Let's share Home Improvement Projects! Pics?

Since I can't leave my house, and I have to look at them until I do them.... lol

Are there any home improvement projects that you've been putting off that will probably FINALLY get done, now? If so, what are they? What are you planning to do? Have you already completed them--- and would like to receive a few "Oooohhh"s and "Ahhhhhh"s for your handiwork?

Please share them here! :) Mud, paint, plumber's putty, faucets, FAUX PAINTING TECHNIQUES!!!!

Or, maybe work you'd LIKE to have done---Dream Projects....

Please share? :)


P.S., I'm still just looking at mine, for now! lol


  • @ImajenMoon If I manage to do THIS, I consider it a successful Home Improvement.

  • @StoryDoctor1138
    "Do THIS" as a caption to a photo of a young woman in a bedroom, could be interpreted the wrong way. 😀

    I successfully added water to my kettle ; and was so pleased, that I made myself a cup of tea to celebrate. ☹️

  • An outdoor shower , still in the planning stage

  • @geoff Someone putting on a clean sheet can be interpreted the "wrong way"? Not by anyone whose mind isn't in the gutter... and I'm not talking about bowling alleys here.

  • Sorry, SD, but I had the exact same thought that geoff1000 did upon first seeing that!!! It's late. I'm under the influence of medicine, and I'm suffering from CDS...Cuddle Deficiency Syndrome. Forgive me...


    What we WOULD LIKE TO TRY OR GET DONE IN OUR HOMES....There. I fixed it! :)

    Learn to do this:

    Learn to make these:

    And learn how to create THESE!!:

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    @ImajenMoon - Love that asymmetrical frame in the first pic. Is that intended to be a headboard? Def eye-catching but not sure if it would bring out some latent OCD. Making this ate up most of my weekend, but was nice to have projects to start on during this stay-at-home time.
    Now, maybe a couple nights of cleaning the garage :-)

  • @hillbilly WOW...WOW...wow... OOOOOoooohhh....AHHHHHhhhhhh... THAT'S GORGEOUS!!!
    LOVE the curvature of the pedestal!! Straight doors, good hinge placement... tight joints and miters, clean grout lines, classic, non-fussy styling... LOVE the arch at the top, and the "crown"! Beautiful "figure" in the wood, too!! This definitely AIN'T your first rodeo!!! lol

    PLEASE tell me that you'll be staining or clear-coating it instead of painting it--especially since the back panel would probably really "stand out" encased in the lighter wood???


    P.S., You MUST respect the Van...uh...I mean "GARAGE"---GREAT things have happened there!

  • Cuddler4U2, hope to see some pictures of that if/when you get around to it! That sounds like PURE JOY--- the idea of practically BATHING IN SUNSHINE!! Geoff can make his famous tea, SD can bring some sheets, I'll just bring me, and we can all enjoy your wonderful addition!!

    Did I just invite mysel..nevermind...lol Just kidding!

    Looking forward to seeing those pics, C4U2!

  • Forgive me, @hillbilly! That thing there is a spandrel. It goes across the top of a doorway, or in the case of that particular one, it would span the opening and run down the wall to form a divider. I can understand what you meant about "OCD-inspiring," but I just think they're glorious, and would like to try making one----just on a much smaller scale!

    Still loving your cabinet! Any update pics to share? What finish will you use on it? Knobs?

    Nosy me!


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    @ImajenMoon - If you make one of those, def send a pic. Would love to see it. Still think it would make a great headboard for a platform bed. Haven't finished that cabinet yet. Work schedule has been crazy and trying to limit unnecessary trips to the stores. Maybe over the weekend. Hope ya'll feel better soon-

  • @hillbilly ~ Thanks for the good wishes! I envy you, in a good way, for being able to still go to work. Between healing from the Regular Flu and not being able to work, I'm feeling rather PsYChoTic, these days! lol

    I don't blame you for limiting unnecessary trips, but I'm hoping to see pics of that beauty when you're done with it! While I'd LOVE to learn to make spandrels, I've yet to find anyone who'll teach me. If that ever happens, however, I'll be sure to dig this post up and put a picture of it on here!

    You stay safe and healthy! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us, anyhow! :)


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    I have been keeping busy just cleaning and cooking for my toddler as well as doing some deep cleaning chores daily AND I bought an elliptical/bicycle to exercise while netflixing.. My days have been going by pretty fast since I started making myself find more and more things to clean or throw out. My first week when I got laid off consisted mostly of watching TV and reading these forums lol.
    I steam cleaned the carpet in my condo yesterday, now today I am steam cleaning my sofas.. that can be time consuming... my daughter already spilled milk on the freshly cleaned carpet lol.

  • I think in a couple more days I'll be ready to work on painting a beach onto a pretty large canvas I've been hoarding lol.. really excited about that project

  • Also not a "home improvement project" but I learned how to cut my own hair last week, I've been painting a white tip manicure on my nails, did a full steamed facial with face mask, and planning to dye some pink strands into my hair this week when it comes in the mail.

  • Home Renovation. Add On. Turning This Wasted Room Into Extra Bedroom. Turning My 2 Bedrooms Condo To 3 Bedrooms And 2 Bathrooms.

