High Price of Cuddling



  • *Cheaper because it would be easier, and could work more hours, since it's less emotional demand. Cranking out movie cuddles basically, lol.

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    ON THE LIGHTER SIDE :) Imagine if we were in the erstwhile Communist Soviet Union and the Controller of Cuddling set the prices (instead of the market). And if the price was too low ( say $ 10 / hr) , there would have been lines of people queuing up round the block all patiently awaiting their turn ( of course , there would be rationing too - only 10 minutes of cuddling per person ) . And what about the cuddlers ? They all ran away to the United States .

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    @Coshk - Thank you for one hilarious belly laugh!!!

    @LastKnightDown - Superb econ primer! I'd enjoy seeing you explain how demand elasticity relates to massage vs. cuddling but how it really doesn't because they are apples and eggplants.

  • Blah, blah, blah. STICK TO YOUR BUDGET! The end. Stop whining.

    When I find something I want to be too expensive, I don't buy it. Period. I don't whine about it to anyone that will listen (and lots that don't wanna listen)

    I think I over pay for my Verizon service. Should I post 46 posts whining about it or change my plan to fit my budget? Maybe cancel it? Just accept the cost? Wow...lots of options. Bitching about it isn't one of them.

    There are lots of reasons I charge what I charge. I don't have to explain any of them, again. Already done it and yet here we are.....again.

  • LastKnightDown, issues and problems aren't synonyms.

    Problems are negatives that need a solotion.
    Issues are topics of debate, like this subject.

  • LastKnightDown, you are not the only one who mixes these up. Lots of people do it because they are afraid to call a problem a problem. They use "issue" as a euphemism. You are not alone in your confusion!

  • @LastKnightDown, thoroughly enjoying your posts. Thank you for adding to the discussion!

  • I am okay with your confusion and timidity. It's good that you own it. Stay with it!

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    Anyone who is fed up of the prices being questioned doesn't need to comment on the thread. I get why you charge what you do. I also wish there were cheaper options for those who genuinely can't afford the common prices (not those who are just "tight" with their cash).

    I see both sides, but forum threads are optional. If you want to share something, people can comment. If you're annoyed with how often it's mentioned, don't comment. If anything, the number of threads on it suggests it is an issue. It doesn't say anything about the pros who charge the "high" prices, just that the wealthier people can afford the care that a large number can't. It happens in all medical/therapeutic fields. The pros aren't "wrong" for charging what they do and the others aren't "wrong" for being disappointed/frustrated by it.

    No point being rude about people "bitching", if you don't have to join the conversation. To each their own, I suppose. I personally wouldn't walk into a bar and be frustrated that some are drunk - so I wouldn't join a forum thread on a topic I was fed up of, only to tell people to "stop whining!" Nobody has to explain their costs :)

  • Agree with both of you

  • Unfortunately, I need to be paid so I can help more people. Otherwise I can only help the person I'm interested in dating or a spouse. I just don't have time or mental energy to do more if I'm working a full-time job :-P lol. But I'm at least genuine and kind :-) If you're going to pay someone, you don't want to have the feeling like the money is the only reason they're there...

  • I'm friends with lots of men? In what position? Lol. I don't really have many friends. Everyone is too busy with their families for me O:-) I completely agree though that just being understood is a huge thing. That is one area I often feel very alone in - feeling completely misunderstood so much of the time :-( That is much of my goal. To give people a safe space to feel understood and not judged.

  • I completely agree. Something I remind myself all the time is that I don't know what someone else is going through. If I'm mean, I could be the last straw for that person. If I'm nice or just offer a smile, I could be the light in their day. The person could be fine and I could be neither, but I would rather hope to be the light than take the risk on pushing them over.

  • @LastKnightDown I love the effort and detail you are willing to go into in order to dissect this matter. Excellent communication within encouraging a positive attitude about communication and respecting the different positions everyone is in. This is by far the most productive thread I’ve seen on this topic (not that I’ll claim to have read them all)
    A lot of great comments from everyone on here.
    I think the topic of wanting to be understood is a key issue as empathy breeds empathy.

