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It's been suggested we start collecting success stories to encourage those on the fence to take the plunge. I think this is a great idea.

If you've successfully used this website, please let us know your story by replying to this topic :)


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    I have met one person on here. She asked in her initial message if her home about 30 miles away from me would be too far to drive. I said it wouldn't be, and let her know what days of the week I'd be available to set something up. We decided on the next Monday, and exchanged phone numbers. I sent her a text the day we had agreed on to make sure it was still on, and she said it was, so I packed a snack (which ended up never being used), and a stuffed animal I had mentioned (which was used quite extensively), and went over. After brief introductions, she led me to the room she had set up with a comforter and some pillows, and immediately curled up beside me. We mainly just laid still together, with her falling asleep at least once during the encounter. After about 5 hours, I decided I should head back home. We talked about doing it again, though I haven't heard from her since.
  • I can't say that I have connected to anyone here, but a number of years ago, I had the opportunity to hold a cuddle party at a wellness center that I had. I was a little dubious about the idea initially but because I'm a massage therapist, I was already convinced that the majority of people in this culture are touch deprived, that is, out of touch with their bodies. For many people, touch is something that they only associate with their families or sexual partners. The idea of people getting together simply to cuddle with people who they don't know in either of these contexts was intriguing.

    Well, the first event went over very well and I would say even life-changing for some of the participants. We had a second event and would have had more if I still had the center. It helped that there was a moderator and a setting of boundaries before starting the session. We had to go through a few 'ice-breaker' exercises which I think helped a lot of the participants. I would think that the idea of arranging cuddling sessions through a website would be a bit intimidating for a lot of folks. Hopefully, though, many people will avail themselves to the opportunities made possible through this website. And remember that cuddling can be done in groups or with another friend,if anyone feels that they would be too vulnerable in a one-to-one situation.
  • I've had a couple of success stories from this site. Both my cuddle buddies were awesome and lasted for months. I understand that a lot of people look at this as a temporary solution until they enter into a relationship. So, I am back on cuddle comfort looking for success story number 3. :)
  • A new member from my area contacted me, and I thankfully managed to connect before she left the website, fearing it wasn't for her. Since then, she and I have managed amazing talks with each other, grown to appreciate new things, and...yes, cuddle more than a few times. wouldn't have met her if I didn't take the chance through Cuddle Comfort, so I'm thankful for its existence. Believe there are a lot more moments to share, and the prospect of this makes life more than a little fascinating to look forward to. ;)
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    I have cuddled with a couple guys I met through this site, and one has become a dear friend of almost three years.
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    I just found this site and have met with a cuddle buddy a few times with great results. It's such a stress relief and I feel renewed and energized and relaxed after a cuddle session. We cuddle in public places such as at the park or in places that have couches.
    I would suggest for great results to make sure you have all your boundaries and values straight and that you communicate clearly. My cuddle buddy has been respectful so far.
  • I'm curious. When people meet in public places to cuddle, what kinds of public places do you go to?
  • I had a wonderful experience for about 1 month with a cuddle-buddy from this site. 
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    @Grace_Anna Public parks are a good place I tried myself. You get to be near others (feels safer) and if the weather is good you can lay down on the grass and stroke hair or walk holding hands. This is particularly important when you dont know the person and want to rest assured there are no other intentions besides cuddling :)
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    Thanks a million to! I am not only having a cuddle buddy, I think I am having a Soul buddy... feels connected...

    One thing I have learnt, DON'T GIVE UP! Nothing is impossible... life is full of miracle and good things around you, you need to know how to find and hold...
  • Well this site is still successful! maybe not to the full extentId like it to be, However, I did meet an amazing cuddle customer the other day, and he was so respectful. As long as you set all your boundries, and they tell you what they want, everything should run smoothly. Cuddling is aamazing! :)
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    I just got home from a 2 week road trip, during which I met with 2 Pro cuddlers in different cities. Both were incredible, both had a great rejuvenating energy about them, and I loved every minute getting to spend with them. We watched a couple movies, talked about everything from religion to science to relationships and more, had hot chocolate and chilled chocolate pieces, had my hair washed and got a scalp massage, and had some of the best cuddles I've had in one too many years. Both were done through people met on here and both were my first and second people met on here.
    It's funny... it wasn't until after my first cuddle session through here that I realized how bad I needed someone to cuddle with. For the first time in a long time after the person I cuddled with left, I didn't feel alone and have that feeling of still needing to hold someone and to be held by someone. Both were truly healing cuddle sessions ^_^
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