Describe your IDEAL cuddle session...

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I'm just curious what everyone's ideas and thoughts are on this just for fun ❤


  • @Mrf1971. Dear Mrf, I know the session has worked if one of you go's the the next realm. some can achieve it in meditation, most achieve it just below deep sleep. When you awake you feel you have had a full nights sleep but it has only been an hour or two.
    Energy is the key, giving and receiving.
    Love and peace, from John and his trees, Auckland NZ.
  • I like reading @funandadventure's posts. John and his trees sound great. But for me, the ideal cuddle isn't about altered states or other realms; it's very grounded in the physical and emotional.

    My ideal cuddle can only happen with someone I've cuddled before. That way, there is no need for tentative getting-to-know-you discussions of expectations and boundaries; no subliminal fears, no need to call someone for a safety check afterward. The trust is implicit and the comfort level is high, so there is nothing to impede the desired experience.

    We'd start with a bit of light dessert, or maybe a glass of wine. We'd begin the session with couch cuddles, cycling through a variety of seated cuddle positions while we talked about things both silly and profound. No TV. No video games. Nothing loud, frenetic, or distracting. This is about close companionship. When the time feels right, we move to the bed for long-form cuddles.

    There is background music that we both like. Lighting is dim enough for relaxation, but not dark. Unless she is cold, we cuddle on top of the covers for better freedom of movement. The close cuddling is intimate, but not remotely sexual. We both feel cuddling is the destination, not a launch pad to other activities. We enjoy the closeness, the warmth, the support, the uncomplicated nature of totally relaxed and loving platonic contact. It's fun, soothing, and energizing too. When we are done, we walk each other to the door, share a long goodbye hug, and plan our next visit. We part feeling like we've had a mini-vacation, and are ready to face the world again.

    In a totally ideal scenario, no money would change hands, becasue we are both cuddle enthusiasts, rather than a paid cuddle companion and her client. I haven't encountered that yet. But hey, a man can dream, can't he?  Meantime, I regularly have everything else I just described with a pair of local cuddle vendors I've been seeing for two years.  It's not ideal, but it's awfully close. I can't complain..
  • [Deleted User]Meggars (deleted user)
    For me, the ideal cuddle session would by a lake or in a garden, siting on a park bench or spread out on a blanket. We would have a little picnic and a thermos filled with tea or coffee. Then we could just talk and cuddle, while admiring the views around us. Like quietman775 was saying- I would prefer it if we were already close and familiar with each other. That way it would be just like hanging out with a dear friend, rather than some stranger who you're deciding to get fairly intimate with. Maybe we could be listening to music, or perhaps the sounds of our voices and the world around us would be enough
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    My ideal cuddle session is.... AWESOME
  • [Deleted User]Meggars (deleted user)
    Morpheus's idea sounds pretty legit also
  • [Deleted User]CuddleBandit (deleted user)
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    My ideal cuddle session would be one where I don't have to pay. 
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    That would be AWESOME
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    I like what John says, that appeals to me. I don't need a fantasyland session at a specific place etc All I want is a sweet session where we connect and reach a higher state of consciousness.
  • Just had it last weekend. Streamed a few episodes of the Twilight Zone, cuddled and talked for about 3 hours. Didn't have to pay.
  • [Deleted User]TeYa (deleted user)
    My ideal cuddling experience would be cuddling in bed while listening to The Moth Story Hour.
  • Hay Morpheus, it is such a sham that the person who started this thread is no longer a member, still we can get some fun out of it, keep the idea's flowing they are priceless.
    Have real good fun today, as tomorrow might not be there, lost 9 young friends last night all were nonpaying cuddle companions, youngest being 78 oldest being 92.
    John and his trees.
  • I'm sorry to hear that you lost so many.  Is it common to lose so many at once?
  • Dear Jim, The age unit has about 900 to 1200 beds, occupancy is very fluid. so not so many, It is what I signed up for.
    Love you all John and Ruth Tree, Auckland NZ
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    This is an interesting question. I think the answer would actually depend on the nature of the relationship between me and whomever I'm cuddling. A perfectly ideal cuddle session would have to be with my wife (which I don't have at this time) and would very likely either include or follow sex. But I doubt that's really the point of this question.

