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  • In the UK, some Showcase movie theatres, in some auditoria, have double seats in the back 2 rows.

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    @littermate Yes, there are a lot of resentful men on here who are mad that people charge to cuddle and it peeks its head every single time there is a discussion about it. A good deal of it seems to be from men who are mad that they cant find someone to cuddle with who is a non pro and want to blame that on the pros as though there would be more women for them to cuddle with if they were not on the site, or that the pro would somehow be cuddling everyone for free if only it werent for her pesky greed and money and blah blah. Often they are equally resentful towards folks on here who dont have a problem finding non pros. Sometimes all it takes is a brief glimpse into their forum posts and their profile to see why they might be having a hard time finding a non pro.

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    @pmvines you act like you are superior to and more virtuous than these so-called resentful men. You are no better than anyone else. You also come across like a white knight.

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    @snugbuddy Nope, i just am reporting what i see. I would ask what is it inside of you that makes you feel i am coming across that way when i am responding to a thought from another poster based off of what i have observed. Mind you these are not my opinions, you are free to scroll through the countless threads and posts that have to do with men voicing disdain for the pro cuddlers and how much they charge and why they charge it. It really doesnt matter much to me what your opinion of what i say is to be honest. But you go ahead and have a nice day and hope you are able to achieve some sort of happiness.

  • @pmvines
    +1 for your post. 👍

  • I have a question for the pros regarding this ... Is there a particular movie or genre you wouldn't see with a client based on the fact it doesn't suite your interests or if it was a subject matter that potentially made you uncomfortable ? Or as long as the client was on the up & up whatever they would want to see is fine as long as they're paying ?

  • I'll bet that varies based on the pro.

  • As I potential client, a pro would probably ask me what I wanted ; which then means I have to guess what THEY want.
    Any advice would be good.

    Should we make a list of 2 or 3, and ask them to choose ? The "50 Shades" movies and similar might give the wrong vibe.

  • Ask them what type or genres of movies they like. Then you can narrow down what movies to ask them to go with you.

  • This session is all about them so even if it’s a movie I wouldn’t go see myself, it would be an experience. Meeting a new person and watching a movie of their choice could help open up to other movies I could possibly enjoy that I wouldn’t even have thought of! But there certainly are a couple kinds of movies I would have to say no to and hope they respect it. Shades of grey type movies for sure but also gore horror flicks as well. I’m not going to try and cuddle with you while watching a guy rip someone’s nails off their hand. No thanks.

  • @Sheena123 not that I would pick any of the 50 Shades movies myself because I have no personal desire to watch them. I do know when they were at the height of their popularity that platonic friends talked about them and watched them together. I had platonic female friends wanting to discuss them with me ... So is it a matter of personal comfort level for you or you do you think it goes against the platonic nature of the site ? I would pick something a little more mainstream myself anyway.

  • @hugonehugall I think if there was a closer friendship involved and I’ve already had quite a few sessions with them, I might consider movies like that. It’s just so different of a movie to watch for platonic cuddler and pro to watch together especially if it’s a first or second session. I definitely agree with you. It depends on the pro and cuddler for sure. I’m sure it varies.

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    Yeah I would tread carefully with selection of a movie of that nature. Also with that in mind RomComs have been traditionally considered date movies so I wonder if that would feel weird or inappropriate for folks who are doing a platonic cuddle session.

  • @hugonehugall it would have to be watched by a cuddler that respects that it isn’t a date ☺️ Some rom coms are more funny than romantic

  • @Sheena123 Maybe so ... But I fully admit I don't see a lot of those either. Im usually geared towards Action , Sci Fi , & Horror & the occasional R-rated comedy. And I know it's not quite the same thing but how would you feel if a client wanted you to go to sporting event with him for the cuddle or wanted to watch one on TV during the session. Not to stereotype but I know sports can be hit or miss with a lot of women.

  • @hugonehugall I actually really enjoy watching baseball but that’s something special I do with my hubby so I keep that separate from what I offer in outings with cuddlers.

    I have cuddlers all the time that live to watch a movie in home ☺️ If they book a two hour session but the movie is around 2 1/2 hours, I’ll stay to finish it with them.

  • @Sheena123 what about other sports such as Football , Basketball , MMA things of that nature ? I don't usually watch tv or movies during my sessions.

  • I'm so down for any sport.

  • @freespirited what a fabulous post!!! Thank you for starting an interesting conversation and WELCOME TO THE SITE!! 😊

    NON-PRO here. ♥️ I love going to the theater to watch a movie for a public snuggle. It’s one of my absolutely favorites when the weather turns chilly. For me specifically, it’s a fabulous idea when you’re looking to connect and take that second step toward cuddling but still extremely safe and out in the open. It’s also great when distance is an issue or neither party is ready for an invite to a home or hotel room.

    What an interesting question about whether or not it “feels like a date”. I suppose ANYTHING you do with someone from the site can “feel” like a date depending on perspective and Personal hope. Coffee and conversation can feel like that as well. I imagine the bigger issue is whether or not you have clarity of intention. The best thing I have had happen from men on the site is communication. When we speak our truth and offer up our intention for the connection then we all have a better chance of understanding each other. Because this cuddling idea is non-traditional, you’re usually crossing into territory that you would NEVER cross on a first or second “date”.

    All that to say... in my mind, “COMMUNICATION IS KEY!”

  • @Karibaby831

    I’d love to take you up on your movie special! “The Innocence” is supposed to be released this week.

    With a run time of just over 21 hours, I’m sure it will be epic!


    On a more serious note, I think movie cuddles are awesome. Glad people are indulging the senses!

  • @sillysassy Totally with the communication! Honest, authentic communication! Saves us so much trouble later, And nobody is left wondering or guessing.

  • If my cuddle partner is OK with watching sport, I'm a big fan of the tortoise marathon.

  • @HoldenCaulfield congratulations on finding the loop hole! Come on out to Utah and you have 21 hours of my time for the low price of $80. 😋

  • @hugonehugall I am really open to watching most things. I am very jumpy with horror movies but if you want to cuddle with someone who may scream in close vicinity to your ears and burry their head in your chest I’m down. Something like 50 shades wouldn’t bother me either to be honest as long as it’s not like it’s X rated.

    As for someone else’s question about sports. I am not a big sports person. I may get bored but, As long as you are okay with the possibility of my falling asleep.... I am totally down to cuddle, and grab you drinks, and snacks, so you don’t miss anything.

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    @Karibaby831 Sign me up please !! :) It makes it all the more better if you cuddle up a little closer at all the scary scenes. As far as 50 shades I see no issue with platonic friends being able to watch a film like that together or even discussing it without being weird or sending the wrong signal but that's maybe a different topic for a different day.

    It was me that brought up sports lol to be honest I wouldn't want you to feel like you have to wait on me hand and foot so I don't miss anything that's what the pause button & instant replay are for. If anything I'd want you to ask questions or find a reason to root for one team or another.

  • Or jump up and down, swear at the ump/ref, do some touchdown dances, hurl your beer! That's really getting into it.

  • @sillysassy
    "anything you do with someone on this site can feel like a date"

    Good warning ; but anything anyone does, with someone who has enough of their date-preferred characteristics, can feel like a date.
    My Dad described himself as a smoker, even twenty years after his last cigarette ; but most people would agree that it is what you do that matters, not what you think.

  • I saw 50 Shades with a platonic friend. We laughed at how vanilla it was

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