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  • @AndiCuddles Just imagine different offers and keep going up until it's one you would accept. Then figure out what you would be willing to offer in the package to make it more worth it to the client. Overnights are typically more expensive and not a lot of clients can afford them. I am also a light sleeper and just had my first overnight. I didn't get much sleep, but was one of my best sessions. Top three client for sure, and was lovely having the cuddle just go on and on through the night :-)

  • *note that the number you come up with might change depending on the demand you see on your first price, and that's fine...

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    Okay so I just put together my overnight package and here is what it consists of:

    Overnight sessions: Regulars only! $450, 6 hours of sleep time and 2 hours cuddle time before/after for a total of 10 hours (4 awake cuddle hours!!) Flexible with the start/end times. I am happy to add an extra hour before/after cuddle time for eating (i.e. dinner/breakfast) for a small additional fee; client would be expected to provide food (although I'm happy to help cook!!) as I cannot host.

    For that additional fee, I was thinking an extra $25 for dinner and $25 for breakfast, so $50 extra if they want 2 extra hours to include time for meals.

    I'm pretty content with the pricing and time commitment. Haven't gotten any overnighters asking just yet, but hopefully someday soon!!

  • I am a little more particular about my overnight sessions. i have it as an open option for folks who have already cuddled with me at least once. Say someone booked me for an overnight session at their place, I would offer up the time starting at 7pm to 4am, a whole 9 hours for $800 (lowers my $100/hour outcall rate to $88). i sincerely offer company and cuddling time between those hours so even if we do not start cuddling yet, i am there for any other platonic activity and company. the cuddler has the option to be asleep or deeply relaxed while cuddling as I continue to actively cuddle them awake. however, 4am is the cut off time since I make it my rule to not sleep at overnighters and i would probably have to sleep a couple hours to prepare for the next morning if there are any sessions ... all this would have to be pre-booked instead of last minute in order to ensure full availability for both of us. i dont think i'll be offering overnighters at my place since 4am is my cut off time and i much rather be the one to step out than to ask a cuddler to step out in the middle of sleeping.

    a much cheaper option would be 3-4 hours for $300-$400 outcall. I have cuddlers who book me for 3 hours at a time for them to sleep for most of the time since my cuddling helps their insomnia so since I do $100 per hour from outcall... i always suggest this option but i can't offer it all the time if folks request to start cuddling past midnight. once midnight arrives, i assume it's best to go to bed to sleep. i say this because sometimes i've gotten requests to cuddle last minute at 2am and i very rarely do that unless i am awake for some reason and available.

  • I have never gotten last minute requests late at night. Or even in the daytime. My clients always seem to plan a session at least a couple days in the future. Well once I got a session the day of, but it was with someone I had already cuddled. I doubt I would accommodate for a new client. I need proper time to vet and make sure we're a good fit... :-/

  • My typical overnight sessions are 650 for a 10-hour and 800 for a 12-hour cuddle. That said, I've been getting into the habit of starting the timer for an overnight cuddle once we both eat, so if a client wants to go get dinner beforehand together and have it not count as part of the cuddle period we can do that if they tell me beforehand (usually results in somewhere between a bonus hour to hour and a half). I wish I could do the same for my waking hours, but my schedule for my waking hours is just a bit tighter so I can't always have eating hours be off cuddle time.

    I never start my overnights before 6pm or after 10pm; this is so I don't have to get up in the morning at an ungodly hour or run the risk of someone being a little more amorous at night than they usually would be respectively... both of which I've made the mistake of running into, which is why that restriction is there.

    I personally prefer doing overnights with people that I've met before, though with enough karma to back up their credentials I'd consider a cuddle session if we had dinner beforehand and give them the option to switch to an overnight cuddle to an until-you-go-to-sleep (usually 4 hours long) if something feels off on either of our ends so that it's not a waste of time for either of us.

    I recently got asked by a client I've seen for a 3-hour cuddle previously to do a 25 hour Sabbath Day cuddle (he's an Orthodox Jew, so he couldn't leave the neighborhood once the sun went down on Friday until sundown on Saturday, which is roughly 8:30pm Friday to 9:30pm Saturday), and I had charged 1600 for that and requested an 800 deposit the day after suggesting it, which he willingly provided. I think we cuddled for about 20-21 hours during that time and only broke away to go eat and bathe (we were staying in a hotel so one of us went to the lobby while the other bathed). I felt like I was giving a unique personal cuddle retreat in a way so it felt really satisfying to give that experience to him.

