How long did it take everyone to meet someone for a cuddle??

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Hi ? I was wondering how long it took for everyone to arrange their first cuddle meeting? I am meeting my first cuddle buddy in two weeks. ?



  • this reads like you're showing off more than being authentically curious about our answers.

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    @ignis The poster is simply answering the same question that he posed to the community. How you interpret that as “showing off” is beyond me.

    @mrcuddleuk It took me about a month to meet my first cuddle partner

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  • It does kind of read that way, but he joined in February, so it took him about four months.

  • A lot depends on where you live and whether you are talking about a pro or a non-pro. I heard from a pro about a week after joining this site. Still have not heard from any non-pros. The OP is from Edinburgh, Scotland which I'm sure is not a hot bed of cuddling, so I'd say he's doing fairly well..

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    @ignis @UKGuy @ubergigglefritz @Psychonaut83 wow I honestly didn't expect that sort of response. I have been on this website for 4months. It wasn't meant to be showing off that I have arranged to meet someone it was more to let the community know that this website does work.. with the right amount of patience you will find someone if you are genuine and honest about what you want.

  • I guess i got lucky. I met with a pro the very same day i signed up. Non-pros have been generally non-responsive or verrrry slow to respond. I don't know that I would have stuck around for 4 months waiting to cuddle.

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    @mrcuddleuk - I wouldn't take the responses too seriously. There is a HUGE cultural divide between the UK and the USA and what you are seeing is evidence of it. You did not reveal whether you connected with a pro or a non-pro cuddler. It's fairly easy to connect with a pro, assuming there are some in your area, but much more difficult to connect with a non-pro. At least that's my experience, and I live in a huge metropolitan area with many members. Good luck with your upcoming cuddle appointment.

  • Yeah, I didn't mean to imply that you did anything wrong. Just that I could see how some people might misinterpret your post. Excellent that you were able to find a cuddle buddy =) I hope it's awesome =D

  • for me it took a few days for a pro, and about 2-3 weeks for a non-pro. I think patience and communication is important.

  • Not sure but I know it was a while, then again I wasn't aggressively trying plus AL leave me geographically challenged

  • First person I met actually was banned from the site so her karma she left disappeared so im not even able to use that as a reference point

  • No one has cuddled

  • I think it was about three weeks before I met with someone from this site.

    @pmvines - Of course you can use that as a reference point. This is not cuddle court, and no one requires evidence. :)

    @Carlseabee - Sorry to hear that. Come to Florida, and I'll cuddle you!

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    @mrcuddleuk, I hope it works out!

    @BlueIris, "cuddle court" could be a tv series, haha. :)

  • @BlueIris I meant that the person was banned so their karma they left disappeared , happens when someone is banned. So I'm not able to look back at it now lol but its ok . Some people I have met haven't even left karma cus it's not their thing.

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    I haven't had a cuddle get together as of yet, joined about 3 weeks ago. Although, I did have a non-pro request for last week; however, I was out of town visiting an ill parent. Naturally, I had to decline. I had another non-pro just recently ask if he could kiss my feet during a session, and I gently informed him that is not permitted. Does anyone have any feedback on questions like that!?

  • @QueenAgape724 welcome to CC. Unfortunately, odd or off-color requests happen. Some members don't bother to read the site rules. Some others know the rules, don't care about them, and will ask inappropriate questions to see what they can get away with. Requests that are fetishistic in nature (like, can someone kiss your feet) are rules violations and should be reported. Accounts get banned for that sort of thing.

    On topic, the first time I joined this site was back in the no-pros-allowed days. Took me forever to meet an enthusiast. Second time around, I went right for the pros. Can't remember who was first, but it didn't take long.

  • It took about one month, but I haven't cuddled with anyone from here since.

  • [Deleted User]painlesshugs (deleted user)

    I met someone about 2 weeks after starting on website. Have met three awesome guys so far

  • @quietman775 You mean it was hard to find enthusiasts even before pros were around? You mean pros aren't ruining the cuddle scene by incorporating money into it? We're actually making it easier for people to find cuddles? ;-)

  • I connected with a pro after about 3-4 weeks on here, I think. I just had my second session with her, about a week and a half after the first, and also just recently did a public meetup with a non-pro.

  • Unfortunately for me (though I've only been on here for about a week), for female cuddlers in my area that haven't been dormant for months, about 70% of the profiles are completely empty, 25% are looking for people outside of my age range, and the other 5% are not replying. I'm not giving up by any means, but my expectation is that I'm probably going to be waiting for a while.

  • @ubergigglefritz , Ahh, I like the subtlety of your messaging! ;-) You're right, I was one of those who enthusiastically welcomed pros, because the endless time loop of writing to enthusiasts, lamenting when 99% of them didn't respond, and enduring the subsequent chiding that "nobody owes you a response" was getting old. LOL I've now met six enthusiasts through this site. But for the convenience of cuddles on demand without risk of complications, it's hard to beat a pro. [Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this endorsement of pros. I wouldn't mind it, though! I suggest payment in chocolate.] :-)

  • @quietman775 why wouldn't you request payment in cuddles? lol

  • It's nice to be appreciated sometimes and not made out to be an evil money monger, lol ;-)

  • Naw, I never thought y'all were evil money mongers. Sure it would be nice if the prices were lower, but that's because I'm poor, not because you're not worth it. People have to understand that you're doing this to feed and clothe yourself and put a roof over your head. That being said, if anyone needs to travel to my area and needs a place to stay in exchange for cuddles, I'm a great cook and I will sleep on the couch. =)

  • I wish I were heading up in that direction. I love all different kinds of food =)

  • Well I can cook all types of food! I spent 11 years working in different restaurant kitchens when I was younger. ;)

  • As non pro it took me 3 weeks until I had my first cuddle. We did message alot until the first meeting.
    Since I'm a pro, the messages I receive slowed down from several messages a day (as non pro) to maybe one or two a week lol
    So it takes me awhile to meet someone which makes me sad as I love cuddling but I do understand not everyone has money for cuddling pros

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