Is this site for real?

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I've been on this site for several months and have contacted several people. I've asked if we could start a dialogue just to see if we would be compatible as cuddlers. Furthermore, I've asked if she isn't interested, drop me a line and say so. I have yet to get a single response, not even a no. I'm beginning to wonder if someone hasn't pulled pics off the web and built fake profiles to make this site look more popular than it actually is. Anyone else feel the same?



  • Do you send a pic when you reach out?

  • @OneLonelyFellow...Based on reading other discussions, the reality is that there are many more men on the site than women and that since the women get inundated with messages (good, bad, and just plain creepy), it's hard for someone to stand out. Also, and I know this is the pot calling the kettle black, without a pic, it makes it even harder to get noticed.

  • One thing that can help you stand out is karma. It’s not the most reliable thing but a lot of women (including myself) feel a lot safer and makes the choice easier for some enthusiasts if you have a review on your profile. Women can always ask the person that left the review how you are and if you’re respectful. So to get an easy karma (as long as you’re respectful) is to book a professional cuddler.

    1. A lot more of them are available
    2. If you find a good pro, you will have 100% of the attention
    3. You might learn something new
    4. Possibly get an awesome review

    That’s an option. Up to you. Good luck!

  • Yes, the site is real. But it’s extremely difficult for men to get responses from women. Most women ignore the large majority of messages they receive. (If you’ve ever done any kind of online or app dating, you may have the same kind of experience there, although it’s worse here... I remember many years ago joining OkCupid naively figuring it’d be an easy way to meet women and finding it so difficult to get a single response.)

    In my opinion most men on this site should only use it to meet pros.

  • I think it depends where some of you live. I have no pics or Karma but have received responses and cuddled with numerous people. I’ve even had some women reach out asking if I’d like to cuddle. However non pros never respond . Are you trying to reach out to Non pros? If so that’s your problem. As I’ve stated before most non pros are fake profiles or trolls IMO

  • In my opinion you should expect to never find a cuddle buddy here. But you can hang out and if one happens to come along then cool.

  • @OneLonelyFellow there are some things about your profile that make it almost a guarantee that women won't respond. Given that there are many many nonpro men on here, and very few nonpro women, if you want those women to respond to you versus to someone else, your profile will be part of what does it for you. Sure, yadda yadda, you won't have a great chance of finding someone when there are so many men on here, but if you want to up your chances, your profile is where to start. There are some men who ARE finding cuddling partners on here, despite what all the naysayers say. Some of it is your profile, some of it is how you approach, and then so many other factors.

    I'm happy to give you that feedback either here or privately if you would like it about your profile.


  • Be patient or don’t. You want it to be one way but it’s not that way. Either fit in and see if you can get what you think you need or pay and travel.

  • I have to agree with @Sheena123 and @littermate I suggest the same things. It really does make a big difference! Women want to feel safe and the things that were pointed out are very important to most women.

  • [Deleted User]OneLonelyFellow (deleted user)

    @FunCartel I'll send a pic once a pic is requested. I don't find pics important myself. I've seen too many clean pics of dirty people. It's always my plan to meet someone in a public place prior to any cuddling.

  • You should try to add more to your profile and also be open to public cuddling.
    Definitely consider contacting a pro and getting your karma built up. As an enthusiast, I am more likely to respond to someone who has a well filled out profile as well as some karma.

  • @OneLonelyFellow i suggest making your profile a little more upbeat and positive. I’m sorry you feel melancholy.

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    @OneLonelyFellow You May feel that way about a pic, but most females will not respond or meet you if you offer no evidence of what you look like. This is a huge red flag. There is an inherent safety factor at work for females that has nothing to do with attractiveness. In short, you are shooting yourself in the foot by not sending a pic. Don’t blame the site or the females for something you choose not to do.

  • Keep in mind many non pro women will only cuddle with one guy at a time and even though their profile doesn't say that they probably already found the guy they cuddle with regularly. No idea why they dont make it clear on their profile they aren't open to new cuddler friends though.
    Its like a doctot who quit accepting new patients but they're still listed on the available doctors list on the website.

  • @soloforever
    Maybe it's useful to check when someone last logged on, as a measure of their enthusiasm.

  • No it is not real, It is all an illusion, a dream, a hoax invented by the same people who faked the moon landing

  • @pmvines
    I should report you to Mark, I have his postal address :
    Area 51

  • Yes this website is real and you may find it hard to meet people nothing is easy in life@OneLonelyFellow to be honest it’s probably your username and profile you have no picture

  • One lonely fellow deleted his account and gave up to soon.

  • You have no PIC.. I wouldn’t take you serious either and yes it’s REAL

  • People without pictures should only reach out to people without pictures, I mean seriously I’m sharing with you and it’s odd that I should have to request a picture to get one. Odd. For the next people who read this post, please reread all of the above advice again 👆🏻😸

  • I've been happy with 6 of 8 Pros here. Using the site has opened up new experiences and brought at least couple of good friendships.

    One new Pro arrived in a bad mood thanks to her first two clients. She was also at a stressful time in her life with a breakup and financial issues. Made no effort. Slept. She left before the week was out.

    The other poor experience was a Pro who No Show-NoCalled me for our repeat session. Still around.

  • @Groucho I was going to ask if you had given proper Bad Karma to your no-show but it seems you're no longer around to read the question. Is something wonky going on today? I'm seeing a sudden spike in banning and deactivations. Are everyone's biorhythms tanking?

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    It’s cold up there in Michigan for @Groucho. Even @SpartanGuy could tell you that if he could under one of his many accounts.

  • But this site is Derek Foreal.

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    What's the fixation with members no longer here?

  • @AtticusFinch Surely a great legal mind like you Atticus can put the mystery together.

  • I have found to be a waste of time and effort so far.

  • @FunCartel You said it best yourself. This is a shoot first, say oopps later site. Ironically, you seem to be a prime offender. Is that why you were given a timeout on the Forum?

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