Does 100$ an hour for cuddling seem like too much to anyone else?

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I make 20$ an hour. Seems like a steep request to me.... It's not like they went to college for 4 years to learn how to cuddle. PHD in cuddling? A doctorate maybe?



  • OMG. Not another one of these threads. Quick question, what if someone tells you $20 an hour is too much?

  • @sidrandom2 ignore the rude comments.
    This topic has been debated quite a bit in the forums. If you search them you'll find other threads already discussing this topic.
    Good luck

  • I work for Geeks On Site to give some TLC to people's computers. I didn't go to school for that, 90% of the time I have no idea what that error is and I just google the symptoms and see what others did to fix it. Been working there for 8 years and I still can't believe people are paying $130 an hour for me to google search their problems (I don't get all that money, but then again, pro's don't get all that $100 you give them either).

    Lots of them tell me they have family or friends that can perform the service, but they don't want to bother them with it, they'd rather pay me. So I have to remind myself that it is a convenience fee. Sure they can find someone else to provide it for free, but sometimes it's less stressful and less socially awkward to just hire a professional, especially on short notice.

  • @DonLonG That's terrible. lol

  • @Kense I have no say with what I can charge for the business customers, but I try to give my personal customers like family friends, neighbors, church members, etc. work for free because it comes easy to me and I like helping others, but they always feel like they are taking advantage or I am giving them "charity." Almost everyone insists on paying something when I try to do them a favor.

    So I usually tell them to give me whatever they feel like it's worth hoping for like $5-$10 tip to help towards my gas and maybe a meal on the way home. But they usually write me a check for $100 even though I was only there for 20 minutes. In fact, that happened yesterday to a personal customer I visited on my way home from my main job. When she insisted, I asked for $20, she said nope, I'm giving you $100 minimum.

    I have actually had to increase my personal rates to $50/hour a year ago for new personal customers and referrals, not because I need the money, but because it makes other people more comfortable, and more confident in my abilities when I charge more. It's like that marketing placebo effect where people associate quality with price.

  • I'm saying it's terrible that they hire people who don't know what they are doing. I'm not paying somebody that kind of money that has no idea what they are doing no offense lol. It's like paying your Doctor to check you out but it's just really a regular person with no training that googles treatments.

  • @Kense Maybe he's really good at diagnosing and finding the solution. You don't have to know everything to be good at a job. I went to Montessori through 4th grade, missed all the "standard" elementary school stuff in public school, but I maintained my love of learning, exploring, and learned how to find and interpret information. It's my belief that's all you need to know in order to be successful in life. With today's technology, any fact is just something you can find online somewhere. The key is having the ability to find it and the familiarity to accurately interpret it.

    Another example is my fixing sealing the cracks in my parents' driveway. The actual workers may have known what they were doing, but they did a crud job of it. I simply read the instructions and took the time to do it right. Never did it before, but I got the job done right.

    I wouldn't think it's terrible that they hired him, because I know nothing about him, but I know there are lots of reasons to hire someone for a job beyond simply pre-existing knowledge. Plus, with computer diagnostics, you can't possibly know everything, there are infinite ways for there to be a problem with a computer. When I worked as a pricing analyst and worked extensively in Excel and Access, I googled things constantly. I was good at coming up with ideas, but I wouldn't always know right away how to accomplish it, but I had the skills to implement the methods i would find online.

    Anyway, getting a bit wordy O:-) At the end of the day, it's all a matter of supply, demand, potential risk involved (ie - having an uninformed doctor is quite a bit more risky than an uninformed computer tech), and what people are willing to pay for what. :-/

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    It is very simple. Pay the cuddler if you can afford it and do not hire them if you can’t. This rule applies to personal trainers, chauffeurs, and massage therapists and other services. They are not essential, you can function without them, and while they seem unfair, it is the economic system we live in—do you get paid for what you do? Everyone charges what they think they can get and they adjust their pricing accordingly or go out of business.

  • I used to kind of roll my eyes at these threads, but I'm coming around to your point of view. Yeah, $100 is pretty ridiculous.

