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Hi sweet cuddle friends!

I recently found this fantastic article which I think we could all benefit from reading. Please take a moment to check it out & share if you like:

I find it so valuable that I have updated my profile to include this link. Feel free to swing by, check out my updated page and connect if you feel moved to do so! We are ahead of our time, paving the way for a happier, healthier society... Thank you for participating in the collective shift toward a more open, loving world with me!

Love, light and blessings to all of you!
♡ Jana


  • Thanks Jana. Very interesting article. I thought it had some explanations to some of the tense communications on the forums here personally. As well as the difficulties men can face when it comes to seeking touch.
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    Yea this article definitely shows that women should be more understanding about the issues that we men face. Maybe we aren't so bad, maybe we are just suffering from lack of touch. So to anyone on here who has ever been mad at me and blocked me, I'm sorry, I'm a good person, I'm just touch deprived :-)
  • Interesting what we can get from the same article.

    Hmm, "women should..". I hear u though I believe we stand a better chance as a growing site, if we all continue to aim towards more understanding of each other regardless of gender.

    I'm also curious of your thoughts Morpheus on the first paragraph of 'prohibitions against platonic touch' section of article(specifically in relation to men and women).

    For me, the article spoke to the resentment about needing/ using pros, i've come across severally by some cuddlers who maybe "be far too aggressive toward women, who, as the exclusive gatekeepers for gentle touch.....").

    It reminded me of how more touch deprived men in the States and (some countries in Europe). How it relates to the current definition of masculinity and socialisation of men.

    It also reiterated how & Y assumptions or the automatic need to protect oneself, especially for males, from possible false accusations of inappropriate behaviours around touch.

    It also indirectly touches on the frustrations voiced by some cuddlers at those sharing how "untrustworthy" some other male cuddlers have been.

    It's definitely worth reading and i'll curious at the messages others gain / their thoughts on it. (Ps sorry for spoilers to anyone , I've missed reading!)
  • I can't tell if you're being sarcastic morpheus, I hope so... I highly doubt this article is promoting scapegoating and victimhood. I would also like to add that both men and women are affected by these cultural patterns.
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    @Annie85 I really don't have much of an opinion on that section. Although I've rambled off in this forum and may appear at times to be an asshole, I am actually very kind, nice and polite to people especially females.

    @Jrose I'm either being humerus or sarcastic the majority of the time. People in the real world that know me would have read my comment and laughed and understood that although I'm being sarcastic, I'm not putting the article down.

    The article is absolutely amazing. I can relate to it and suffer from many of the issues mentioned in the article. The benefits that I receive from professional cuddling help me with many of these issues which is one of the reasons I am so vocal in my opinions.

    I wish I could see cuddlers more often and wish they understood how it makes me feel. I don't have any family, I have very few friends, I am shrugged off by most people, I am most definitely touch and in general, socially deprived and not many things can take those ill feelings away.

    To add onto it, I suffer from extreme physical pain due to flipping my vehicle over on the freeway five years ago. I had to re learn how to walk through physical therapy. My body hurts every time I move. I have a lot of issues.
  • @JRose  You have a pretty cool profile.  I took the love language test in both the married and single versions, since I am polyamorous.  It was no surprise that my primary love language on both tests was touch.  However it was interesting to note that it was a 10 as a single and an 8 as married.  That is probably an indication that I am touch deprived.  I was very much a mama's boy when I was growing up, and I think that helped me a lot to not be the typical male that the article portrayed.   I always got lots of touch from my mom (now 98 years old), and still do whenever I get a chance to visit her in Texas.  My dad on the other hand was very much the typical male, and I have had to work at overcoming some of the traits I got from him.
  • i enjoyed the article. thanks. didn't do the surveys on your page coz i couldn't be bothered to fill in my email, sorry am lazy.

    not sure about where you live but also, thanks to the sexualisation of body contact, i'm not comfortable cuddling women for longer periods than a hug.
  • Thanks for all of your feedback! I appreciate what you all are offering to the discussion. I believe we are ahead of the times so to say, which puts all of us in a position to pave a new way of relating to one another and caring for our needs. Pretty cool! :-)
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