Let's discuss overnight prices!



  • @ubergigglefritz sounds good ... But fair warning I usually have to fall asleep with TV on. I'm sure there are some folks that have certain " expectations " with an overnight and I'm also including a few pros in that statement as well. That's boundaries & expectations need to be discussed beforehand.

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    It’s the only way . Who wants to try to sleep next to a 100 cc chainsaw going full throttle.

  • @hugonehugall Always go over boundaries and agreements before first session 😊

    @cuddlerforu24 Yes. Snoring is the most difficult 😉 But whatever you prefer fir sleeping arrangements, ha.

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    It's interesting to see the cost comparisons between here and Cuddle Companions. Everybody over there is charging over $1000 for overnights some over $2000 Their prices are absolutely insane. Even for 2 hours , is there a mandatory crazy minimum price over there?

  • Cuddle companions automatically takes 40% so people usually charge more in order to make some sort of profit that is beneficial to them.

  • @SweetCamiXO From what a friend says who has worked for them, the 40 percent gets taken from the client as a deposit so even if the person doesnt show up the site gets their cut and cuddler gets nothing. Seems a little sketchy to me.

  • Does the client get a refund from cuddle companions if the cuddler doesn’t show up ?

  • I've never even considered going on Cuddle Companions and wouldn't put that on my list of places to look for a professional... ;-) Well, depending on what type of "professional" you are seeking. There are better places to look :-/

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    There are quite a bit of people from this site on Cuddle Companion as well. I know it has a rep for having prostitutes but not all of them are but a lot of them are lol

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    Is cuddle companion website considered a non platonic website? I too see a few from here over there. I dont know what to make of it or their expensive prices?

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  • @Kense , I wasn't trying to imply that. I just don't know any (there may be a couple) legit professionals on there. When I went to cuddlexpo in 2018, professionals there didn't even think highly of this site, and this is one of the better ones of this type for sure.

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