Cuddle courses

Hello, I am China and I am new here.

I would like to know are there any professional cuddler classes in ga that I could attend?

Thank you in advance


  • Hi @QueenChina. Welcome!

    Here is more info about the subject. I did the cuddle sanctuary one at $129 and I really liked it.


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    Hey all! I'm offering a 100-Hour Certified Platonic Touch Practitioner course. It is a hybrid with 60-hours online and 40-hours in person in DC metro. Sign up opens in August so people can start planning. Here is the link if you want to read more about it please message me if you have questions

    I hope some of you sign up. It is a real comprehensive course not just for cuddling but also incorporating different modalities of touch, listening and most importantly, best business practices.

    removed link to personal website [netrunner]

  • @JazzyPants How about also offering videos for clients on YouTube that show what's to be expected in pro cuddle sessions? I'm thinking back to when I first started - it would have been helpful since there's not much content available.

  • Much of my content is on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. I also blog and hopefully 🤞 will be starting a podcast by EOY. YouTube is another one that I struggle to consistently post videos. Phew! 😰

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