  • Well here is my take on this topic.... I give professional cuddlers thumbs up for their efforts and time. I myself would not be able to be one even if you pay me lots of money. You have to be so accepting to all races, ages, shapes and sizes not to mention some might not have tolerable personal hygiene. I believe you genuinely need to have to a caring heart wanting to heal for the deprived. The law of Supply and Demand.

  • @angela10 , you are 100% right. This isn't something any woman wishing for extra money can or should do. Low supply. Too many people are signing up as a pro who shouldn't. They seem to disappear after a couple appointments. I haven't done many, but am still around. I'm pretty wholly accepting of everything you listed, for as long as the person respects me. That's all I ask.

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    $60-100 per hour is completely standard for professional therapeutic services of this nature, whether it's cuddling, massage, personal training, yoga therapy, talk therapy, reiki, etc. Obviously many clients can afford this price range and find it worthwhile. Otherwise the service providers would be forced to lower their rates.

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    I charge 60 an hour, and have gone to the minimum of 40 for a holiday discount, but that’s just me. If you do not like the prices you find out there initially, I’d suggest shopping around or looking for free cuddling. If you can’t find a price you like or free cuddles in your area, well, I’m sorry to hear that, but supply and demand, you know—people are going to charge what they believe their time is worth and if you don’t feel their time is worth that much, that’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to it, but it’s their time, and their right to set a price.

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    @Lorelei, that pricing seems incredibly reasonable and good value to me. It's sad to think people who need cuddles, particularly to help with something like depression (in addition to professional medical help), may have to pay $100 - $200+ for only one hour (not long, in the bigger scheme of things), if they can't find a free or cheaper person local to them. Most people need cuddles. Some are lucky enough to be in relationships that provide them, but some need them when they're single.

    The comfort of cuddling, whilst still a job, seems a sad thing to charge a small fortune for. I feel the same way about appointments with doctors and therapists or medications; you need to make a living, but it's off of people who desperately need the help. The ones who suffer most are the ones who can't afford the help they need - it's not just (or even mostly) selfish people who feel entitled to cheaper cuddle sessions; it's people expressing a need for something that the providers are charging prices out of their reach.

    If you're trying to do it full-time (6+ hours per day, 5 days per week at $60 would give you roughly $7,200+ monthly) or as a side to another job, it seems possible to charge a more affordable rate. The more expensive charges make sense for first time clients, to do background checks and such, but then you know them a bit and it seems like it could then be lowered a little. If being a pro-cuddler is your only job, but you only cuddle for 2 - 4 hours 3 - 5 days per week, it makes sense to charge a more expensive amount, as you're trying to make a full-time wage without working the hours. It's a demanding job, no doubt, but many jobs are and have to work full hours to make a living.

    It is largely about supply and demand, as well as the right to charge what you want. Unfortunately, it usually leaves the most needy "out in the cold", so to speak. People should absolutely charge what they want to, but should also have empathy for those who can't afford it and aren't in a position to just "get over it". If something I want, but don't need, is too expensive, then I won't buy it or complain. If something I need for my health is too expensive and can't find a cheaper alternative in my area, it's not as simple as just accepting it.

  • @CabotCoveHugs I can't cuddle a full-time amount of hours. I won't be my best full self for the person. And honestly, I spend a lot of hours on the business outside of paid hours. If you're paying $80/hr for my cuddling, my effective pay is a lot less than you think. So for me to do this, I'm going to cuddle relatively few hours, and I need to make enough to not have another significant job, so I can have the time and emotional energy to give to my clients what they need.

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    It basically depends upon the professionals, there are some out there who are really good and worth the money:) but I have heard a lot about the ones who charge a lot of money but they are not so passionate about it or just trying to make money. There is a very fine line between doing it as a business or to help others either way it should be affordable to all those who need it.