  • @Cuddles4health~ Maybe we should call this the "Home AND SELF-Improvement" Thread? :)
    You'll be surprised at how much money you save---as well as feeling like a BOSS, now that you can trim your own hair and do your own nails!!! And yes, we would like to see your MASTERPIECE whenever you get around to it! I painted a painting of a sky, for a friend, and >I< was amazed at how much quiet joy doing that thing gave me! I hope you DO get that canvas out and paint what your Soul is saying there!

    Even with her little spills, your toddler will appreciate the carpet steaming, and the Spring Cleaning will bring a new energy in. Great time for that!! Isn't it a wonderful time when your little one is learning that she is her own little person? LOVE that!!

    @LoveCuddling20 ~ WOOOOHOOOO!!! TOTAL. INSPIRATION!!!! THANKS FOR THE SHARE!!! That sounds like a much better use of that space! That'll probably up the value of your condo, too.. Always a good thing! Have you chosen your door knobs? Be careful putting them in, though.. Doors, with their awkward, unwieldy selves, are notorious for messing with your back! Hope to see your handiwork, once you get them in!!!


  • I'm not much for home remodeling work, but how about an RV, I got to test fit a small RV I made. I had to go out of state a few days back so I took my RV so I did not have to stop anywhere, no outside bathrooms or to buy food. I transport boats in Fl. and I use my flat trailer and the camper sits up on the upper deck over the gooseneck, fully self contained and use a Honda generator for A/C & heat. It will also fit my 93 Dodge & 53 Ford COE that I use in my boat transporting business. I'm shut down now, so I hope this all blows over quick !!!!!

  • Um...@Waynewv? THAT IS AMAZING!!!! WOW....and it fits on all of your vehicles!!! I HAD to show your pics to my Guy...He was DROOLING over that red and white truck! lol Me, being the Presenter that I am, waited until that excitement died down, and then... I scrolled down to show him Big Blue Bertha! I swear, he almost fainted!!! lolololol!!!!
    He was like, "Look! He covered it in corrugated..."---at which time I went on auto-pilot, waiting for him to go through his Motor Head thing, then... "He's got the A/C unit tilted so it drains.." Back on autopilot, for me.. then, "Look at the Tool Chests on the back of the Blue Beauty!" Suddenly, I wished I had Tool Chests on my own haunches, since that seemed to get more of a rise out of him! lol

    Thanks for sharing! That cool DIY Camper really IS kind of AWESOME! And that Blue One... Priceless!!!


  • @waynewv - That camper is a BEAST!! I'd go out on a limb and bet that it gets plenty of use even after this quarantine is ended.

  • @hillbilly and @waynewv ~ Q=Wooooooooooo!!! Is that a BEAST, or what???? My Guy: "Ooohhh...@ That's when they came out with the Cummins Diesel!" He's saying, "Perfect truck: Cummins diesel and Allison transmission"---he's over here RAVING ABOUT IT. You're gonna get me some ACTION, considering how excited he gotten about this, waving his arms around and everything!!! lol

    I LOVE when we pull out our "Fabricator Skills" and prove, once again, that we are innovative, inventive, and able to MAKE IT DO WHAT IT DO!!!

    It's cool that it's a SELF-CONTAINED UNIT, that keeps you from having to deal with outside toilets or anything else. Thank you for posting your awesome-@ss vehicles! Wish me well on getting some action from this excitement!!! lol



  • Triangular shelves, to fit in the "wedge" where the bathroom door doesn't fully open because the bath is too big.

  • @geoff1000 You have created the greatest improvement project on this thread....YOU HAVE TOILET PAPER!

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    @geoff1000 - Be careful flashing that big pack of TP, you'll start a bidding war. I haven't seen that stuff in a store in over a month now. That shelf has got to be the best doorstop I've ever seen.

  • @ImajenMoon , @hillbilly , thanks for the good words on my crazy ideas, I just love thinking OUTSIDE the box. You'll get a laugh on my pull camper, here is a pic of it loaded on my flat bed going to a tractor show, not the John Deere on tracks, another of my projects, LOL , The one pic is the old camper I used with Big Blue, but it was terrible in cold weather, sold it and then built my own. !!

  • @MissAdventurous ~ AWESOME GARDEN IDEAS!!! Are those raised beds? My granddaughter told me about those!! I was over there drooling over your food thread, and my heart (and tummy) rejoices at the idea of YOU growing even MORE FOOD!!!! Yaaayyy!!
    @geoff1000 ~What a cool, creative idea! Talk about maximizing your use of space! Like @waynewv , you seem QUITE able to think OUTSIDE the box! You've got me looking at this blank corner in my bathroom, now! I'm still trying to figure out how @hillbilly got those miters so tight!
    @cuddle4health ~You pulled out that canvas yet? How'd your hair turn out?
    @Lovecuddling20~ Will you let us see when you get the door hardware on? LOVE the idea of splitting that room into two! Just makes sense!
    Seeing all of your projects makes me miss work SO BAD!!! lol Hopefully, this "shelter at home" thing will end soon...
    Thanks, All, for sharing!

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