How long have you been cuddling...through this site?

I'm just curious



  • 3ish years

  • I had no idea it's been around that long. The casino news story on it several months ago.

  • *I think I seen a news story on it several months ago

  • Yeah i wanna say its been around like 6 yrs maybe? It has evolved quite a bit from then

  • 13 months one pro cuddle

  • I've been cuddling professionally for 2 years.

  • Surprisingly, I only found this site back in December. I had searched online earlier in the year and either found no mention of it or, if I did see it, it somehow didn't strike my fancy. I did find a few other cuddling sites (maybe I was searching for "hug therapy") and had my first foray earlier this year. She moved to Mexico, though (IT WAS NOT MY FAULT, I SWEAR) so I lost that connection.

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    I've been here since June 2015—about four and a half years.

    Edit: And through this site I've had... (drumroll, please) ...four cuddles.

  • Interesting. Who would have thought that this would be a thing? How does one become a professional cuddler?

  • And how many cuddles have you done since then?

  • I got my cuddler from snuggle buddies

  • Approximately 18 months, but was off of here for probably 6 months during that time.

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    To answer your second question - how to become a pro cuddler- there are no standards. There are some great pros on here who have actually taken time to go to cuddling seminars or classes and have researched basics on human physiology, interaction and platonic intimacy (props to @AndiCuddles for being the only serious pro I have met out of the 6 "pros" I have interacted with). Unfortunately, the majority the "pros" are just women who have realized they can make some money by exploiting the supply and demand of the male to female ratio here and the utterly desperate situation men like myself are in to even recieve a response from a female, let alone a cuddle.

    To answer your first question, I think I have been on here about a year and a half, visiting this site almost daily. I have cuddled 6 people (nobody closer than an hour drive time), been ghosted 4 times after driving over an hour each time to meet (twice by "pros"), been physically attacked and robbed by the driver of another "pro" who, after cuddling for two hours, demanded $400 more than what we had agreed to. Not to mention the "pro" who messaged me almost daily for a month telling me it was my obligation to come see her since I contacted her asking about her availability.

  • 7 months and maybe a dozen cuddles total spread over 6 different cuddle buddies. And at least that many cancelled or ghosted cuddles... 😕

  • Joined June 2017 so almost 4 years now for me.

  • @creedhands I am so sorry that happened to you. Good grief😬.

  • 6 months and from the beginning I knew I wanted to do it professionally. Its been so refreshing! I love how I get to help others! I wish I would have started earlier but it took me months before I followed the video I had seen about it. I got certified with another site and became a professional on both sites.

  • @littermate @SunnyD thank you for your kind thoughts. In spite of my bad experiences, I am ever hopeful that the next cuddle buddy i find will be as amazing as you must be.

  • Several cuddles prior to this site, which I joined in June 2017. Since then, 8 cuddles (both pro and enthusiasts).

  • Over a year. Four cuddle buddies in my previous state (and under my previous online moniker). As for how any times I cuddled with those four buddies ... about 20 cuddle sessions.

  • Joined in 2017, took quite a bit of time off here. It's a rather toxic environment honestly. The forums anyway.

    From this site I've had 5 cuddlers, only two are still on the site. My issue is the distance. But I still keep trying. Two no longer here tried taking it sexual, well three if you include the one who made it clear from the beginning he wanted more. I didn't count him. I have better luck finding cuddlers elsewhere.

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    Almost a year as a cuddler overall, probably more than 20 sessions among four women, three of whom were pros and one who was a first-time enthusiast, all over an hour's travel away.

  • 1 year here. 2 1/2 years in total. 80+ cuddlers within 50 miles of me. Great community in my experience.

  • Longer than most, not as long as some. I could count the number of cuddlers on the fingers of one hand, in fact on one finger.

  • 2 years on here professionally cuddling. I knew right away it was an awesome match, and have done in-person training, online training, went to cuddlexpo, got my mental health first aid certification, and ASIST training. I'm hoping one day our country will have a healthier relationship with touch so more people can get these needs met in their day to day life (and that we will come back together in compassion, despite differences we may have with other people), but in the meantime I am blessed to be able to travel where people want me to go so I can help them out even just a bit. =)

  • Been cuddling on this site for one year!! Began on another which was awful (Snuggle Buddies). Glad I found this site!!

  • Was on here a couple years ago, deactivated, the back since April . Over that entire span, had a couple, and one now.

  • thank you @creedhands I would cuddle you if you were closer.

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