Tips/ideas for new pros

A new cuddler asked some questions and I thought of a few things that I wished I had read before my first few clients.  The following is what I posted on a different thread:

Hey pillow! One thing that I have done is given an extra hour to clients that have to get a hotel room JUST so they can see me.  I would let the potential clients know about the hotel room that is only $60 and close by.  If you charge $80 an hour and are willing to give them an extra hour for free, if they will pay for the room, then they actually would be saving money. 
I host at my home but was initially concerned about having someone come to my place. I have super close neighbors that have dogs that are very alert.  I actually can tell whenever anybody is outside my door or nearby because my neighbor's dog  barks like crazy no matter what hour it is. He actually is a very good alarm system! LOL  I also have two dogs of my own.  I also live in a gated community and have become friends with the 24 hour security guards that travel around the community. Even with all of that I'm still considering putting up wireless security cameras. (It also helps to protect against theft.) I always have my dogs with me in the room that I am cuddling in so I feel safe.  I have my emergency contact people that I let know when I am having a session, with who, how long it is supposed to last and where it is happening. If the session extends I make sure to send a text and let them know how long it has been extended for. I also let them know when it has ended. I DO NOT contact them that it has ended until after the person has driven away and I am safely in my house with my door locked. I also occasionally have safe words that I can incorporate in sentences easily. One is for I'm OK and one is for I need help.  Between all of this I feel pretty safe. ( Especially because of my dogs! ) 

I have been stalked three separate times in my life. Once in high school and twice in college. Luckily none of them were violent.  All of them were pretty intense though. They actually freaked out my friends, family and coworkers more than they did me. ( I got pretty weirded out myself though. ) 

 Personally, I would promote the savings that your  clients will receive if they pay for the $60 hotel  instead of having to pay for a two hour cuddle session. Even with that you still might not get a lot of clients. Once your place is furnished, organized and you have everything in there that you need, I would make sure to make some friends with my surrounding neighbors and throughout the community. When you have people close by who know and care about you it is a lot easier for them to look out for you. It is also easy for you to look out for them too. (Also if your neighbors know who you are, they won't be as hesitant to contact you to make sure that you're OK.  It also makes it a lot easier to borrow things  from each other in case something breaks or if you run out of baking ingredients and don't have time to get to the grocery store! LOL ) Always have an emergency contact person!  Screen your clients! I meet my brand-new clients at a Starbucks that's very close to me. I also have lots of contact with them before we meet. I also will NEVER have an overnight session with ANY client that I haven't seen MANY, MANY, MANY times! I have to trust them like crazy before I will do an overnight session! But to be honest, if you don't feel comfortable having people come to your home really promote that $60 hotel! After you feel comfortable with them, then you can consider whether or not you feel comfortable ENOUGH to have them in your home. I'm a teacher and an ex- Navy spouse so I strongly believe in being overprepared and not need it, than being under prepared and not knowing how to handle something.  One more thing, decide AHEAD of time where your physical boundaries are on your body. Look in the mirror,  put your hand on yourself and see how close it is to different parts of your body. THEN decide if you are OK with it being that close or not. YOU touching YOUR OWN body  and seeing where your hand is located will make it much easier for you to differentiate whether someone is too close or not. When you feel it and see it in the mirror it becomes MUCH clearer as to how obvious it is that it is too close.  If your client has "oozing" hands the physical touch that you did on yourself will dramatically help!  ( ...along with never hesitating to say no and/or correcting your client when they say or do something that you're not comfortable with/is inappropriate. )   If you have any other questions, concerns… Feel free to PM me!  I hope this helps! HUGE HUG!!!! 


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    Thank you for these ideas, @snuggle554321! Promotions are a great way to gain clientele and regulars in particular. I definitely agree with your overnight policy and the self-care actions of knowing your boundaries and saying No if need be, but you already knew that from my Saying No discussion posting. :)

    I am new to this myself, and have ordered quarter-page flyers, and will order a stamp, to keep track of session hours--10 hrs of cuddling gives one free hour! Plus I will hang some on bulletin boards at health food stores.

    I think security cameras are a good investment for anyone; for sure our higher-end clients already have them installed and we give that no thought, so why not ourselves?

    Check-in procedures--I have a similar method. Once I am in my car with the doors locked, I will contact my check-in person and make sure he responds (#technologyisntperfect). This has worked out great!

    Thank you again for pouring your soul into this post! Sending good vibes~~~
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    RE:  dogs
    i would encourage any visitor , weather you are a pro , or client , to have your host disclose information about their dogs . What breed , weight , if the dog has been socialized , etc . Ask if the dog is liscensed .
  • By the way, what are a few different ways of correcting a client verbally and or physically.  Let's see how many we can come up with! 

