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A few people have mentioned that some of the fact fields shown on profiles lack relevancy, such as your views on having children and what pets you have. I agree with this feedback and would like to make improvements.

Please let me know some of the facts you'd like people to have on their profile that you would consider helpful when finding a cuddle buddy here. Remember, ideally profile fields should be simple choices or have text entry that is no more than 2-3 words.


  • [Deleted User]Lawrence (deleted user)
    Age requirements for cuddle partner.
  • [Deleted User]kricket232 (deleted user)
    Type of cuddling the person is comfortable with. In search of local cuddle buddy vs. willing to travel to a buddy. Open to a potential relationship with a buddy or not (might help avoid some confusion).
  • Have a feeling I'm going to trip over myself saying this, but better out than in. it's good to get a conversation going, and I'm also trying to live stress free, so...on we go. ;)

    One thing that would be appreciable is knowing what cultures, subcultures, or "clicks" people associate with. A min/max number of associations would give users a general sense of who a person is, potentially mking it easier to bring about a conversation with another AND have better conversations when in person. By example, if I had to choose 3 my own would be: Artist, Gamer, Geek. There may be better ones (especially if a large list of selections come about), but that's what I have at this time. :)
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    Hi, I literally just signed up yesterday but I have my profile on hold because I'm still settling in.

    I agree with krciket and joe, and have something more to add: The sexual orientation field should be optional or private.
    I'm a straight woman, but I would cuddle women too, even if they are bi or lesbian.  I'm not going to be suspicious of her any more than I would be suspicious of anyone else.
    I don't want someone to feel like they have to out themselves when the other alternative is lying.

    Anyway, good to know:
    - ages you're comfortable with
    - best days and hours for you
    - if you want to be host or guest, cuddle outside, while taking the bus, etc
    - if you want a cuddle in groups or just the two of you

  • @JoeSomebody2 So basically a field for listing hobbies?

    @jccuddles Great suggestions. 

    Keep them coming everyone :)
  • @Mark not necessarily hobbies, though tags I mentioned as example could imply certain hobbies. The idea is to give the general idea of a person's character, interests, etc. without necessarily having to read through a whole profile (though I recommend this because people are interesting). Perhaps even have the ability to potentially connect with such individuals quickly, via search or sorted groups when tags are clicked.
  • [Deleted User]apeirogon (deleted user)
    I would like a "thin" option for body type. I don't know if it would replace "slim" or "skinny" or anything, and I don't know if it makes sense to add it while leaving super-similar options there, but a lot of places seem to have a "thin" option and I kind of prefer that word over "slim" or "skinny"
  • [Deleted User]apeirogon (deleted user)
    I'm not sure if I agree with that entirely. I think some of the later options in that list are beyond this site's founding purpose.
  • [Deleted User]apeirogon (deleted user)

    Either way, I had three more thoughts. Not necessarily directly related to profile fields, but:
    - Somewhere in your account settings to include a phone number, not to make it public, but so that message notifications can be received as text messages and not just emails. Perhaps find a way to incentivize or encourage people to put their number in, because I feel like that would help a lot in the case of users not having signed on in a while but still being interested if they were to happen to realize they received a message.
    - Set your timezone directly based on your location.
    - Add a copy of the location field to the search form to make it easier to search potential travel locations. Oh, and while you're at it, it'd be nice to see options above 100 miles in the distance drop-down (or at least make it so that if I edit &distance=100 in the URL to a bigger number, it works properly instead of defaulting to "Any")
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    It would be nice to have an "I like to cuddle while" finish-the-sentence sort of thing, so you'd know what to expect. I like to snuggle while reading, for example, or watching a movie, or listening to the person I'm cuddling with talk (not being much of a talker myself). Actually I like that last one best of all, particularly if the person in question is philosophizing or talking about themselves or telling a story or something like that.

    The "host, guest, or public" suggestion was a good one. "Public" would probably be my preference, though I wouldn't mind being a guest.

    The level of clothedness you're comfortable with would change, of course, depending on where you were cuddling. Personally, I'd never wear my pajamas to cuddle in a public place, but in a private home it would be different. (No matter where I was, though, nudity would not happen on my end. I wouldn't even go down to underclothes.)