    If I were to do it again, I think I'd offer it max once per month because doing that weekly would most definitely wipe me out and render me useless for all other cuddling during the week (which would make me sad because I really like seeing my other people). It took a lot of energy to provide such a unique experience so I'd definitely need to plan ahead for that kind of thing; I had about four days to plan for this one.

    Also I'd most likely up the price slightly to include a nice hotel of my choosing if I offered it in my more-permanent location (the Boston area) because I don't host overnights in my personal residence. Plus I'd want to make sure our hotel has a continental hot breakfast for us to go get in the morning so we have a reason to get up and not have to worry about food first thing in the morning :) breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all!

  • "breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all!"

    Unless you're poisoned.

    Then the antidote is the most important meal of the day.

    Lol. I love AGT ;-)

  • yeah last minute requests usually come about for me and i accommodate to them if time permits. im usually at home since i work from home so it's not much a problem. unless someone wanted to cuddle at 2am and i was already done for the day and ready to sleep at midnight.

  • It just feels like that would be catering to a different kind of client than I'm looking for ? Do you call any other service provider for emergency service at midnight? Maybe a plumber when your pipe bursts or the pest guy when there's a squirrel in your attic... Seems odd to me and more likely they're looking for something I don't offer ?

  • I haven't done any overnight cuddles, but I've gotten quite a few requests for same-day cuddles. I vet them the normal way, and I haven't had any problems. The couple of folx for whom I've done this work multiple jobs or odd shifts, so it makes sense that they can't schedule too far in advance. Although, on the other hand... what has usually happened is that I don't have availability the same day but they let me know why they often need to schedule without much warning. So, I feel they've gone about it in a good way. Communication is key and all that.

  • I am a go with the flow person and what I feel like doing can change on a dime . So for that reason I have a hard time really planning things ahead . Could be totally gung ho to do something at the start of the day and by the evening just too hot and swampy and sidetracked and busy or a half dozen other things that may interfere . So rather than making an appt and possibly cancelling if I want to get a massage, a pedicure , eat out , go shopping, see a friend etc i typically wait to see what mood I'm in and just try to go with it then . But I can see where if you are a cuddler meeting someone particularly for first time that without proper notice and setup would be unrealistic

  • Wow. I just realized my last message is super-poorly worded. Sorry about that!

    Basically --

    1.) I haven't had an overnight session yet.
    2.) I allow same-day appointments, even for new clients if I have an opening and have enough time to vet them the usual way.
    3.) Most often, someone lets me know in advance that they need to schedule appointments at the last minute due to their work or whatever, so I already know in advance that that will be happening.

  • @ubergigglefritz i understand where you're coming from, but I don't always see it that way. sometimes folks have legitimate reasons to ask for a cuddle session late night and if i am awake and willing, i show up. or if they book ahead of time, i prepare with having rested before hand so i do not sleep during the session. i do ask my screening questions as to why so late, why not wait, etc but sometimes it's needed. one never knows when there is somebody in need of healing and company. often it's the case that they're working late or whatnot but regardless i take my own security measures.

  • Whatever works for you =) I would be more willing to accommodate late night if we have been communicating for a while. I'm not going to get an initial message at 10pm from someone I've never talked to before, asking to cuddle at midnight, and have me say yes to that. That's not enough time for me to both accurately assess them as a client AND get ready for the session. I don't know. I've never gotten a last minute request that late at night before. Central Virginia is a whole different world to LA ;-)

  • Oh yeah definitely, on my end I would be really about getting the questions through before I agree to meet with them. most often than not, it happens to be someone who doesn't get back to me soon enough so i end up informing them that we must either push for a different time or if they insist, i would inform them that the questions are imperative to answer in order for me to assess if I can do the session or not. fortunately the ones who persist, will turn out to be pretty awesome folks who understand where i'm coming from since it is late night and im just trying to be safe. the ones who do not... well, i least i did my process to ensure i did not invite the wrong folk in my space or put myself in the wrong place.

