How did people pick their user names?



  • @AshelyCuddles I am still confused your name is not straight forward enough.

  • @respectful the 775 is kind of random. It's the first three digits to a phone number that once meant something to me.

  • I'll leave it at hippy parents (love child from the summer of love, yo) and a slight misspelling of black volcanic rock: obsidian.

  • I’m like big cuddly teddy bear, so I combined my name with teddy bear and you have Mattybear!

  • I love alliteration. My first middle and last name all start with the same letter. It's a cute little challenge I give myself when creating a profile.

  • Cuddlesfordays is in reference to my marathon-like ability to cuddle. Lean protein is the secret to my staying power ;)

  • [Deleted User]ShoShoZ (deleted user)
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    In my high school days, some of the people close to me started calling me “Sho Sho” as a natural nickname, to which I took a liking. Sure enough, it’s a great choice for a username on most Internet services... easy to remember, and easy for friends to recognize.

  • As a Camp counselor for kids, I turned a friend/co-counselor's name into lyrics for a camp song. The song talks about sharks and is intended to stimulate the kids, get them to whisper and yell, and use their arms and move around. My friend, in return, used my name knowing I like Ravens and have a tattoo of one!

  • [Deleted User]apvalerius (deleted user)

    First & middle initials of my real name plus my real last name. Seriously, I have nothing to hide.

  • 4011 because I love bananas

  • 4011 because I love bananas

  • I picked my personality trait that is most relevant to this site (at least as far as initial interaction with non-pros goes).

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    Mailleweaver was a rare strike of genius that hit me when coming up with a new email username for an internet provider my parents had just signed up with. That was back in high school when I started making maille armour. (Pronounced like mail or male, but has nothing to do with either.) There are many different patterns of maille, and each one is called a weave. Thus I was a weaver of maille: a maille weaver. And I've used it ever since because it's always available when I sign up somewhere, it's very recognizable, and it offers a convenient shortened version that people use when chatting in games (Mail or Maille). In the 15 years I've been using it I've only run across a couple of other MailleWeavers, but they capitalize the W: someone on Twitter and someone on some car site I don't remember. If you find Mailleweaver out on the internet, it's probably me -- even on the Maille Artisans International League website. :)

  • Mailleweaver's a pretty clever name.

    'Al' would be at nickname I hear on rare occasion (I rather like the British fashion of masculine nicknames for females) but it was too short, so I went for the closest diminutive.

  • @calineur requested I participate in this thread ;-)

    I have been using this username forever. I came up with it in college when I had to pick a username for AIM. The giggle fritz runs in my family. All women in my immediate family are prone to attacks ;-) The giggle fritz is when you are laughing and can't stop, no matter how hard you try. Even if you are momentarily successful, the laughter will come back, usually in a loud explosion of it, because you had been trying to hold it in. The worst attacks will make you pee your pants =P LOL. But my bladder has gotten pretty strong, so that hasn't happened in quite a many years ;-) It's pretty hilarious and I have a funny story of all of us getting the giggle fritz during my college graduation dinner, peaking at a very inopportune moment...

    Unfortunately "gigglefritz" was not available, so after much brainstorming, I decided on "uber" to tack onto the front. Ever since then, I have been known as ubergigglefritz O:-)

  • [Deleted User]HallOfFreedom (deleted user)

    I've used of for years. It's derived from my name

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    Because I’m the angel of the morning

  • Because I’m unoriginal and just used my name lol

  • Hmm! Not sure what was the reason why I chose my name. Other than I love angels. I also think of myself as a very kind person. Of course the PM in my name is for my first and last name.

  • Mine was given to me by a friend I used to know. She's of Spanish descent and was somewhat like an older sister. We gave each other nicknames and mine was 'Biscocho' to kind of mean "cupcake", because she thought I was a sweet friend to have around. We're very much just platonic friends, and it sounds like a cute username to use :)

  • Thellie is the nickname friends use for me. Usually my username is TheThellieKitty, but I decided to shorten it.

  • The first few I tried were already taken, I was a bit miffed by that and chose an alternative quickly without thinking carefully enough. Now I'd like to change it but it seems once chosen, you are stuck with it forever.

  • @ubergigglefritz - I love your user name, it's my favourite I've come across so far. I use 'uber' interchangeably to mean 'very' all the time, I say things like 'uber cool, 'uber friendly' or 'uber delicious'.

  • @UKGuy, thanks :-) I hope I'll meet some cuddle buddies soon to help bring back the giggle fritz! Lol. Laughter and connection is the best medicine. :-D

  • My username was inspired by the great French film director Jacques Demy. "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg"/"The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" is one of the finest films of all time.

  • [Deleted User]RScarf1 (deleted user)

    Scarf is part of my last name.

  • Well, initially I tried to pick "cuddlewizard" (egoist much?) but then it occured to me try "cuddlemuggle" - the meaning of which should be obvious!! It seemed natural and I'm glad I was humbled because I don't claim to be a wizard of anything!!

  • Gingy is my nickname that I got in high school. I also use it as usernames in video games.

  • My user name comes from one of my father's dogs- a friendly Samoyed.

  • My family had Samoyeds when I was a kid

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