    Best days and hours is a big deal.

    And of course it's important to know whether all of these things are flexible or absolute. Is it a preference or a must?

    On a slightly different subject, I'd like to have "Asexual" available in the sexual orientation field, or at least not to be forced to choose an incorrect option. I know I'm not the only ace here. I'd like to meet others.
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    I agree with what someone else suggested about adding a spot to profiles to indicate whether or not you're open to the possibility of beginning a romantic relationship with a cuddle buddy. As it stands, I currently have a rather clunky explanation on my profile saying that I'm open to it but not explicitly looking for it. I basically agree with all the suggestions others have posted, but that one I specified might be among the most useful for avoiding confusion. Maybe make the options "open to the possibility," "seeking it," and "not interested at all." My other favorite suggestion on here is the one for an option of whether you prefer to be the host, the guest, or meet in public.

    Also, contrary to the OP, I think the indicators for pets and kids are helpful, because pet allergies are a concern for a lot of people, and it's useful to know if cuddling might be interrupted by the cuddlers' kids.
  • Question: Why is there a field on my profile for children status and whether or not I have a car if it doesn't actually appear on my profile when I fill it in?I mentioned in my previous post on this thread why I thought the kids detail is potentially useful, but I think the car detail is even more relevant, because it lets others know right away a crucial detail of logistics.
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    Well spotted - those are now showing on profiles again.

    You make an interesting point about the benefit of the children field. However, I'm not sure whether the value you see in it will be shared by many people here. There might be a field that could replace it that would have broader value. 
  • That broader field could possibly be "Living situation" with options being "I live alone," "I live with roommates," "I live with my parent(s)," "I live with my kids/my kids live at home"

    Also, one that I saw another user suggest that could be useful is a field for "Hosting preference" where the options could be "I prefer to host," "I prefer to visit," and "I prefer a neutral setting" where neutral settings could be hotel/motel, the park, a bar/lounge, etc.
  • Yep, good suggestions.
  • Is there any way to only show people who have selected either gender to cuddle with?  I select either in the browse section but it shows everyone.
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    In recognition of the high proportion of asexual members in our community, we have now added 'Asexual' as a sexual orientation option in your profile.
  • [Deleted User]CatInBoots (deleted user)
    I think the children and pets fields are useful and should stay.

    I'm glad I can put that I have a kitty on there, so someone can identify if they're allergic, and either we can't go to my place, or they can look for someone else. Also, I know a couple people who are phobic of dogs, and some people might want to know if you have a dog.

    While I don't think it's necessary to know if someone wants kids in the future, I think it is helpful to know if they have any now, because kids are a lifestyle. It's useful to know if there will be kids around, and if that makes their environment more or less desirable for you. I always look at that field.
  • @CatInBoots My thoughts exactly. I mentioned these things as well as some others earlier in the thread.
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    New profile fields have now been added and some removed based on the feedback from this thread and more recently on another thread. There will also be a few Pro only fields within a couple of weeks.

    Thank you for your recommendations and in this case your patience too. 
  • I don't see them, do we have to do anything on our computers to see the new profile fields?
  • Now ( see them if I go to edit my profile,page. but not in my search selection.
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    Yeah, this update is meant for profile rather than search.
  • Pretty subtle, but might have interesting results. Thanks, Mark! You know we all love you, right?
  • I'll take your word for it, thanks!
  • Mark, can you clarify the host and guest options in the location field? If I choose host, does that imply that I prefer to host or that I am looking for someone that hosts? Thanks
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    It's meant to mean you are willing to host. I suspected this might be too ambiguous so will have to think of something.

    EDIT: Ok, I've renamed those fields to resolve that ... ideally need to come up with better wording though.
  • Maybe use two fields.

    Able to host: Yes/No/Depends
    Prefer to be: Host/Guest/Public
  • I see that email notifications have been turned on in the recent updates as well, for which I'm thankful. I tend to judge where I need to be in social media by where I'm getting notifications, and it's always a pleasure to come back here. ;)
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    @psilocuddle Technically would be fine but if one field can do what two can then I think that's preferable. 

    @JoeSomebody2 Yeah, forum notifications were mistakenly disabled a while back due to an email provider change and that was only rectified recently. Welcome back! :)

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