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  • I agree. As someone who is genuine, it is frustrating to see so many pros come and charge average or higher rates and are obviously (to me) not genuine in this work. It affects all of us as we try to build the community and legitimacy of platonic cuddling as a "therapy". If someone new comes and that is their only experience, they might leave thinking this is all a hooey and a waste of money, and tell their friends that. Not good exposure. Even if these pros don't last long, there are a lot of them, and each one affects people's exposure to this. Can there be just a LITTLE more restriction as to who becomes a pro here? :-/

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    I was surprised at the prices. As somebody with not a lot of income it was disheartening to see that I'd be more financially able to hire a (non sexual) escort than a pro cuddler. However, I see it as like anything else in life - if you can't afford it then unfortunately you just don't get it. Cuddlers are professionals doing a job so I wouldn't expect them to lower their prices anytime soon.

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    Well as a pro cuddler I can tell you that the contract states you have to charge a minimum of $40.00/hour and highly suggests offering at least $80.00/hour. I would personally list my services for like $25.00/hour to be honest. But the contract seems to be kind of strict about the minimum amount. I started out with $80.00/hour because it was suggested. But I didn't really want to offer that much. So I lowered it to $40.00/hour. I hope that is okay, but honestly I don't want to charge too much.

  • Does it suggest $80 or just says that's average? I don't remember feeling pressure to do $80. I started lower, because I was new. I don't know any industry where someone new makes average pay for the work :-P lol. I find it funny when people come here with no experience and charge average, and hilarious when they ask for way more :-P But whatever people are willing to pay I guess...

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    @ubergigglefritz As I understand the contract it says you have to charge at least a minimum of $40.00/ hour. I could be reading the contract wrong/ not understanding it though. If you can charge less, I would probably list my services for $25.00/ hour.

    Also you have to give Cuddle Comfort 15% of what you earn. So of I charge the contract minimum of $40.00/ hour for example, I will have to send cuddle comfort $6.00 which means that I make $34.00 after paying the %15 fee.

  • I wasn't saying anything about the minimum. I was replying to your saying they highly suggest starting at $80.

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    @ubergigglefritz Well in the box where you put the amount to charge for cuddling, it says suggestion $80.00/ hour. It could just be a default when you are filling out that part of the form. But the wording made it sound that they suggest you to ask a higher amount. I put $80.00/ hour at first because I was just going with what the form said. But I decided to lower it to $40.00/ hour, which as I understand it after reading the contract, is the minimum you are supposed to charge.

    I am assuming it is because Cuddle Comfort charges 15% of whatever you make. So as I mentioned before, if you charge $40.00/ hour, you would have to give $6.00 to Cuddle Comfort and you would make $34.00.

    This is actually pretty good if someone wants cuddling for more than an hour. I even think it is reasonable if someone just wants cuddling for an hour. It depends on the amount of people you get of course. If you are only booking a few people a month for an hour at a time, you are only making $68.00 a month. I mean it is still better than nothing. But you can't live on it.

    This is why I have a lot of freelance stuff I do at the same time like working for Rover, Uber Eats, RentAFriend, doing freelance on Fiverr and other sites, and so on.

  • Well one reason cuddling is so expensive is because you can't cuddle 40 hours a week. It demands too much emotional energy. There is a lot in the rest of the thread. And personally, if I can't make enough cuddling, I need to get other work, and if I'm doing other work a lot of hours, I don't have the emotional energy to provide this service to people. So in order to do this for people, I need to make enough in return. But the primary reason is because this work requires a LOT of unpaid hours. I need to make more when I'm cuddling so that all the time put in is worth the effort. Beyond just "feel good" rewards. No matter how happy my work makes me feel, I still have a mortgage and food to buy... Right now I'm working pretty much full time hours just building the business and on education. Hoping for some glimmers of hope soon :-)

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    @ubergigglefritz I can understand where you are coming from. I work at a bunch of different freelance jobs as well. I'm sending money vibes your way. :)

  • I currently only see one pro who charges $60 and I limit myself to one 1 hour session per month. They can charge what they want and you can choose to not hire them or limit your time with them. That's the way the free market works.

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    @Mike403 What would you say is the average rate of a pro? I am looking for some feedback on this. I am not a stranger to snuggling, cuddling, hugging and so on. I know all about that. But I am new to the site. I decided to lower my fee to $40.00/ hour since I am a newbie on the site. Do you think this rate is fair?

  • @MoonlightSonata I believe the average is $80, but charge what you feel your time is worth. The lower rate may attract more clients.

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    @Mike403 Okay thank you so much for the feedback. I very much appreciate it.

  • *Also note that doing this professionally is not the same as cuddling friends and family. Most people come into this thinking they know all they need to know about cuddling, but there is a lot more to it than that. People I have seen say I'm better than others they've seen, but even starting off there, I still have so much to learn and improve on. I still consider myself more of an advanced beginner, and have myself priced accordingly... Once I get more training and experience, I'll raise to average rates...