    An ideal platonic cuddle session would have to be with a close female friend (since I've always been more comfortable with women) that I'm not in love with (so that I'm not constantly fighting strong sexual urges), and it would be an extension of just hanging out. We could go for a 5-7 mile hike on a warm but breezy day with patchy cloud cover. On the hike, we'd talk about whatever crossed our minds, sometimes holding hands, sometimes walking arm-in-arm, sometimes stopping for hugs, and sometimes running off individually to look at whatever caught our attention. Occasionally we would stop to admire a view or just to rest and lean against each other--maybe side-by-side on a log with an arm around each other for comfort or maybe back-to-back atop a boulder to rest our backs and feel each other breathing. And after the hike, have a bite to eat outside at a picnic table and share each other's foods and the memories we have attached to them.

    Then, back at one of our places, we'd each take separate showers to get clean and refreshed and settle down on the couch to watch a movie or episode of one of our favorite shows for a bit. We'd snuggle up against each other and just stay that way throughout the show, possibly changing positions to keep comfortable, but always staying in contact--her legs or head in my lap, my head in her lap, sitting next to each other with arms around each other, one of us sitting sideways with the other laying back against their chest, or massaging the stiffness out of each other's legs from all the walking. Maybe throw in a stuffed animal or fuzzy blanket for extra softness.

    After the show ended, we'd trade backrubs or scalp massages to get even more relaxed, drifting in and out of light sleep from the relaxation and comfort, or gently tickle each other (not for giggles, but for the nice little electric jolts of gentle skin stimulation), and just generally enjoy being each other's center of attention and affection. Then we could play some video games or a board game together and eat some munchies if we got a little hungry.

    After nightfall, we'd go out to watch the stars and other lights of the night sky while laying against each other on the trampoline or on a blanket over the grass, pointing out to each other what we see, and eventually fall asleep. Later, when a light chill or the stirring of nightlife wakes us, we could move into the house to get in bed and go back to sleep with her head on my shoulder and an arm across my chest or spoon with my arms around her.

    The next morning one of us could wake with the warm comfort of being snuggled up to the other, and then playfully wake the other by throwing back the covers and bouncing on the bed... afterward softening the jolt of wakefulness with a nice, tight hug and cheery "good morning!" and maybe a little more cuddling in bed. Finally we could cook and eat breakfast together, share a few hugs as we gather our things, and send each other off to the day feeling happy and emotionally recharged.

    This is, of course, just one scenario of many that could fit into "ideal." Others just as ideal wouldn't necessarily include hiking, movies, games, or overnight stays. There could be yard work, swimming, camping, reading, parks, bowling, or any number of other activities. The exact recipe doesn't matter as long as all the main ingredients are included: easy, comfortable touch between us, conversation, shared experiences that we both enjoy, and some time without distractions.

  • My Ideal Cuddling Session would be with the partner in front of me spooning while watching a nice movie or tv in general. Of course, another scenario would be sitting near a lake on a nice cool evening watching the birds and wild life around you.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    Cape point,  OBX   NC ,  cuddled up with someone in the back of my truck , with a taunt fishing line out there,  
    something about the sound of the surf, and salt h20 aroma , that is comforting .
  • [Deleted User]TeYa (deleted user)
    @sparkyblue-eyes that sounds amazing! <3 salt water fishing.
  • Dont really have anything ideal, just someone who enjoys me and who i enjoy
  • Being a big hairy fella in Alabama my options are a bit limited....
  • Ideally:  I can only imagine that being cuddled by two cuddlers at the same time is like being the slice of cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich.  The "melting" that I feel being either the big spoon or little spoon could only be enhanced by another cuddler.  Of course, one would need to be fortunate enough to find two cuddlers who are either friends already or would be comfortable with sharing attention and space.

