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    Power as in strength or control🤔
    Strength is no big deal. I’m chubby so if he or she can maneuver me with ease into different positions then I may need to take a break or reposition myself cause I’m getting to hot☺️
    Control really has to be a give and take. Newbies may like the other taking the lead due to them being unsure themselves or what do. Really even then constantly checking in is necessary for a mutual positive experience. Both have to be considerate. Are you comfortable, are you ok with whatever as you give direction, and etc.

    If my partner practices mutual consent and consideration I can happily follow instead of lead.

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    "To me it really doesn't matter who is holding me meanwhile its comfortable, clean, and platonic. I just want to be able to feel safe in that person's hold."

    Totally agree with this @TheTouchCoach !

  • @quixotic_life Sounds nice. Bat cave with wifi. I can't find Darren-Bat but I'll keep my eye out and post if I run across it. @DonLonG may have it stashed somewhere.

  • @littermate Wow, didn't see my name tagged in this thread until today (2 weeks later). I believe you are referring to this post?

  • @DonLonG oh yes oh yes you clever kitty! Thank you! @quixotic_life !!

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