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    @ubergigglefritz That is actually a very good point to bring up. I'm definitely not new to cuddling, snuggling, or hugs. But I am new to this community. I want to get experience here before I charge more. Anyway this is a really great thing to talk about. I am glad that you shared it. :)

  • They should take that suggestion out. I see pros signing up. They put 80 or more, never get any business, and stop logging in...fast becoming inactive and then never return. At least in my state

  • I don't remember the verbage. I thought it just said $80 was average and minimum of $40. It's a person's own fault for thinking they can walk into a brand new line of work and get average or higher pay doing it ;-) Anyway, my experience in my area is that people get work, or get inquiries, and quickly decide this isn't for them. It's not "easy money" like some blogs or articles say. You have to be very comfortable with strangers and really love this work in order to do it. Most people aren't and don't. That's another reason it's higher paying. It takes a very special person to be good at this and want to do it...

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    I'm new to the site as well, but I'm not new to the cuddling world. I do charge the average not because of the money, but because of the experience. Cuddling is not easy money it takes love, dedication, and energy to give someone your all at that specific moment. As Cuddlers we deal with all types of energy, and it can be draining. So yes it is hard work, and yes everyone should charge according to what they think their time and experience worth. I always try to give a discount to first-time Clients so they can experience cuddling with me and most of them do comeback

  • There is a cuddler in the NYC area charging $249 and hour. I assume that includes dinner, a movie and a haircut.

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    The time and emotional energy that go into a cuddle are valuable, and there are factors that clients don’t really consider such as cleaning and making sure everything is perfect if you’re hosting, or making a long trip if you’re not. If you don’t want to pay a pro that’s absolutely your business but don’t say that our time isn’t worth whatever we’ve decided upon.

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    Anyone ever speak on behalf of the clients who clean their place and host or drive a long ways? And still asked to pay $80-100+ ?

    For any product or service it comes down to what you're willing to shell out but sometimes a little courtesy and extra attention to detail go a long way.

  • @chococuddles The decision to clean, pay, and save time is yours. You could also drive, not pay, and not clean. The pros and cons are there for the pro too. I charge a lot for travel, because I would really rather not drive that far. The higher the price, the fewer people will make that decision. I don't charge for the first 30 miles, as I don't mind up to that far. And if they got a hotel, that's a compromise to save them an hour of driving if that would help. That's the way economics work O:-) If I valued not cleaning more, then I would charge less for travel to encourage that decision. But at least the option is there for people who really need it (ie - can't drive or really have very limited time for scheduling a cuddle).

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    @ubergigglefritz I'm not a client so I probably shouldn't even be spouting off (but since I'm already here, hee hee) but you touched on my comment of "sometimes a little courtesy and extra attention to detail go a long way".

    Not charging for the first 30 miles is a nice courtesy. It's also nice that you started at a lower rate when you started and worked your way up. Seems fair to everyone and I hope people recognize that in your services.

    Like yourself when I was faced with a freelance gig I didn't want to go I'd hike the prices up as to say "I don't want to do this. If you want me to it's going to cost you big time." If they pay, they pay.

  • @chococuddles , I appreciate your comments. Thanks =)

    The truth is that I'm about 30 miles from two cities, so offering 30 miles for free gets me into two potential markets. If I lived closer then maybe I would do 15 miles or a certain amount of travel time.

    Look for another small rate hike as soon as I'm certified with the Cuddlist training ;-) I find it strange that people think they can come into work with zero experience and charge the average. Wouldn't it be awesome if all jobs were like that? Lol. Oh, that means the average would then go up ;-) Etc...

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    After seeing several professionals, I understand what they have to deal with and the risks involved. It's a free market and they are responsible for the success or failure of their business. I will decide whether or not their rate is worth my time on an individual basis. Everyone has a choice and the freedom to exercise that choice. So no complaints here.

  • The hourly rate for my therapist, which thankfully insurance covers, is higher than my cuddler. I have to say, while I am sure pro cuddlers get some benefit from their clients cuddles, I am sure it can be draining and there is a limit on how many sessions one could effectively do and still have both parties benefit. I think these are great services and am happy to pay. I skip a night or two out at the bar to drown my sorrows and go have a cuddle instead. I feel happier and healthier than going out and drinking, but maybe that is just me.

  • @Brant76 I would expect that you would feel better cuddling instead of drinking!

  • @CeliaC I suppose that would seem obvious, but I also see more value in a cuddle session than going out drinking :)

  • @Brant76 thank you for noting the value on cuddling. Def agree it's a healthier option compared to the bar!

  • @Brant76 rather than going out drinking, I recommend staying in and drinking. It’s much safer and cheaper.

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