Cuddlers in Texas

Hello.. Looking for cuddle friendly folks in texas - Houston, Dallas, San Antonio etc. Pleas join this forum.


  • How do I join?
  • Drew, you joined by commenting, so good job.
    I hope the following link is useful to you guys.
    Also available on facebook, eventbrite, and meetup:
  • Houston, spring, the Woodlands TX looking for a cuddle buddy.
  • Austin here, looking for female cuddlers!
  • Dallas area cuddler here. Looking for some good lady cuddles.
  • Cuddlers in El Paso?
  • I am new to this, in fact I have never joined anything like this before, so anyone from the Austin/Cedar Park TX area
  • I'm in San Antonio Texas.
  • [Deleted User]512owais (deleted user)
    I'm from Austin, on the search for female cuddlers!
  • Im a guy in dallas
  • Guy in Houston looking for female cuddlly poo
  • [Deleted User]sonicriders33 (deleted user)
    Guy in San Antonio looking for female cuddled (non-sexual)
  • Good morning ya'll, I'm currently in the Caddo Mills area, east outside of dallas. I'm a male looking for a female cuddle buddy, for netflix, hulu, and any other good show.
  • [Deleted User]BK13 (deleted user)
    guy south Houston lookin for some female cuddlin
  • Not getting any comments or communication from this website. I'm in houston and looking for a cuddler, are there any active cuddlers??
  • [Deleted User]alleinad (deleted user)
    Austin here! Just joined. 
  • Hi y'all. Houston citizen here, I just signed on as a cuddler for hire c: let's meet!
  • [Deleted User]BK13 (deleted user)
    has anyone here actually met up with anyone yet?  it seems like a quiet community here
  • [Deleted User]seapickle63 (deleted user)
    Hi, I've been on and off this site since last Fall. I'm in N. Dallas area. I met a really a really nice girl on this site and we met about 4 or 5 times for cuddling. She is dating someone right now so I'm without a cuddle buddy right now. :(
  • Why? Because all of her cuddling needs are being met? Is her boyfriend too jealous of her cuddle friends? Tell more, was it a romantic relationship that you had? Curious minds need to know.
  • [Deleted User]Malenurse44 (deleted user)
    Looking for female cuddlers in Fort Worth.
  • San antonio guy here. Needing some female cuddles. :)
  • Houston guy new to the site looking for female cuddlers
  • Brownsville gentleman looking for cuddlers close by.
  • Hello stuck in Texas and looking to cuddle. Hope to hear from people before I go to another state.
  • [Deleted User]CuddleMcGee (deleted user)
    Hey I'm in the east Texas area and don't mind traveling to meet. I'll help with your cuddling needs!
  • Pasadena (southeast) houston area. Looking for cuddlz
  • I'm in Houston
  • NW Houston looking for a lady to cuddle with
  • Houston female looking for platonic cuddling with another female. Very sweet and respectful.
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