12 Top Tips to get More Enquiries

This is based on a plethora of experience and conversations, but most recently I helped an experienced professional revamp her profile. She went instantly from no enquiries for over a week to three in half a day.

1) Log in every day. It keeps your profile high up in the search results, and shows regular members that you are active and therefore interested in finding clients.

2) Pricing. How do you compare? If you're not getting as many bookings as you'd like, should you trim your price? If you have special offers, or above-average discounts for longer sessions, highlight that in your profile text.

3) Do a search on the professionals in your area. Check out the competition, and learn from them. See somebody you like the look of? Message them, maybe meet for coffee and share experiences.

4) Do a search on the professionals in your area, this time wearing the imaginery hat of a prospective client. How does your profile look now? Would you book you? Why? Why not?

5) Main photo. Nice clear headshot, preferably smiling, preferably as natural as possible. Everybody you know has a camera with them all the time: there is no excuse for a crappy main photo. Check the photo on both your phone and a computer: in some formats the bottom quarter of the picture gets cut off.

6) The other photos. Ten at the very most, and 6-8 is better. Have one of your hosting space if you host, and at least one that shows your whole body. Keep them as cuddling-relevant as possible but don't be pedantic about it. Very broadly speaking, the more obviously platonic your portfolio the fewer creepy messages you will receive.

7) Change your main photo from time to time. Experiment with different ones, see which work best.

8) The profile text. Minimum of three paragraphs, and preferably a bit more. Search for professionals who have been here a while and have lots of Karma, and use their profiles for inspiration. (But do not copy!)

9) Especially near the start of the profile text, don't talk about "I". Talk about "You". The client. Write about their problems, and things that are directly relevant to them. Think about high volume adverts, like for soap powder. The format is problem and resolution, and it works, so copy it.^ There's nothing wrong with writing the story of how you came to cuddling, but it should not be at the top.

10) The Facts section. Be open and honest, but there is no need to use every field and don't use ones that convey no useful information about you. For example, there is no point in putting Religion: other.

11) You may not ask for Karma. This is improper as it would put certain kinds of vulnerable clients in a very difficult position. However, it is acceptable to offer to write Karma for genuinely good clients. "I've really enjoyed meeting you, would you like me to write some lovely Karma for you?" Some will decline of course, but Karma can be very helpful to clients. Whatever you write must be true and fair, and must be fair to other professionals or enthusiasts who may rely on your Karma when deciding whether to meet the client. Karma may not be traded (I'll write something nice for you if you write something nice for me): that will get you banned.

12) Tweak your whole profile occasionally. Keep it fresh and up to date.

Somebody somewhere is an exception to each of these, and possibly even all of them. No matter. Doing the above instantly puts you into the top quarter of professionals' profiles on Cuddle Comfort.

^ "Do you have touch deprivation and excess misery? Do you ache just for a simple hug? Then you need (da-da-dah....) Cuddletastic, the wonder cuddler! Cuddletastic will eliminate your touch deprivation and completely remove your excess misery, leaving you with just the perfect amount of misery! Contact Cuddletastic today for an amazing Cuddle!"


  • @CuddleDuncan This is definitely the most useful advice I have seen on this website. It is definitely good for a lot of new cuddlers and wish I'd obtained the information earlier. I had learned a bunch of trial and error and this is definitely a good starting guide to avoid headaches. This forum is sadly so extremely underrated.

  • I really need to get some new pictures taken. 😆 And I like the idea of posting a picture of the cuddle space... Though my space isn't very exciting yet. 😇

  • Thank you for the helpful advice!

  • How do you get payed? Before or after and does it go straight on your card that’s on file?

  • This is good advice, thanks!

  • @HarperAvery welcome! Cuddle Comfort is a social networking site like Twitter or LinkedIn. It is not an agency. Read the Terms and Conditions (they are enforced) and the Cuddling Contract.

    You collect payment from the client, before or at the start of the session.

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    Welcome, @HarperAvery.

    Yes, you should collect payment up front and in person from your client just before the cuddle. The website will actually CHARGE the card you have on file 15% of the session fee 48 hours after the cuddle, so be prepared for that ❤️

  • [Deleted User]SnugglesRus (deleted user)

    Thanks, great tips!

  • I want to add one more tip.....take writing karma seriously for the clients you prize. I know I am not the only enthusiast who goes to client profile pages to see what the pro I am considering has written. I look for gratitude, recognition, and celebration in the words pros use to provide karma to their clients. I am less likely to book a pro who rarely leaves karma than I am for a cuddler who shows deep appreciation for their clients.

  • I would like to make an additional tip as well on number 5. I've noticed that I get more views with a nice background photo than just a headshot alone. I have experimented with a lot of photos and the main photo that has a nice detailed background photos are usually my most successful ones.

  • @CuddleBarista1 I am always interested in what works and what doesn't. If you've noticed anything else about what makes a photo successful I'd be very pleased to hear it, either here or on PM.

  • @CuddleDuncan I will be more than glad to connect with you through inbox. :)

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    A relevant remark from another thread:

    As far as I can tell, in no particular order the key drivers of professional selection by clients are: log-in frequency; cost; location; host/guest; unconscious response to photos; looks; age; karma; quality of sales copy; and specific technical factors (smoking, 420-friendly, etc).

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    Just so that everything is connected to everything else .... here's a general thread of hints and tips for professionals.

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    @Bella_Sera always good to see professional cuddling advice from you , a true pro here on CC 😊

  • @Bella_Sera What! I thought we get to keep the entire fee that we charge? We are already paying a monthly fee right. How did I miss that one

  • @AHug4You - Female pros pay 15% of their sessions. Male pros pay a fixed monthly rate.

  • Thanks for sharing ! As a pro for almost 6 months I still look for ways to improve .

  • Thanks for sharing! I am very new to this

  • I’m new to this and I’ll use those tips wisely lol

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