Let's discuss overnight prices!

For pros, what do you offer and at what price? How often do you get booked for an overnight at your current price? For clients, what do you want in an overnight session, and how much would you like to pay for that?

My original (current) offer was $425 for M-Th and $500 for F-Su. That included a couple hours of cuddling before sleep, and then about an hour of cuddling in the morning (after a full night's sleep for the person).

I would like to offer more flexibility and a much better deal, so I'm thinking... my regular hourly rate for all of the awake/cuddle time, and then a cost for basically the overnight "add-on", but with a minimum total of the above prices. The add-on would be $75 for M-Th and $125 for F-Su at my house. Extra surcharge for an outcall overnight, depending on the length of the cuddle, the time for travel involved, and whether there's an option for my little dog to join me for the trip O:-)... And offer availability is not guaranteed (but not impossible) for first-time clients.

That sounds like a crazy good deal, but the idea is to hopefully have some cuddle sessions which wouldn't have occurred without the overnight option. I also always offer a bed (without cuddles) for free with a certain hours of paid cuddles at my house, for people who live too far away and would like to head home in the morning.

What do you think? And I am really wondering what everyone else offers, how they came up with their prices, and how often their offer is taken up by a client... Thanks =)



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    Thanks for this!!!

    As a client my overnights have been roughly 7pm to like 8-10am. I have just gotten in the habbit of offering $1000 and its worked so far. I prefer hosting because I host in hotels, which is nice cause they are always perfectly clean and neutral.

    The night usually starts with dinner I purchase for us from uber eats, the pro deciding the food for the night. We will usually eat this in bed together and talk about each other , normal ice break stuff.

    Then after we are all full we'll brush our teeth, I always have spare toothbrush and mouthwash on hand just in case they didnt bring one.

    After which we will bundle up under the covers all nice and full and cuddle. At this point I like to let the pro just talk and ill be quiet and listen while stroking their arms or doing head scratches. This usually goes on about 2 hours till they have vented everything.

    We then will settle into sleepy mode, and ill cuddle them till they fall asleep, after which i fleeeee because i cant sleep unless im on my stomach.

    I usually wake up first and will order an assortment of breakfast foods like pancakes , eggs, french toast, coffee. They wake up, we enjoy breakfast in bed cuddling up again. Once both parties have decided we cant laze around any more they will get ready, say good bye and everyone goes on their happy fulfilled ways.

  • Holy crap. @grumpcat , please don't pay me $1000 to experience your overnight cuddle session O:-) I need to pay my bills and can appreciate that offering this service to pros makes you happy, so my above quoted offer is PLENTY =) Any desire to visit Charlottesville or Richmond? (I do travel up to northern Virginia for cuddles, but my cities down here offer something unique as well, depending on what you like).

    Are you comfortable receiving cuddles as well? Or pretty much just like to give the cuddles? You can be my first female cuddle client :-D

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    My cuddle cities are dictated by my work cities. I am a travelling consultant so im constantly being flown all over the states. Pros who have had me reach out to them are those that will be in cities I will be visiting soon.

    I really dont know if im receiving or giving, cuddling is cuddling Ive never really thought of HOW i cuddle.

  • Great job perk ☺

  • $500-1000 to cuddle with someone for one night. I wish I could just get a girlfriend.

  • [Deleted User]grumpcat (deleted user)

    Heh.. thinks girlfriends would be cheaper.... silly silly @Mike403

  • As long as she isn't materialistic and demand I buy her diamonds every week.

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    I'd settle for sapphires bi-weekly i guess, maybe mix it up with rubies once in a while

  • Unfortunately, there are two reasons there is a market for this in relation to your comment:

    1) I would venture to say that the majority of people either are single or are in a relationship, but their touch needs still aren't fully met, thanks to incompatibility in that regard or discourse in general. It just isn't easy to find someone who is compatible to the point of being able to meet all your needs.

    2) In several ways, cuddling with a pro is even better than a "girlfriend". If someone doesn't see this, then they haven't seen a very good pro. If you have the money, seeing a pro cuddler can meet your needs, and relax your stress and tension to find someone to date NOW. That pressure usually only really gets you into a relationship you will later regret. So there is a lot of value in having somewhere to go to get those needs met until you find that perfect someone...