  • I love cuddling overnight, am having a spend the night cuddle with a friend near my home this Sat. I just am not a big conversationalist in the mornings. I look pretty hungover and grumpy until I have had coffee and had a chance to acclimate lol. So i may not be the most pleasant thing to wake up to.

  • I'm open to meet, and usually pretty down for anything anytime as long as I can make it happen, if I have enough time to get ready and such, but availability is open within a like 2 hours open. Basically if I can, I will, just hit me up! I am good at just going with the flow, even if it's quiet time. ??

  • Geeze 330 for 8 hours when I charge 100 an hour just sounds so cheap . I've gotten 350 for 2 hours of cuddling plus dinner so I would say no less than 600 . But hey whatever works for you right

  • I start with 80/hr for 12/hr overnights. Over time I may offer overnight to a client for 70 or 60 an hr. I’ve been seeing one overnight client for a few years now and our time together has become so fun and relaxed that I recently dropped the 12/hr overnight to 60 and a 10hr to 70. I like to feel into the hourly and go from there. How well a client can contain their sexual energy and stand fully in the integrity of nurturing cuddle is a big factor.

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    Ffs $1000 for 'overnight cuddling'

  • I would charge my normally hourly rate, so for 8 hours it would be $480. I would only cuddle overnight with those that I had cuddle sessions with at least 2 times.

  • I'm not a professional but I would like to add that I do enjoy napping with my cuddle partners so I would assume a sleepover would be nice also. That being said I would require an established cuddle relationship with them before I agree to spend the full night with him. I don't think I'd be able to go right into an overnight with someone I hadn't cuddled before.

  • So for an overnight session is it expected that client have separate sleeping arraignment available for the pro or if the pro is hosting will they have one setup for the client ? Or would they potentially share a room\ bed or is all the above up to the comfort level of all involved ?

  • For most pros that do overnights, it’s expected that the client is sleeping in the bed with them.

  • @hugonehugall If you are paying for an overnight, it should be one sleeping location I would think 😊

  • @ubergigglefritz gotcha , I hate to assume that's why I asked.

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    When I host these over night ,I offer a spare bedroom the guest can retreat to if they want , with a private bath . I think it’s better to get a good nights sleep., that didn’t have someone else spooning the other , adjusting positions , it’s a disturbance . And not having to listen to snoring or farts .

    A refreshed morning cuddle feels real good

  • @cuddlerforu24 That's very considerate of you. I always assume I won't be getting as good of a night's sleep on overnights (though I have gotten a bit better). My overnights are relatively inexpensive, so I do have a rule that movement must stop once it's time to shift over to trying to sleep. Most professional overnights are very expensive and I would expect it to include all of the time through the night, unless the client preferred to sleep alone. I do my sessions in my RV, so it would be difficult to sleep separately unless there were a tent outside, ha. I have done lengthy sessions evening and morning with the client staying at a hotel and me staying at my RV, but then they aren't paying overnight prices, just the regular hourly cuddle rate.

  • @cuddlerforu24 we all know women don't fart or snore !! @ubergigglefritz I don't really care for camping so I would definitely go for in the RV ! In all seriousness I would be concerned about both parties being to on edge about spending the night with a complete stranger in order to get a good night's sleep ... But then again there was my 20's sooooo .....

  • @hugonehugall I wouldn't be a professional if it took me more than five minutes to get comfortable with someone new. Lots of professionals don't do overnights with new clients, but I have done it a number of times. Never been an issue. The only problem overnight I have had was a client I had seen before, but who saw another "professional" since our previous session who had no boundaries and he suddenly turned into one of those clients who talks about not understanding why there are boundaries and why one kind of touch isn't allowed but another is, lol. If touching my breast isn't different from my arm, why do you need to do it? Lol. I never felt unsafe and wasn't in any way assaulted, but I haven't checked in with him for another session. Done. Lol. I'm happy to discuss subjects and explore ideas, but if you're not going to listen and are just looking to try to convince me I don't need boundaries, then I don't need to continue having sessions with you 😉 Needless to say, I don't have issues with overnights the first time.

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