Name one thing you (LOVE) about the opposite sex

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When both sex's can see the positive qualities and attributes we can then learn to appreciate each other more and see the value in each other.

See the best in each other - Value each others differences because they're meant to compliment one other.

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  • Strong arms that make me feel safe. Their deep voice with kind words. Gentle public touches that are meant to keep me protected. Rough hands on my smooth skin.

  • Women's gentleness, kindness, empathy, care and affection are all awesome.

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    The likenesses and differences that make us complimentary to each other. We are both different and the same.

  • Their desire to comfort and protect, ingenuity, and overall stable demeanor as well as strong arms and broad backs to make fantastic cuddlers. They are also great for advice when needed.

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    I love how men feel when they hug you, men are just hot (well some of them anyway lol).

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    Most women have an incredible ability to multi-task. This skill is nearly a mystery to men; we are proud of ourselves if we can handle two tasks at the same time. I have a background in public education, and I repeatedly saw women perform wonderfully under the pressure of a classroom full of 32 9-year-olds, with differentiated learning styles, differing personalities, and differing home backgrounds. They deal with incompetent school administrators and parents of their students, some over-bearing, and some not involved enough. At the same time, they manage their own home and life, possibly a husband and kids, committees at school, girls night out once in a while, all taken in stride, managing the stress, the planning and making it look easy.

  • Everyone is so different... anything I could say just wouldn't adequately apply to all men because no sex, no group of people can be summed up and generalized and fit into a neat little box. Of the men that I have loved, however, I have loved them for their humor, their inner strength, their way of speaking both when it was eloquent and when it was blunt and frank and to the point, their gentle spirits, their passion and their drive, their loyalty, for both for their reverence and irreverence, their understanding and their view of the world. I've deeply treasured their friendship, counsel, and love in a way that will stay with me for all of my life.

    You're all unique, special, there is no one else like you on this planet, and meeting every person I have ever known has been a truly special experience--be it positive or negative--and I am grateful for the opportunity to meet someone of whom the world will never quite see the like of ever again...

  • I love it when a man can be a leader without being a dictator. I love that he can be physically stronger than me and make me feel safe and not afraid. I love it when a man trusts me enough to show me his vulnerabilities. That's when I feel closest to him, and it makes me want to take him in my arms and show him that I accept him in every way.

  • all things feminine, including so-called 'foibles, if I am attracted to the woman. I'm in love with the female personality.

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    @Scarlette, @BlueIris, @Lorelei, @PinkLipstick22 Can I marry you Your husbands (if any) are very lucky!

    Edit: Since it's sometimes hard to know how things are intended on the internet, a quick explanation: it is so lovely to be seen the kind of way you are describing; it can even lift someone up to be more than they are.

  • I like that women are(generally) open with their feelings. It's something more men should adopt.

  • I agree with Jason, I really respect that openness. I also really like how affectionate and gentle women can often be compared to men, towards other men I mean, I'm not saying men can't be those things but two men being that like towards one another can sometimes come across as a bit weird to me I guess, unless they're in a relationship of course, given the whole concept of manliness and how a lot of men normally interact with each other.

    I also find that women are often more understanding about certain things about me than guys are too so it's really nice when I can talk about stuff I'd maybe feel weird telling most guys.

    To be honest, I could go on for a while here so I'm just going to finish up by saying that just generally, for the most part, women are beautiful inside and out and I don't know what it is but there is something amazing about holding one in your arms and being held in their arms :D

  • Must I limit myself to just one thing?

    Beauty, kindness, compassion, affection, softness, tenderness...

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    From the last post I realize the question does as for one thing. I won’t go for my favorite thing. It was mentioned already, I believe.

    Something I haven’t seen posted yet:

    a woman’s attention to detail. She may not say it but, if you’re wondering, she probably noticed it.

    Pro tip: before inviting a woman over for dinner or cuddles or whatever, have a female friend take a look at your apartment.

  • Beards lol

    Well I really just have value towards others and internal we're really not all that different. Though perhaps the hobbies that men are predominantly into active living especially sports, gaming, etc. which I too am to various degrees. I relate to such more than make ups, beauty stuff, fashion etc, which are more associated with women.

  • BlueIris 100% agree.

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    @respectful - No husband, I'm totally available!! In the meantime, big hugs to you!!
    @neutralusername - Hugs to you, too!!

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    One thing I love about opposite sex(women)...they are amazingly loving. One thing I expect from opposite honest.

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    Women are kind and loving

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    I love women's thoughtfulness. They appreciate good intent, and even small gestures can mean a lot. Their overall appreciation of the subtleties of life is something we could all learn from. That and, y'know, they're soft and they smell good :)

    @scarlette rough hands? I'm glad! That's something i worry about.

