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  • The changes that have been made since I've been on the site have been all positive and I feel we are going in the right direction :-)
  • The new rules and feel is definitely welcome. Even though I have been absent for a long while, I intend to stay active for now on and reading up on the updated rules is refreshing. Would love to help make the whole pro-cuddle industry expand :).

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    I'm pleased to announce reurbo as our new moderator and I’m very grateful to him for accepting this position at my request.

    I have given reurbo complete freedom in his role. As an independent moderator none of his decisions will require review by me. He will moderate with the principles of maintaining the welcoming and peaceful environment here, acting with equality between the three member classes (social, client, pros), and finally encouraging openness and respect.

    For now, moderating jurisdiction covers activities of the forum. Within the next few weeks this should expand to the general site profiles too.

    Reporting methods have not changed. Non-forum reports should continue to be made via the report button on the offender's profile. Issues on the forum should be reported via the Flag link. For exceptional circumstances where urgency is required it might be worth flagging and then sending a direct message to both of us in order to ensure an email is triggered.
  • **pouts @mark knows why. lol

  • Hello all ^_^
    I am thankful to have been asked for this and I'll do my best with my added role to the site.

  • Congrats Reurbo!! =)

  • Thank you @Morpheus and @JRose !! =)

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    Congrats. You're my inspiration to dye my whole head some day.

  • Congratulations Reurbo! Great choice @Mark!

  • @chococuddles Thank you. DO IT!! Would love to see what you decide to go with =)
    @Scarlette Thank you greatly <3

  • How would you know if person is over 18 years

  • @neurehab so far that I've seen, most people put their actual age on their profile... some may fudge the number to say they are younger. profiles that show they are under 18 stand out and are usually quickly reported to be deleted/banned though some will list they are 18 and then in their About Me will say "i'm really ____". I've heard some Pros that will ask to see a valid ID (say a drivers license or passport) to confirm the person and their age, but I've yet to meet someone to cuddle with that they've asked that of me.
    so besides someone checking a valid ID, as far as i know, it's kind of on the honor system for people putting their actual age.

  • Thx. Can i ask for an ID from the pro.? Before sessions.

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    At work we can’t work at a customers house unless there is a person over 18. I’ve had some that are highly questionable. If I don’t feel right, I don’t do the work. My point being, if you’re unsure and there’s no way to prove she’s of age, don’t do it.

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    @morpheus can you say fake ID!

    You are so right. When in doubt don’t.

  • Congrats reurbo ?

  • I just messaged a local no-pro cuddler and she responded saying 'her time is valuable' and she charges $100 an hour. Is this allowed for someone who is not a pro?

  • @UKGuy no it is not. Legit pros have the Pro tag on their profile, and are the only ones allowed to charge here. Some cuddlers try to get paid "under the radar" to avoid giving the site its 15% share. that 15% is how this site is funded, and why it's free to us. Untagged pros are unfair to the site unfair, to proper pros, and unfair to the enthusiast cuddlers on whom they pull the old bait & switch.

    She should be reported. On her profile page, there is a box with three dots next to the Save To Favorites box. Click that box, click on "report," and then select "Untagged Pro" from the drop down menu. In the dialogue box that asks for an explanation, I'd just copy and paste the PM she sent you. She'll either be instructed in how to register as a pro (if Admin thinks it was an innocent mistake) or she'll be banned (if Admin thinks she was pulling a fast one).

  • @UKGuy No, that isn't allowed. If you see someone on the site that is listing prices to charge for their time but they aren't listed as a Professional, click the button with the three dots and select to report them as being an unlisted Pro. Same goes for if you message someone and the send you an hourly rate for their time. When untagged Pros are reported their account is suspended until they apply to become a Pro, agreeing to the contract all Pros have to in order to use the site for business.

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    @reurbo If people ask you for one of your social media profiles on the forum or in a message are you allowed to give it to them? Or would this be breaking the rule about not promoting stuff? Or another rule I am not aware of? Thank you for taking the the time to answer my question and have a nice day.

  • I'm new here any help I appreciate it

  • Thanks for the rules awesom

  • I didn't upload a picture when I first signed up, but I want to now. How do I do that. I clicked a million times on the default Pic and nothing happened.

  • @mikeae102754 It's under Settings > Edit Profile. Here's a direct link: https://www.cuddlecomfort.com/profile/edit-pictures

  • Thank you to @reurbo thank you for taking on a role that is fraught with thanklessness! I appreciate the safety you give us.

  • Also, I will be glad to lie about my age to anyone who feels underchallenged by the site's safeguards. I'm not a day over seventee----hahahahaha.

  • Thank you @softandlovely for that! I do what I can and help however I can ^_^

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    Thank you @Mark for setting up a welcoming and positive space!

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