    Don't get me wrong, people can charge what they want to charge. And if the demand is there, they'll have clients.

    (Caveat to what I'm about to say: I've met some great cuddlers who I sincerely appreciate, and if any of you are reading this, know that this doesn't apply to you and I look forward to continuing to see you!)

    But the problem with "pro" cuddlers is that there's a massive lack of actual professionalism. Think about the comparison to a massage therapist. If I call up a business that offers massage therapy, I make an appointment, I show up, and they'll be there and I'll pay for and receive a massage. All of that's pretty much guaranteed.

    But imagine if, instead, it was common for massage therapists to be really difficult to get in contact with. Or if they acted weird and evasive when I tried to schedule an appointment. Or if I showed up to my appointment and no one was there. Or if they arrived hours late. Or if they were there but just wanted to chat and barely got around to actually massaging me. Or if they asked for more money than we agreed on before. Or if they kind of give me a massage but avoid really touching me much. Or if they outright tell me, "I really hate giving massages; I feel like all men who get massages are just creepy old perverts." Or if they steal from me.

    At that point, wouldn't you start to wonder, "How in the world does the massage business keep going? And how can they justify charging so much for this service?"

    Things like the above are common on this site in my experience. I've experienced all these things. There are individual cuddlers who are absolutely worth $100/hr. But overall, it's a serious problem that there are just tons of random people on this site who just list a price of $80-$100 and can't manage to exhibit a bare minimum of professionalism.

  • Your experience is not unique @mb0. I have had all those situations happen to me.

  • Here is what I seek: Someone that I feel comfortable with and they feel comfortable with me, get to know, build long term friendships and enjoy life together.

  • 100$ an hour is the right amount for the time you’re giving

  • I will say it again.$100 is hooker level prices.don’t complain if you attract guys that are looking for that.

  • As long as there are clients paying ridiculous rates like 100 per hour for pros who don't even host it will keep getting worse. I don't blame the pros for charging what they can get.

  • Everyone in my area is 100/h, even with 0 reviews lol

  • A new pro near me who signed up last month is charging $150 an hour.

  • @hugonehugall It's a little crazy, and from what I see in the professional world outside of CC (who tend to Max out at 100 unless they are very successful and with lots of experience and education), it's a good indication of a professional's motivation. Are they just doing it on the side and want to make as much easy money as they can in as short of a time commitment they can manage? Or are they really passionate about the work and want to provide the most help in the amount of time they can mentally manage? Im just releasing a monthly membership discount program in my own personal business, giving people a 15%+ discount. Can't afford that here because I'm already paying that % to the site, but I have other discounts available here. I try to do what I can. It's of course nice to make a lot in a short amount of time, but the ultimate goal is fulfillment and sustainability of my life and savings. I don't need or want to milk everyone for as much as I can. For people who have a higher budget, I would rather be able to give them more time than have them pay ridiculous prices. 🤷 I don't know. To each their own I guess. But honestly, if I were looking for a professional, it would definitely be something I look at to try to interpret whether they're the right professional for me or not. Not just a matter of budget, but what it says. There's a fine line between valuing yourself and your time, and greed... Plus knowing what I know in the industry, that I don't think I know any big people in cuddling charging these crazy prices. It's mainly only people who jump on here on a whim 😕 Always exceptions to every rule though...

  • @ubergigglefritz I can't help but think it's 100% financially motivated. Which yes I understand everyone needs money that's why they call it money. That's why I don't judge what a person needs to do to keep food on their table & a roof over their head ... But that's just me. I don't see her and other girls who sign up looking for that kind of money that fast being successful here. With as many threads of guys complaining about paying $80-$100 per hour she might find out soon that's she's priced herself right out of the market. With that in mind how would you or other pros feel about a cap on what you can charge through this site ? I know the minimum is $40 , what if there was a max ? And what would that number be to keep it fair for everyone ? Thoughts ?

