How much older of a person will you cuddle with ?



  • Quite frankly I find it a little irritating to be classified as an unsafe cuddle partner due to my age, but expect that the double standard will always be there.
    To be honest it seems that I have messaged many women younger than me purely for the fact that there are no other women of a higher age in my area.  I have only considered meeting with a pro once, but at what point do you say to yourself "okay 30 bucks for gas, 100 bucks for an hour or two of cuddling, Possibly a 2 hour drive each direction depending on traffic.  Am I missing something here?"
    I guess it will always be an issue for a man that as we get older it is going to be more difficult to find cuddle partners.  I often question if I did the right thing by staying with my wife until she passed solely because now that I must continue on there is no one there for me.  Not that I would ever change my actions, but the conversations here tend to make me wonder what is in store for me in the future.
    I am fairly disturbed by the fact that it seems that most women joining this website aren't really serious about cuddling for a healing experience for others, but more for themselves.  At least that is what it seems.  And when approached by me with a genuine interest for platonic cuddling I am only responded to by pros.
    Everyone has their insecurities and that is one of the reasons I indicate that the first meet always be public to take some of the fear for safety away.  To be honest I wouldn't even care if they brought a friend for safety in numbers, but I doubt that would make any difference.  I have also offered to do what was necessary in order to remove any fear that a cuddler might have, but I notice that they aren't really willing to talk about what those things were..

  • @jeff53: "I often question if I did the right thing by staying with my wife until she passed solely because now that I must continue on there is no one there for me."

    Take some time and think this statement over and the rationale behind it. For your sake, I hope this is just you being frustrated. Your future is what you make it into. Playing pure numbers, there are more available women than men in your age range, and the longer you go out, the more those numbers continue to tilt. 
  • [Deleted User]Sunflowerfield (deleted user)
    @BenMac I had a look at your profile and I think it is quite good. I appreciate your thoughtful and considerate response, and explaining why you have some concerns about cuddling men. I think it's unfortunate that any affectionate touch between men gets labelled as gay or sexual.

    "That said, I think most of what both men and women are expressing is
    frustration and loneliness. I know I feel frustrated because it feels
    like people are unfairly judging me, or putting me aside for (what feels
    like) petty reasons. It is hard to think clearly when you ache for
    closeness, but can't seem to find a salve for it. Having people close,
    but not available feels like an oasis on the other side of a fence in
    the desert."

    I very much agree with that as well. I think when people are lonely and feel ignored or rejected, it's easy to get defensive and upset. I think it's important that people are as kind and respectful as possible, while also being honest and having good boundaries.
  • Sunflowerfield would you also take a look at my profile. 
  • @ sunflowerfield Dear Sunflower, as usual you put things so well, from the aged point of view you last sentence happens and it is such a shame.
    Love to all, John Auckland NZ.
  • @jeff53. Dear Jeff, the reason some of us are on this site is to change peoples thoughts and feelings towards cuddling and intimacy with out sex. As you can see from my profile I work in age care, the hospital/day care/resort/fun home is owned by the local health board/ government. the staff are dedicated to improving the health of the aged, food,mental stimulation,exercise and so on. Cuddling/human contact is a part of that, we try but do not always succeed in getting the aged to join in, as expressed by some threads, fear and lack of understanding of what cuddling is, is the main part of it.
    CUDDLING IS NOT A SEXUAL ACT in any way , it is giving life source from one being to another, age should not come into it so long as both parties respect and understand the others points of view/fears.
    As i have said before I have cuddled many a young friend (60years to 103years) to sleep, this may sound very kinky to some but it is natural, sitting in the sun/shade/TV lounge/book room  keeping a friend upright and safe from falling over/arm around the shoulder/ leaning head back against the chest/shoulder is not kinky but it is cuddling.
    We have a group of young people mainly young women who will cuddle our senior friends, on cost, no money simply giving because it feels right.
    What you have to look forward to, as you age, will be change in peoples thoughts/feelings towards cuddling and more age care people will use cuddling as a way of improving health, do not give up.
    Try and find a cuddle group in you area, they can help you over the many problems, you will find cuddle buddies.
    There are out there.
    Love to you all, from John and the trees Auckland NZ
  • [Deleted User]peacesnuggles (deleted user)
    Hello everyone, from my experience so far i have only cuddled older gentlemen, like much much older. I think i prefer cuddling this way than with men my age and especially more than with men younger than me. I feel like older men are more respectful and considerate, older men seem to be more genuine and straight forward. Younger men seem to want a relationship or ask relationship type questions or they want sex.
  • @peacesnuggles Dear Peace, good on you I admire you for your comments, you go with peace and play safe.
    Love you all John and his trees.
  • [Deleted User]Sunflowerfield (deleted user)
    @Dekooning I think your profile is very good - the only thing you might want to clarify is that your wife is 100% on board with you seeking a cuddle buddy (or if the relationship is polyamorous/open). That's usually something that people wonder about when they see married people on here, and they want to be assured they're not getting into a messy relationship triangle.
  • Thank you.. Sunflowerfield
  • @Sunflowerfield Thank you for taking the time to review my profile. I really appreciate your kind words. :-)
  • If we are truly cuddling for comfort, should we not comfort all who would benefit? It has been my experience that the people I hug and hold who are seniors, smile even bigger! I believe in the power of human touch and in people's existence on this planet being recognized and appreciated. Your conversations are so interesting. I would like to thank those of you that do have age guidelines. If not for you, we may not be able to reach all of those who need comforting and cuddling. <3
  • @Enfold. Dear Enfold. Is nice to see a new friend who can see the bigger picture and please be active on the blog we need as many views as possible.
    I cuddle very senior members of the community, I have just met a new friend, She is 100,000 years old, tall and with very long arms, Yes I am a tree huger. From way back.
    Have fun, Love John and his trees, Auckland NZ.
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