High Price of Cuddling



  • @onetosee that’s what a lot of the guys are saying. The prices for cuddles are going in an upward direction that clients feel they may as well hire some type of sex worker whether it be a stripper or a prostitute.

    Mods: I’m not sure if I can mention the words stripper or prostitute. Please delete if it violates anything. Thanks.

  • My services are such a far cry from a sex worker... If that would substitute for someone what they are seeking, they aren't likely an ideal client for me ?

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    I don’t compare the two. I’m a huge proponent of professional cuddling and want to maintain the sanctity of it. That’s why these girls that overcharge and only care about a quick dollar bother me so much.

  • @OhioMike It's like if one is so needy for cuddles as a addict to a drug, If that's what happening the price is not going to matter, one is going to pay it, no matter if the price is too high.

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