  • @hugonehugall My short response would be - Why eliminate a natural economic filter? 😉

  • @ubergigglefritz I smell what you're cooking .. It was a thought lol you're more than welcome to send me your long response if you ever feel motivated to do so.

  • I think there should be a max on cuddling rates, and it should be some big gap below what an escort charges for an hour...right now on those escort sites most girls will charge 180 per hour or 220 per hour. If people come here and see prices like that for "platonic" cuddling, they'll never believe its just platonic cuddling. It looks really bad when you see these kind of 150 per hour rates now...

  • Just don't use their services if they charge too much. I would rather see someone's truth than a mask forced upon them by rules, and then end up in a situation with someone I wouldn't have chosen. But that's me. 🤷

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    @soloforever That's probably why you see so many pros having to put "i'm not a hooker" in their profile.

    There will never be a max on rates on this site but you are correct that some cuddling prices rival escort prices. It's a fact that can't be denied. Another fact is some pros are offering extras and not victimized into doing so.

    When I first joined there were quite a few pros eager to offer little extras like outfits and other non-sexual options. They got shamed off the site by other pros.

    To each their own, I reckon.

  • @chococuddles I look forward to there being labeled "types" of cuddling professionals, like there are different types of massage professionals. The current state of the industry is very confusing for people looking for professionals and can be rather frustrating for professionals. What a "cuddling professional" is, is also still very confusing for most people. So when some professionals offer additional services or have loose boundaries, that teaches a new client what this service is, and then when they go to another professional and things are different, that makes for a confusing and potentially dangerous situation. I don't necessarily have a problem with people offering different services than me, but I do have a problem with them calling it by the same name. Right now, hiring a "professional cuddler" could result in you lying with a dead fish next to you (or someone very engaged), cuddling with someone willing to take clothing requests (or someone who only wears what they are comfortable in), someone willing to give massages (or someone who is not), someone who allows you to touch their breasts (or someone with specific touch boundaries), someone who gives a very clinical experience (or someone who acts like a friend), someone with loose time boundaries (or very rigid ones), someone who turns the session into their own therapy session (or someone who makes the session about you), etc etc. It's no wonder people are confused and have a hard time finding what they are seeking. There is no differentiation between different potential experiences... :-/

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    @ubergigglefritz As usual I agree with you 100%. It’s the Wild West right now with prices all over the place and men wanting different experiences and pros giving different experiences.

    Are things even moving in the right direction? Hard to say.

  • @chococuddles In the real professional world, yes, bit by bit. Leaders in the industry are putting together industry standards, for example, as many industries have. I'm afraid sites like this will continue to skew towards confusion and variance until the industry grows enough for the "real" professionals (whether this is what an individual is seeking or not) to no longer be on it, because right now it attracts both people looking for easy money and professionals who still need some help finding clients, and everyone in between. In addition, at the moment, people seeking a real professional are lucky if they have even just one option, so deep clarifiers of the type of service provided wouldn't be much help. Once people seeking real professionals know how to find them, sites like this will become more the place to go for people seeking "professionals", or maybe even end up going back to more enthusiasts eventually... I'll pose this question to my colleagues though. I would love to establish different terms which are more compassionate and kind than flooding the forum with quoting "professional" or saying "real" professional, lol. Everyone is looking for something different, so it's good that professionals offer different things. Nothing wrong with that...

  • As soon as cuddling becomes as common and accepted as going to a mental health therapist, someone will monetize it to a degree that they will bury this site and others like it because they will not have the cash outlay to compete. They will also ignore any industry standards. Happens all the time in the tech sector.

  • People set their own price. And you have to consider that 15% of that goes to the company. It does not go against logic that peoples time and the safety risk should be dear to them.

  • @Missnursejen I agree. If you do not like the price then do not hire the cuddler. I do not understand the issue around this. I mean I think water at a convenience store for a $1.50 is ridiculous but I do not stand in the middle of the store and start an old school auditory thread by sitting there going “$1.49 for tap water? WTF???”. Now that I think of it maybe I should. Act like Walt from Gran Torino and complain about how things used to be.

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