  • A woman who is on CC charges $249 in NY. Top that!

  • [Deleted User]ivlegend (deleted user)

    i am sure the session comes with great food and drinks:) any idea

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    Judging by the title I legit thought this was going to be a "be careful you don't get addicted to cuddling" thread.

    Silly me.

  • @chococuddles ??????????????? I needed that laugh today! Thank you lol

  • @CabotCoveHugs

    That’s why I charge what I do, because I feel this is a service people are legitimately in need of and I’m trying to be affordable to those who are already struggling, but I actually don’t get that many clients and if I did rely on this as my only source of income, with my lower rate, I’d be in some serious trouble, lol. I have to work very hard at my other jobs, 10-14 hour shifts, at least five days a week right now...

    My time is pretty valuable, and yet I still occasionally get people who want me to go lower, add more discounts than I already offer, or just cuddle free even though there are non-pros in the area. Can’t please everyone, I guess. As much as I want to help everybody, I need to make sure I’m getting by myself...

  • _I'm new to all of this, however I understand both sides I couldn't believe you could get $70 + to cuddle? Until I had my first client we held and caressed each other it was totally pg. We talked, watched a documentary and he fell asleep in my arms.
    The reason I put a few details in there, is so you can see that the intimacy you get from a cuddle is far different from "a bang for you buck" but whatever makes you happy go for it. Either way it's pricey due to the time. Some people would say its priceless depending on the experience, It can be a beautiful thing.
    With all that said I also understand a man an the desire they have for the opposite sex. Can be a bit frustrating. I say on those days go for the "massage places" the beauty of it all, is you have options. You also have a right to voice your opinion, and so does everyone else negative positive right wrong or in different. ???

  • If you don't like the price of anything, whether it be pro cuddlers or more exotic/classy food, don't use/get it, simple. To be fair to people, some good points on both sides have been made, but ultimately posting about it here isn't going to change what pros charge, as clear from some of the comments they have their reasons for charging what I'm sure some would label extortionate prices (well, the $249 one I'm not so sure on, maybe she has some beautiful cuddly dogs who also cuddle up with you or something? ;) Could always politely ask them I guess if you really want an explanation haha).

    I realise that's easy for me to say given that I've met quite a few non-pros now and I'm lucky compared to some people who live in areas where really pro cuddlers are their only source of cuddles on here so maybe higher prices can be frustrating in that case but my philosophy is that's life, you win some you lose some, live with it; in that scenario it wouldn't be the pro's fault any more than it would be your own you're in that situation so whinging about it wouldn't achieve anything. Don't forget though that pro cuddlers are as human as anyone else on here so if you're that desperate for a cuddle and you can't afford a regular rate I'm sure they would be understanding if you explained your situation to them, maybe if you book a longer session with them they might even be willing to shave a little bit off for just that one time. If you don't ask, you never find out.

  • @chococuddles "I legit thought this was going to be a "be careful you don't get addicted to cuddling" thread"

    Too late for me I'm afraid! I'm long gone ...

    @Cuddle_Bun "Some people would say its priceless"

    That's definitely how I feel about a nice cuddle.

    I like the idea of supporting professional cuddlers if it helps them continue to do it.

    I don't feel in a position to say to someone "you should charge less" -- I just won't go to someone who seems too expensive (or go very rarely). It's up to them ... but they may not realise their income could be higher if they were more accessible to more people.

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    I just wish all professional cuddlers were authentic and giving and, well, professional in seeing themselves as a service provider.

    I have had an awesome time with a professional cuddler and it was life-changing, and I have also experienced a professional cuddler who may as well have been a rock that someone just dropped. It was fairly evident their definition of “professional cuddler” was be physically present and collect money.

    This site has been a roller coaster of experiences for me.

    I don’t have issues with the rates, but certainly with the delivery of services for those rates in some cases.

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