Cuddling while having a Covid 19

Just curious on your opinions and thoughts. If one had Corona virus and declares on their profile they do, would anyone find that wrong/immoral? There maybe others who have it and want to cuddle (although you may not be in the mood) Just curious on your thoughts



  • We don't know enough about the coronavirus to really know if you're immune after surviving an infection. And in the meantime, that can make you a carrier again. So y'all, just stay home for a bit.

  • Part of being a good cuddle partner is honesty and wanting the best for your partner. It's about doing what we can to prevent our partner from getting sick, and sometimes that means going however long it takes to manage and recover.

    Given that social distancing is being advocated for and could very well help us: the more of us listen and follow the necessary steps to overcome this, the quicker we will.

    I think the best thing to do now is to be open to messaging and being messaged: though to agree to wait it out, and if your prospective cuddle partner is not respecting your decision to do that: then it's best you let them go. Even if the individuals cuddling aren't high risk themselves, they can come in contact with others (or others who will contact with others) who are high risk and will get damaged by: thus, continuing the cycle. Plus, it's said that this is something that we can be carrying for like a week and have no clue that we are. For some they might have minor symptoms and recover. For others, they are not that lucky. So for the greater good and that of our own, we need to wait this out. Take this time to take care of yourselves the best you can, and minimize your time outside to just do the necessities.

  • Not immoral just kinda thoughtless and dumb

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    Sorry, I misread* your post quite a bit. Though I agree with what @desi_babe said* and I think ultimately it just comes down to being: honest, and learning to manage whatever condition we have, or have had. If I knew that I had a health condition that puts my cuddle partner at risk and there was no way to manage it: then I would make the decision to not cuddle until I can, and if I never can, then it brings me no satisfaction to satisfy my body while putting the body of someone I claim to care about at risk. So maybe in such a case, the solution might be for two people with the same condition to cuddle: until medicine can advance, then educate others and respect their decision to cuddle or not cuddle with you. Like with pretty much any health conditions, having any and trying to navigate the world isn't easy. Though with the right effort, awareness, and openness: it can be easier and hopefully we can also reach our goals.

  • Stay home even if you don't think you're infected. It takes up to 14 days to show symptoms.

  • @pitcuddler

    Just curious on your opinions and thoughts. If one had Corona virus and declares on their profile they do, would anyone find that wrong/immoral? There maybe others who have it and want to cuddle (although you may not be in the mood) Just curious on your thoughts

    Yes. Look up the criminal liability on spreading disease. I believe most case law applies to HIV, but with a pandemic such as this I could see that applying here as well. So no only wrong or immoral, but also criminal and punishable with imprisonment.

  • In the UK it is now a criminal offence to say one has the virus and then cough in the face of a "key worker". Someone has already gone to jail for it.

    Also in the UK, mostly only those showing severe symptoms are being tested, so most people who know they have it, are in hospital. Perhaps it would be OK for those who are on palliative care, to cuddle with each other in their last days.

    The rest of us can only guess if we have it ; so cuddling is Russian Roulette, except that you are sometimes pointing the gun at someone else when you pull the trigger.

    However, there was a craze of people doing the "Bird Box Challenge" dangerous things while blindfolded, or taking selfies in precarious places. There will always be people willing to put themselves and others at risk.

  • Cyber cough

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    How is this wrong ?

    Depends on the Declaration.

    Someone who states they have the virus is providing a warning to others to stay away .
    Maybe they would like a pay phone call session to a pro Cuddler .
    Now if they say “ come cuddle with me and if you hanvnt been infected yet , I’ll try not to sneeze on you” . That’s wrong

  • That really makes no sense...its like saying on your profile you have the flu and does anyone want to cuddle with you while you have the flu? How does that make sense ?? Get over it first, once you're over clovid and no longer sick and no longer testing positive anymore then you can see people again...and there's no need to put it on your profile....clovid19 isn't like HIV or something like that...

  • Last week here in Long Beach CA, a 911 call was made about a person who had COVID19. All five firemen who arrived at the scene now have it and they infected 3 more firemen at the station before they figured it out. So 8 pros total infected. These are people who follow professional protocol and still, they got it. The original patient is now dead, the first to die in Long Beach. @pitcuddler What you are suggesting in the OP is beyond peculiar.

  • I wish I could say this is the thinning of the herd only you can spread it and kill the whole herd.

  • Not sure I think it’s up to each individual if they decide to cuddle while a pandemic is going on.

  • Irresponsible

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    Shortness of breath is main symptom for more agressive L genotype and dry cough, fever, acute and rapid onset pneumonia, often victims are infectious and don't know they have it until some damage is done already. Follow your health dept guidelines until we're out of this for everyones sake, making a quick buck (nothing personal) or whatever isn't worth the risk to the community! Some victims have tested positive, cleared, tested negative and discharged, then couple weeks later test positive again. There is little knowledge of this contagion even though it is related to SARS and MERS. Covid-19 is the disease that SARS-CoV2 causes. We don't know enough about it yet. I had a teacher once said to me when you sleep with 1 person you've slept with everyone else that person has slept with. This thing does not discriminate. Immunocompromised or elderly may be higher risk but young and healthy have passed away from it as well. Be safe out there!

