How did people pick their user names?



  • They're great dogs- I loved taking her for a walk so she could "herd" me. She was named after the river in Siberia.

  • There is a fashion brand I enjoy called 'Fickle Wish' and my favorite color is green.

  • Cuddling is related to touch: Tangible

    Anthony is my middle name: Tony

  • From the character of a movie I liked.

  • mine is just a nickname and a number that has a certain meaning for me c:

  • I hike A LOT. Seemed appropriate

  • Thellie is my go-to nickname.

  • [Deleted User]czw321 (deleted user)

    YouTube Scott Steiner lol

  • Mine speaks for itself. :)

  • I don't know. I just feel like I identify with my real name a lot more than a made-up username, but that's just me. Some of your guys' names are pretty cool! :)

  • mine has to do with my occupation.

  • I love reading through these usernames..a lot of them are quite thoughtful! Lola's just my name :)

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    I love the nighttime, the moon, stars, and space in general. I also love classical music. So the name Moonlight Sonata seemed like the perfect fit for me.

  • [Deleted User]lilredmage (deleted user)

    "Red Mage" is the name of a favorite class/job in this MMORPG that I used to play called Final Fantasy XIV. My character's race looked like a "little" human with a childlike appearance and mannerisms. I simply combined the two. (My profile photo has origins from the game, as well.)

  • [Deleted User]Stitcher (deleted user)

    I am a seamstress by profession, and the lesser-used gender neutral title for my job is “stitcher.” Honestly I think stitcher sounds a little cooler than seamstress.

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @respectful ,I once use to write blogs for different websites as freelancer using this handle or pen name. My original purpose of creating this handle was a constant reminder to myself that I would only enjoy what I do if I make the right choice in selecting the type of work I take on. So I decided to create a username of handle that always reminds me that my choices are vital to me :) ..
    Well now I am carrying it everywhere as username by adopting it as my pen name .. I guess ;)

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    Stella is my middle name, and now my main name to be called. LOL but stella rosa is my favorite wine to add to that.

  • Mine I've been using for a lot of things for years. I pulled it from a line from a song by my favorite band, Demon Hunter. The song is called Fading Away. Here's the links (top one with some growls, for the braver souls, bottom one is acoustic):

  • [Deleted User]clumsycuddler (deleted user)

    I'm a tad clumsy, especially when I'm nervous. Since people make me nervous, it seemed like a good name choice.

  • [Deleted User]MgcHands (deleted user)

    My name should be easy to figure out. A good female friend of mine that introduced me to several women to receive massages told me many of them said I had "magic hands".

  • Mine was passed down from 4 generations of our family.

    Some thought them crazy to have “screen names” back then but who is the crazy one now?

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    @MonsterRain Lol! That reminds me of a certain Dilbert strip.

    Which made me go searching ... one related to cuddling, and an older one.

  • @cease2exist I was actually thinking cease to exist from Suicide Silence, hadn't thought about Demon Hunter for a while. Decent band, though I am not into Christian metal they have some really good songs.

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @respectful, whats the story behind your selection if username :) ? Never saw you saying anything lol

  • I want more pictures of cats and bananas in this thread.
    I don't know that Mr. Rothfuss has any official art of my namesake, a certain Alchemist of the Arcanum...

  • [Deleted User]galowglass (deleted user)
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    @Simmon I love name of the wind. Slow regard... is also extremely cool but differently.

  • @choicesvital I just wanted to give the message that respecting boundaries is important to me ...

  • My given name is Michael and known to most as Mike. Many years back on either AOL or even Plink, I needed to choose a user name and I shunned those with numbers, like Mike 378. So I just made up names that started with Mike and Michael, and when I found nothing without digits, I started with Mickey. I ended up with MickeyDid, no meaning to the Did part. So friends who first met me online call me Mickey.

  • I chose my name because how I felt at the time. Caring for my elderly mother at times is lonely, especially on the days her memory is particularly bad.

  • @galowglass I bet Auri needs cuddles. Lonely living down in the Underthing. =D

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