  • @respectful - ^\\^ Haha... <3 well, thank you, you’re sweet and I appreciate the compliment. I’m divorced, actually, but from what I’ve seen of your posts, you’d be able to make a lady quite happy, too.

    “It can even lift someone up to be more than they are.” I consciously hope that, actually. No one is perfect, but I want to encourage other people to see the beauty and value in their own existence so they’ll be motivated to keep carrying on and live up to their full potential. ^-^

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    I love this thread! Many good feels. Such hugs! So doge. =D
    One of the things i love about a good woman is her inner strength. The ability to face life's challenges with honor and trustworthiness. Whether in cuddling, intimacy, daily life, or business.

    I have a few female friends like this, and it makes me happy and proud to know them.

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    I love the feminine energy that a woman has, The sound of her voice, to the beauty she conveys, to the nurturing touch she has. A good woman can bring out the best in any man, If she knows how to do it correctly.
    I appreciate & respect women that try to understand where a man is coming from, rather than judge him or get offended by what he is trying to convey.

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    I like that women are(generally) open with their feelings. It's something more men should adopt.

    I tried this in a previous post to convey how I felt. Headlining "Why are women so unloving towards men these days?"
    As it was something I felt, So Instead of people asking me why I felt this way, What got me to the point of feeling this way or offering me any type of love. Everyone took offense to it and starting judging me. Im sure most blocked me without asking me any question to understand where I was coming from, What I was feeling was an emotion because I felt very unloved at that current moment. I read comments like I am a misogynistic, a racist, apparently its me one guy said, another, Its a troll post or I am. I felt very disheartened because here I am a man trying to open up about how I felt and this is how I was treated. Which is why most men wont talk about their feeling or open up because we are treated this way. A woman even brought up her dead husband and another woman showed her sympathy because she was expressing how loving she was to him and yet they could console each other and started to gang up on me instead of offering me any type of support. I just found it mind blowing and the fact that one of the monitors had to shut the post down and close it because people were fighting among-st themselves. Which let me to create this post because Im trying to convey that I want people not to fight or find faults in each other, rather see the differences and accept them with grace and see we need each other because its a yin and yang relationship. I wish people would not get so offended and bring their own negative paradigms into my feed and actually asked why I felt that way and what could they do to offer help.... As I am a person suffering from skin Hunger. I guess that is too much to ask for.. To ask people to not get offended and rather ask to clarify to understand.

    Hopefully I didnt offend anyone with this post. If I did Im sorry. I am simply trying to explain and express what I`m going through and my feelings towards these situation. I am a very compassionate and understanding person that promotes love, peace, respect and kindness.

  • I am likely going to reply to this just once. There is a difference between saying women can't feel emotions and saying you've been hurt by people in your life. One is attacking, the other is saying how you're suffering.

    At least that's what I read before I gave up on that thread. Anyways just something to consider.

  • @Love_Arcitect Most of your post is off topic and would probably have bee better if posted elsewhere. You have a 'poor misunderstood me' attitude when you made no attempt with your original post to try to make yourself understood. Your question made a very negative, and very generalized statement that implied all women and all men, with no attempt to explain yourself. Why should anyone ask what you meant, when you yourself made no attempt at an explanation of such a negative question? When you put out negativity, you should expect negativity in return. This may all seem to be very harsh to you, and you are right, it is. However, it is meant to be a positive criticism to hopefully prompt you to be more thoughtful in your future posts. What @BlueIris said to you elsewhere is very true. You can find a support group for yourself here. There are people here, including myself, that are willing willing and able to help you as they can.
    <3 Jim

  • What I love about women is how they are so caring, sweet, loving and nurturing. They have a sense of knowing when we (man) are hurting inside and know what to say or do to make us feel better! ❤️ I also love that women always seem to smell good!

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    @JasonCuddles @BlueIris @I_am_Polylover

    Sorry for getting off topic and I was not trying to attack anyone. I was just trying to explain what I was going through and you`re right I could have done it a bit better manner I agree. I will admit I was feeling pretty upset and before I could explain myself better, it was closed. Anyways, I will stop talking about this and we can get back to the original post. Sorry for the inconvenience people. I will try to say things in a more positive manner and explain more then using a generalized statement. As it was not intended to offend anyone and if I did, I apologize. I appreciate your help in trying to make me understand from your point of view what I might have missed. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

  • Femininity and energy. I love being in the company of a woman. I have been alone for the last 18 months and I miss the touch - giving and receiving. I miss the connection at the soul level.

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