Signs you might be a cuddler

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Some indications you might be a cuddler ...

-- When you see people walking by, you imagine what it would be like to cuddle them.

-- When stopped at lights in the car, you unconsciously caress the steering wheel.

-- When you buy a new shirt, you consider how it would feel to someone cuddling you.

-- When stressed, you relax by daydreaming about your last cuddle.

-- When you see public displays of affection, you check out their technique.

-- You believe most global conflicts would be resolved if they would just send some professional cuddlers in.

-- The word "oxytocin" gives you a dreamy look in your eyes.

-- When you meet a new friend for coffee, you start by going over the boundaries with them.

-- A hug that goes for more than ten seconds doesn't make you feel awkward at all.

-- After someone gives you a hug, you offer to try a few more positions.

Any others?


  • Good list, I like it.
    You mentioned "daydreaming", but how about actual dreaming?
    The night before a session appointment, I actually dreamed that my cuddle pro was at my place and we were about to cuddle. For some reason though I woke up before we started! But this was one time when my dream did come true, as she came that day and we had a nice session. I told her about my dream.

  • I'm guilty of so many of these! I really do even think about which shirt I'll wear that feels soft for a better cuddle session Lol

    --When visiting someones home you make mental notes of if the couch is large enough and comfortable enough to cuddle up on

    --When you make a monthly budget just for hiring a Pro cuddle

    --When you hear the word "cuddle puddle" you start thinking of names of people you'd want to join in

    --When you and someone you're cuddled up with can be doing completely separate things (i.e. reading, gaming, watching a show), but you prefer being cuddled up with each other over sitting apart

    --When you plan to a cuddle days, weeks, or months in advance with someone and just the thought of it, of getting to cuddle up, can make you smile

    --When you sleep better after a great cuddle session

  • [Deleted User]Softsupport (deleted user)

    Cuddle puddle ....never heard of it but love it. I am so using that.

  • @calineur I've had dreams about cuddles before. For me they are the best dreams and one of the kinds of dreams I never forget upon waking. Here's another sign you might be a cuddler: when you're redecorating a room, you consider how much cuddle time you'd be likely to get out of each piece of furniture. =)

  • -- A hug that goes for more than ten seconds doesn't make you feel awkward at all.
    You even pull the person closer ;)

    I experienced that with a stranger, just wanted to give a goodbye hug, and felt how she enjoyed it so I pulled her closer and we enjoyed a one minute cuddle session - that was a great surprise for both of us, we really enjoyed it.

  • @MucStefan - Beware, there's a fine line between an unexpected hug with a stranger and sexual harassment.

  • Eeyup, guilty as charged, your honor. I fully confess to being the "Serial Cuddler" of Minnesota.

    Or, I would, if I'd had any luck so far.

  • [Deleted User]LynnPenn (deleted user)

    When I visit someone’s house and they have a comfy blankie on the couch I have to touch the blanket if even just for a moment. Typically I will comment about how snuggly the blanket feels

  • When I am laying in bed by myself after a long day trying to fall asleep but I can’t because I violated the TOS and I have to terminate my sleep session.

  • @UKGuy Thanks. It surely was consensual - we talked during the hug. I never would do this without consent.
    Of course, be careful with it!

  • Signs you might be a cuddler:

    —you leave sticky notes with people you hugged with karma on it.

    —you get in an argument at work and ban your co-worker for violating your personal TOS.

    —you have a sign that says you are a cuddler.

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