Cuddling at the Movies 🎥



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    @sillysassy I have had a very, very long cuddle with @pmvines. Not quite 30 hours but totally worth it. lol

    side note to @sillysassy and @littermate: going to Boston in a few weeks and plan to cuddle with @quietman775. Also have cuddled with @pmvines. So I can give insight into their cuddle techniques and tactics before pistols are drawn. ;)

    @Scarxlett and @ILikeWarmHugs, people TRULY undervalue a really great hand hug (and, yes, great term btw!). hand hugs can be almost as great as full-body hugs.

    I had a movie cuddle and, even though the arm lifted, it was still a little awkward. that said, sometimes just holding hands and resting your head on a kind shoulder is truly comforting and nice.

  • [Deleted User]2dogmom (deleted user)

    PS, agree with @littermate about the love and kindness shown on this thread. THANK YOU to all for being kind-hearted and supportive. please keep it up because, after all, if we cannot all support each other in our need for connection, who can?? :)

  • Yes @2dogmom! Cuddling is great but sometimes a good hand hug makes ALL the difference and it’s all you need! My cuddler the other day had long nails and rubbed my arms and I was literally in Heaven the whole time. Such a simple act that can mean so much to someone. :)

  • awwwwwwwwww @quietman775 and @pmvines I feel sort of like a damsel to be fought over.... cmon now.... we can SHARE!!!! LET'S ALL BE FRIENDS!!! hahhahahaha you two.... so dear to my heart. <3

    @2dogmom sooooooo jealous. :) I think there is Karma and then there's SUPER BIG SERIOUS MAJOR Karma. Like meeting the OG Colonel as opposed to just the PFC. hhahha You are getting the snuggles!! :)

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