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  • @funandadventure I know this is an old post about profile pictures but ones that drive me crazy are the pictures that have the bunny ears, weird glasses, tongues out, dog face, etc. I don’t know why but when people post those types of pictures it drives me insane! ?

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    I'm pleased to announce that @SoulcuddlerZ has joined the moderation team. He has been here for a couple of years and had a previous account called 'ShoShoZ'. He is joining @reurbo in overseeing the forum and general member reports. The site has grown quite a bit since a year ago so I'm very grateful to have more help looking after the community.

    As always, moderators have complete freedom in their roles. As independent moderators none of their decisions will require review by me. They will moderate with the principles of maintaining the welcoming and peaceful environment here, acting with equality between the three member classes (enthusiast, client, pro), and finally encouraging openness and respect.

  • Awesome! Hi @SoulcuddlerZ thanks in advance for all your help! :)

  • Welcome, @SoulcuddlerZ , and thanks to all the moderators for your help!

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