To all my friends and non friends

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I want to give a big hug and show of support and love to all my friends as well as non friends on here. We are all affected by what is going on in the world in one capacity or another. I hope everybody is doing as well as can be expected, and that you are taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. I encourage everyone to reach out to people and stay connected. Reach out to people who you otherwise might not. We all need to feel love and support right now.


  • @pmvines Awesome post idea! I also wish my friends and non friends well, during these tough times. I hope that they are all appreciating life, quality of life and spending time with important people!

  • Great idea @pmvines! I hope that each of you are loved and cared for during this time. We have an amazing community here.

  • @ILikeWarmHugs @FishCuddles stay safe and sane . Not easy fo be normal in an abnormal situation but try to be

  • You guys are giving me the feels! Sending love!!

  • @littermate sending love your way as well

  • @pmvines Thanks for this. Finding this site was no coincidence, for me, at this time. SO grateful for the encouragement, engagement, and mutual support that runs through here like a river!
    It's good that we can be here, happily smushed up together, during this time--friends and non-friends alike!

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