  • I think most government policies ( the UK has stated it ) are assuming that self-recovery gives immunity, and makes people no longer able to be infectious. "herd immunity" they call it.

    There have been only a few possible examples out of the half million confirmed cases, so the evidence seems to support it. If that assumption is wrong, shielding our "at risk" citizens for a few weeks or months won't help ; they will need to be shielded for the year or so until a vaccine or other countermeasure is developed and distributed. In the meantime of course, they will be succumbing to their "underlying health conditions" which are being treated less effectively ; so we lose them either way.

    The 3 scientific advances I think we need are :
    A vaccine to prevent it
    A more convenient test for who currently has it
    A determination of who has had historically had it, and to what extent that condition is a "vaccine"

    If I could be promised that self-recovery after infection is an effective "vaccination", I'd volunteer for that. Better I think to confront on my own terms, what I am already at continual risk of. A bit like volunteering for one's National Military Service and getting it over with, than wondering each morning if one's call-up papers have arrived in the mail.

  • Life is too precious. Put all the Cuddling sessions on hold until further notice. Don't gamble with your life. Take it serious. I stopped all visitors from coming to my place including my immediate families living outside.

  • @LoveCuddling20
    As someone recently put it, "The virus isn't spreading, people are spreading the virus".

  • If you're infected with the virus? You need to be quarantined. If you're not infected? You still should avoid cuddling while the virus remains a serious threat.

  • What if someone had the flu and let me know would I cuddle with them? The answer is no even if the flu were given a more scientific or exotic name.

  • That is crazy to even think it !!!!, if I felt anything like maybe the flu coming on, I sure would not want to spread it around.

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    It would be profoundly unethical for someone that has had direct exposure or is confirmed to have the virus to be seeking out cuddle sessions. It puts everyone at risk.

  • We have discovered recently that people are most contagious prior to displaying any symptoms. So, once again, keep social distancing if you want to be part of the solution.

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    Whether you have symptoms or not, cuddling is absolutely the most irresponsible activity to do right now. Period. I know that runs counter to what this site is for, but it is the truth.

    Everyone needs to practice social distancing—you won’t die from it but you can die from the virus.

    Finally this isn’t an American crisis, or a British crisis, or a World crisis—it is a people crisis.

  • For information and guidance on all activities and behaviors involving coronavirus, let's consult resources and communications from official government and health care channels.

  • Some people are continuing their normal activities, because they think the odds are very low that they will get ill from it, or pass it on to anyone else ; and yet each week, they would buy tickets for a lottery, with a far smaller chance of having a big win.

    The world death rate now is about 1 in 1 million, while the odds of winning the UK National Lottery jackpot with a single ticket, is 1 in 14 million.

    "Participating" in a pandemic, is like participating in a lottery ; following all the rules is like buying the tickets, and the jackpot win is that we bring down the curve and save the millions of lives worldwide that we would otherwise lose.

    People often play the lottery not just for themselves, but so they can be generous to their friends and family. The difficulty is that those who take on more personal hardship by restricting their activities and thereby reducing transmission, won't easily be able to claim credit for having done that. It relies on people doing things for others, without seeking recognition ; and some people just don't.

  • should be cuddling (unless you do it in isolation for 14 days) during this pandemic

  • I'm a little astounded that I'm still getting requests to cuddle during this time, especially because I'm in NYC. To back up what most people are saying here, social/physical distancing should 100% include ceasing cuddling, whether you are a pro or enthusiast. Even if you have COVID and are cuddling someone else who has it, it makes no sense. If you are sick, please stay home and get healthy! That is your #1 job. You never know who else you could be infecting by leaving your house or having someone come to yours.
    And it doesn't matter if you personally care or not if you get it, it's about being a responsible human and making sure you don't spread it to others.
    Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3

  • @inparadise
    "Even if you have COVID and are cuddling someone else who has it, it makes no sense."

    That's a good point.
    One factor determining the outcome is "viral load". Think of an enemy invasion. The ideal situation is for there to be just enough enemy uniforms to mobilise the defence, but not so many that it is overwhelmed. A person who has it, may be just coping, but the heavy extra viral load from a cuddle, could be too much.

    Social Distancing might be effective, even when it is imperfect, ; because a transient one-off exposure is much easier to beat, than sustained and repeated exposure.

    Another good parallel is a phobia cure, which works by very mild and slowly-increasing exposure.

  • It is completely irresponsible to do any activity that puts you or others in danger of transmitting the virus. Think about this, your personal actions could lead to your death and the death of others. Think about how you would feel if you contracted the disease and spread it to someone who then died of it. Or, more likely many people, and many deaths. Social distancing is something we can do to save lives. We need to do it, and correctly.

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