The Perfect Opening Message

Professionals, please will you post an example - real or written by you - that you have/would like to receive as the opening message from a prospective client.

The idea is to create a little library of perfect messages so that new members can see what they are supposed to write. Thank you.


  • This is one of my fave ways to receive a message. In this pic I’m attaching, this person introduced themselves, said hello, explained what he was looking for in a cuddle, gave me dates and times that worked for him, gave me a little compliment and answered a question on my profile that’s at the very end. Now, I have a very large profile. Some people don’t like that but too bad. Lol. It answers a lot of repeat questions I get and working in two different locations makes it more lengthy because I have a different cuddling situation in both places I live. By him answering the Pet question, it showed me that he had respect for my long profile and took the time to either fully read it or at least skim through. That means a lot to me. A lot!

    I would say this is one of my best opening messages I’ve received from someone who was an incredibly respectful cuddler!

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    This thread is about initial messages to professional cuddlers.

    Here is a link to a different thread about initial messages to enthusiasts:

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    I like this one, its short, sweet and to the point.

    • the name is blacked out for confidentiality
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