes? I mean, all we really have to do is make sure we wash ourselves and our cuddle spot with Lysol, and then, wear a helmet that protects our mucous membranes and then we could cuddle 'til our hearts were content, right?
    Or maybe I'm wrong...

  • It’s not safe to cuddle right now. The asymptomatic and presymptomatic individuals are spreading it and don’t know it. If you value your health and life, and the lives of others, please refrain from any activity that could spread the virus. A 20-something doctor in China died after treating patients while wearing a full hazmat suit. Don’t risk your life.

  • [For people such as MrPaul. This post is posted 'in jest']

    @ImajenMoon - That could possibly work... However they would have to be totally sealed for the entire thing (air running off a machine or a tank...) and you'd have to totally sanitize before going in.
    (Bathtub full of hand sanitizer gel..)

    (Again, masks or breathing apparatuses would need to be worn...)

    [Again, please note sarcasm in above post]

  • So are we basically saying everyone’s got it whether we know it or not?

  • A Thanos finger snap is looking like a good idea

  • if we had a ppe expert advising and some full body suits then we would be golden, also burn the bed afterwards lol

  • Dante_S! I'm ready! lol
    Seriously, even though it breaks my little heart, I do feel it's appropriate, at this time, to curtail any potential cuddling sessions-- at least until we get a handle on this thing. As much as I'd love to cuddle DS in a slimy vat of sanitizer, I think I'll just have to wait! lol

  • This was entertaining. I am a former swimmer so will go with the alcohol soak....yes all covid has me climbing walls with three more weeks. so who is up to cyber snuggle were are the robots when you need them.

  • Dante_S and I honor your desire to join our order of Cuddlers of the Vat in Disinfectant! (CoViD). We'll review your proposal and return with a verdict..
    In the meantime, stop in over at the Cuddle Fic post---we're not in sanitizer, but it's fun... Especially if you like to tell stories, too!

  • 1) Act as if you're already infected and don't have symptoms
    2) Act as if everyone else is already infected and not showing symptoms.

    There's no safe way to cuddle right now unless it's someone in your household with whom you're already sharing space.

    Be responsible.
    Stop the spread.
    Stay home.

  • Ahhhhhhhh @Babichev is infected!!! Oh, too soon? Curse my bad timing.

  • Soo this is out of the question huh. :)


    I'm stealing that!!! lol

  • Thank you very much......April 16th please hurry up. I really hope this quarentine works and gets us the root of the issue.

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