    If I'm ever fortunate enough to have this experience I will definitely let you all know what it was like.

    Has anyone else tried double cuddling or having one cuddler as the big spoon and the second cuddler as the small spoon with you in the middle?  Please kindly share your experiences of enjoyment, logistical hurdles, and (appropriate experience enhancements).

  • @Ronnie53160. Dear Ronnie, I shared an experience  on the stared post about cuddle stories, my first 5 some.
    Cuddle parties are very much or can be like that. As a group can line up and snuggle on mass. The more people in the line the more energy and a faster movement to deep meditation.
    If you read my post  ' has anybody participated in the ritual of cleansing ' you will see some thoughts and story's about group cuddling.
    It is so different in a group as each member feels safe, protected by the group, especially the females.
    Have fun and play safe. John and his trees, Auckland NZ.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    @Ronnie53160 (my all time favorite Cuddler ever) I told you we can make you the grilled cheese sandwich ;)

    Maybe part of our time together Friday?  Or the next time. I'll make it happen. 
  • [Deleted User]Frankincense (deleted user)
    My ideal cuddle session would be in a warm, quiet room, on a bed or a comfy couch, either chatting or watching a movie (or both), with a cuddle buddy who is slightly smaller than I am, either spooning or me on my back with her up against my side with my arms embracing her, and both of us in soft pyjama-like clothing. (or just underwear, if she's someone I've cuddled with a few times before) And even better if we have the option to doze off like that with some relaxing music playing softly.
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    Do people cuddle under the sky? Like a park bench or blanket on the grass and just stare at the moving clouds ? Doesn't even have to be hugging, just back to back leaning and supporting each other's weight? That's sounds great. Or maybe just falling asleep next to each other...that kind of peaceful silence and trust.

    Edit: Also what Mailleweaver said...walking, hiking, maybe cycling, i used to love that once..i still do, just haven't don't it in 3-4 years. Just exploring nature, holding hands? Yes please :)
  • @funandadventure Thank you for sharing.  I can appreciate that the group experience is enriching for everyone involved and although the  transfer of positive vibes and energy sounds interesting I don't think that is for me.  I have enjoyed the thrill of skydiving and would do it again for example, maybe one day I can accumulate enough will power to join in a group cuddle of that size but, I know that I would be personally uncomfortable in a large group setting.  @fireandblue, a wonderful cuddler I have been delighted to meet invited me to a group event not that long ago. I really tried to envision myself being there but, I was not able to take the first steps.

  • My ideal would be in a hammock under the stars on a warm summers night.
    My ultimate would be if we where both nude, not sexually, but just enjoying skin on skin, and the feel of the warm night air and the feeling of being trusted so intimately
  • My ideal cuddle session is kinda boring. I just want to lay on my back and a girl on top of me with my arms on her back. I absolutely love feeling her breath movement, especially whem she's a belly breather instead of a chest breather. (Is that a weird thing?)

  • [Deleted User]letscuddleasap (deleted user)

    One that happens. Still looking for my first session. So far most non-pros try to charge so I end up reporting them.

  • My cuddle partner unexpectedly arrives with a friend and says "I hope you don't mind me bringing a friend, she really wanted to try out cuddling, do you mind cuddling with both of us?"

  • @UKGuy I often cuddle in groups and it isn't uncommon for me to be cuddling a girl, with me as the big spoon, and have another girl come up from behind and ask to join us. Its fun when you are surrounded on both sides by people who actively like being really close to you.

    Sometimes me and another guy will cuddle a girl in the middle, that's a lot of fun too. Depending on the room it is either super quiet or we are all very talkative. Other times two people are very talkative and one is just listening in blissful silence.

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