    It is unfortunate that it is so expensive, but I also know that it's necessary. I have experienced the amount of time (and mental energy) this actually takes, and the cost is really justified... Though I won't be able to convince everyone of that O:-)

  • @grumpcat I feel like $1000 is crazy expensive and you feed the pro. You are a generous soul! I don't currently offer overnights but was thinking of starting to do so in July. I was thinking around the same price as you @ubergigglefritz only I can only do overnights on the weekends. Luckily I can coordinate with my boyfriend to watch and care for our fur babies.

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    sigh If only large amounts of money solved lifes problems. I've actually been turned away a few times now. CURSE YOU BAD PERSONALITY, id like a refund on mine please.

  • Well if you are ever visiting the Colorado area let me know! Were you turned away because a pro didnt think a grand was enough?

  • Man @grumpcat that’s crazy you’ve been turned away. Sounds like a wonderful time just by description not even mentioning the price.

  • True story! Breakfast in bed sounds like a dream.

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    @CMB6582 didnt wanna do overnight or extended duration

  • Oh. Well their loss, it sounds like an amazing offer for a cuddle session.

  • Judging by the profiles I read, some pros will only do overnights with established clients, not first timers. Others may not feel comfortable with doing overnights at all. Probably a safety issue more than the money.

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    @Mike403 That was the reasoning yes.. though they didnt even check my profile which made me slightly annoyed

  • I've done enough cuddling to know that sometimes I'm already comfortable to do an overnight with a new client. Haven't been asked yet, but I would have. I also haven't had any terrible experiences. That probably influences my openness to the idea... When traveling, it's tough because you can't meet in advance, and I can appreciate wanting to get in a long session while in the area... It's a tough situation. :-/ It sounds like you have some people who will be up for it on this thread. It's just a matter of getting work to send you to those areas ;-)

  • Looks like snuggles buddies is the best value.. $330.00 / 8 hours . And that includes weekends

  • Nope. Maybe the cheapest, but I am a better value, hour for hour, unless you want to sleep less than five hours ;-) A lot of overnight packages provide little sleep, which I don't get. I charge the one add-on price for a full night's sleep, and then normal hourly rate for the awake cuddle time.

  • It looks like I still need to update my profile with this new structure...

  • I read snuggle buddies rates as 330 / 8 hours , 440, 10 hours . Let’s say Saturday ,
    You start at 500 , but you don’t offer the time , is it for ten hours , ?
    and forget about timers ,
    Tell you what , I’ll take your word for it you are better .

  • If you read this thread, my new rates are all the way in the beginning. ;-)

  • I like my idea, because it doesn't discourage you from sleeping as long as is natural for you. If you're paying for the time total, then might as well try to sleep as little as possible so you get more cuddling :-P That also means less sleep for me ;-)

  • And to clarify, my old rates did not indicate the time, because it depends how long you sleep. It was a full night's sleep for you, plus two hours cuddle before bed and about 30 minutes to one hour after, depending on your schedule. Basically, it wasn't really exact. You're paying a premium to get a somewhat relaxed sleepover. But new rates are a better deal.

  • Hi, I'm new. I've never done the overnights before and was just asked what my rates are. While I appreciate the figures you guys mention, I really just need to know what that breaks down to hourly. Are we supposed to give a discount because it's a lot of hours, or does this mean we should charge more because of the late hours and being away from home??? I'm hoping to answer soon the better. Thank you for any and all replies. Snuggle on!
    -Mizz Kitty

  • You charge whatever you want. Whatever makes it worth your time for you. Everyone's answer is different. Pick an amount that you would be ok losing the work instead of making less.

  • Exactly, pick whatever makes it worth it to you; if it's a hassle to pack a bag/prep a room for the night and be next to someone all night, pick an amount that would make that attractive to do.

    If, however, you really love doing overnights and prefer booking those and don't feel you are losing time or opportunities elsewhere, you can charge less to attract more clients. It's completely personal preference.

    I'm with Snuggle Buddies also, and have never done an overnight with them because they charge way too little, imo, for how much prep work and time I would be putting into it and for so many cuddle hours.

    What amount would make it worth it/amenable for you? Do that :)

  • I am so confused about overnights. There are some clients I would be willing to do an overnight with... but... 1.) I don't know what pricing is worth it to me. 2.) That's in part because I'm a very light sleeper.

    Following along to get ideas. :)

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