Cuddling at the Movies 🎥



  • @hugonehugall yeah I saw 50 shades with my mom so totally platonic haha I just mentioned that because someone else had. It’s nice to do nice things for people. I bring snacks to the guy I clean for while I’m cleaning his place on sundays during football season. It’s just my nature

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    watching something stimulating such as 50 shades might work for most in a public setting but prob wouldn’t be a great idea in a private one lol

  • One of my best movie experiences was watching "Pretty Woman", with Julia Roberts ; because she let me have most of the popcorn.

  • I read a lot of derogatory remarks on this forum, about "hoes", which I think is unkind, because they are just normal people trying to make a living in difficult circumstances.

    We should be a bit more sympathetic, especially considering that every few years, they have all their Christmas presents stolen by The Grinch.

  • @ilovestarwars
    Some do say that, unfortunately, and we chastise them for it.

  • @geoff1000 hahahhahaha Julia Roberts. Nice one. :) I love her!!!

    I usually pick a movie that I can be only half/focused on. One time I fell asleep for a few minutes because the recliners were so comfy and the snuggle was so lovely. If I'm there for the cuddle then it doesn't matter as much what movie is playing but there are definite disadvantages to scary movies and extremely romantic ones.... Sometimes the lines get blurred a bit for either cuddler.

    @pmvines is the ONLY one I would watch a scary flick with.... (or enjoy a 30 hour snuggle!!!!! :3 )

    The new Star Wars movie..... looks FABULOUS!!! WHO'S WITH ME??

  • @sillysassy I’m down for a Star Wars snuggle! Lol

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    @sillysassy what about a 30 hr scary snuggle 😉
    And awe thanks! I

  • @sillysassy don't forget I'm also the only one you will cuddle with while listening to Infant Annihalator 🙂

  • I've had 2 movie cuddles so far and both were very enjoyable. Movie dates are actually one of my favorites 🤗

  • yes to Star Wars Snuggles!!!! Thank you @ILikeWarmHugs !!!

    Awwwwwwww @pmvines yes to Scary snuggles. Infant Annihilator snuggles. Yes to long snuggles including both.... Maybe its going to be a 60 hour snuggle!!!! Can you say Guinness book of records CHAMPIONS? You are so multi dimensional. Maybe that's why there's so much amazing karma! <3

  • @sillysassy you are too kind ! Careful you don't want to skew the opinion of other people on here who don't like me 😂

  • @pmvines how can anyone not like you?

    In the movie with @brotothenight17 I barely could keep up with the plot for the deliciousness of the snuggling.

  • @littermate have you read through the forums 😋

  • yes.... well @pmvines I usually wait to speak to someones character until I meet them or have enough interaction with them to formulate a PERSONAL OPINION!!! I think you are one of the most fabulous.... well.... next to @littermate you might struggle for first place.... but..... its only because of her fabulous profile pic that makes me giggle EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! I have no desire to skew anyone's opinion because that would be far too much effort and fairly fruitless I would think. hahhahahahhaa I think we should plan a virtual movie snuggle and everyone should go to the movies for cuddles with their available snuggle buddy. It would be like a worldwide epidemic of oxytocin release!!!

  • @sillysassy What, you mean you wouldn't have a 30-hour cuddle with ME?!?!? I'm crushed. CRUSHED, I tell you! I"ll have to settle my rivalry with @pmvines with pistols on the field of honor.

    Naw, just kidding. Give me a three-hour snuggle sans movie, and I will be content. But if it has to be at a movie, I prefer a movie I've already seen. :-)

  • yes, @pmvines, I am still in wonderment at the how.
    @quietman775 if the planets line up right ,@sillysassy and I may be out your way to snuggle you simultaneously. <3

  • @littermate Keeping my fingers crossed! :-)

  • Let’s all meet and cuddle together at a movie!

  • @pmvines It’s easy to get on someone’s bad side in the forums, if they knew the real you they’d love you!

    @quietman775 I’ll take an extended cuddle with you! A short cuddle with you was definitely not enough!

  • @quietman775 you make conflict sound so gentlemanly how could I possibly refuse

  • So here is the real question!!! Who is down for a big brother live feeds cuddle 😋

  • @CreativeCuddles awe you are too sweet

  • Oh the love! Oh the love! <3 <3 <3

  • I’ve cuddled at the movies, the seats couldn’t recline and The divider wasn’t very comfortable but we did have lots of hand hugs which were just as good :) also resting on their shoulder. Overall it was nice :)

  • @Scarxlett
    "hand hugs" nice term. A square inch of contact can sometimes be enough.

  • Me too!! Especially when the other person squeezes tight. My fav @ILikeWarmHugs

  • @Scarxlett that’s the only true way to hand hug :)

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