    1.  Let's keep it respectful. 
    2.  Let's keep it therapeutic. 
    3.  You need to control your hips/hands a little more sweetie. (Put your hand on top of his hand/hip.)
    4.   Sweetheart, that's making me uncomfortable. 
    5.  Let's try a different cuddle position. 
    6.  Let's take a break. 
    7.  Oh look! Here's an extra pillow! Let's use it and become more comfortable! (Put it between his crotch area and you. Put it in front of your chest, then use your hand to hold his hand on the pillow.)
    8.  That's a little too high/low/close...
    9.  How would you cuddle me if I was a little kid? 
    10.  How would you feel if someone cuddled your daughter, sister, mother that way?  
    11.  (Interlock fingers and move the joined hands to a neutral place.)
    12.  I'm not comfortable with that. 
    13.  Too close for comfort...

  • How would you cuddle a friend
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     This is a really great post, thank you!
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    Can you all please give some specific examples of what action would require a correction. Doing this will help clients or potential clients understand how to act with professional cuddlers. 
  • Posting here since this idea came up in the "client agreement" forum, but it's a good pro tip from @FireAndBlue:

    Get a Google Voice number. You can give your Google number to clients, and it will connect directly to your current phone - for free! 
  • Multi hour discounts are super nice.  I have a few pros who do that for me.   It makes sense because you're already there for the session so just extending another hour is less of an effort than having a new session with someone else for an hour.  
    Plus it encourages repeat business.   :) 

    by the way I try to avoid publicizing any discounts because sometimes pros give them only to clients they prefer 

  • @starlight  I also list my discounts on my profile. A lot of times if you post your rates and include discounts you will get more clients. Feel free to check out my profile if you want any ideas! You should also feel free to PM me whenever you want! HUGE HUG!!!! 
  •  Does anybody else have any more tips/ideas  for new cuddlers? 
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    A good way to stay fresh to a client would be to every now and then, like not often, but if you have a client who fits your definition of what you would like for a repeat, then once or twice a month shoot them a text or drop a quick line to say hi. It would keep you in their mind, and is like free advertising.
  • @pmvines  good point!  I do this naturally so I didn't even think of putting it down!  Thanks for bringing that up! HUGE HUG!!!! 
  • I would recommend personalized texts or messages. I've had it happen where me and five of my buddies will get the same exact text from a pro at the same time lol Makes you not feel very special.
  • Thanks so much for posting this. It actually help me and expanded my bio from your example. Thanks a bunch
  • @snuggle554321
    thank you. Good tips! I requested to be a friend, hope that's not weird ☺️
  • I know this is off topic, but I'm dying to ask, what kind of dogs do you have?
  • I made a boo boo with a person because I am new to the site. Thought this was for only professional cuddlers and who need it. But even if I made that fopaux does not give the right for someone to be rude.
    Suggestions on rudeness? I reported them but is that really something you report? Or just leave it be?
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    Aya12 well since unless i missed something I don't know the context of this faux pas. If we have a bit more context we might have better suggestions.
  • @QTPi LOL  no worries! By the way, I saw on your profile the picture of your puppy! I love your dog!  Is your baby a pitbull? 
  • @snuggle554321 yes! Jax is the best boy! Soooo smart and a healer too. Loves a good cuddle!
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     I know this post is in professional cuddling but I really think new clients or new Cuddle buddies  in general, onto this site it's a really great experience to read this.

    thank you all for sharing your ideas here it's great for the client
  • I'm seeking advice as a male that I'm intrigued by the prospect if being a Cuddle Buddy as a part-time occupation in that I wonder if I can help others while earning extra income. 

    Over the years, countless times, I have been told by others that I give great hugs, that I'm quite easy to talk to and for others to feel relaxed while in my presence, that and comfortable to curl up with/lean on. 

    I have no clue how to go about starting, and my current understanding is that males in this area are rare/less common in addition to that it can be difficult as a male, starting out and potentially building a client base. Which, I can understand for a number of reasons. 

    Any directions I can/should start meandering down? Sources of information? 
    Thank you. 
  • I'm new as well and would like to know more. @Ursus_Spiritus thanks for posting that.
  • Helpful tips. I'm in the process of setting up my first appointment. Thank you for those that have given advice and tips.

  • I don't normally frequent the Professional forum but this seems to belong here, Here is a link to a video about professional cuddler training,, and they also ask for input as to what you think should be included in the training.
    <3 Jim

  • has training as well and you can save 10%using my code DEB Good luck!!

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    If anyone needs any advice and is patient with me then I gladly can answer any questions with a message.

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    What would you normally charge for an overnight?

  • When do you ask for payment? How do you approach this without making it feel impersonal?

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    @comfortgirl As a professional we are suppose to ask for it up front. That's what clients are told as well. It's up to your discretion. Some do it as a safety method to make sure the clients don't do anything against protocol. Myself personally I request payment at the end if I host but if I'm a guest I playfully say alright, are you all set? Typically I make sure they have read rules and policies prior to a meet so it is expected.

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