Is there a rule stating professionals can't cuddle casually, and not charge?

Got a message from a pro. Said I was only interested in nonpros and she said that she can't since she is a pro, but offered a lower price.


  • @CuriousBear She is correct. Pros are supposed to charge at least 40 dollars an hour per our agreement with the site.

  • Unfortunately that’s true 😕

    I think it would have to be a super sensitive reason and she would have to talk with the mods if there was a specific reason and proof that money wasn’t being given. But I was told those are case by case and very rare for a pro to do one for free

  • @CuriousBear I asked the site owner Mark and put this in the FAQ:

    Can a professional still cuddle for free?

    Yes, on rare occasions. But they should be very clear about this in messages to the client so as to reduce the chance of a moderator finding the activity suspicious.

  • Hey, we need cuddles too sometimes, ha. Cuddles for me are VERY different from sessions with clients. FYI though, I'm typically not responsive to people "offering" to cuddle me for free. (that's a great way to get overloaded with messages) Ultimately, as a professional with no other job, I need to find paying clients and can only travel somewhere for those paying. Expenses are just too high =(

  • @CuriousBear .... sounds like the pro who messaged you is farming her area .

    As far as the offer of a discount , well , half a loaf of bread is better than no loaf .

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