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Is it possible to fall in love before or after cuddling wit a partner you just met online ?


  • Don't see why not, people fall in love with people they've met online all the time and cuddling could maybe be a factor in that. Unless by "just met" you mean just started talking to, rather than that the people in this hypothetical have never met in person. In that case I think it'd technically be possible but the love would be largely baseless, seeing as it'd be the same as any other form of "love at first sight" IE based on the most shallow of impressions.

  • I think it would smack of desperation and not really be love. I think what you are describing is infatuation.

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    I am not a believer in love at first sight. To me it is more you have a strong attraction to the person, or feel a certain strong way about a feeling you had or a feeling attached to an activity, event, location, circumstance. Any one or combination of these things can wrap itself around your mind and heart, I can see where if cuddling with somebody from the site gives you intense feelings that you had missing from your life, you might interpret that as love. However I dont really believe in love just from cuddling someone you just met from the interwebs.

  • It's against the terms of service to fall in love with an individual met on this site.

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    @ARCuddlist It's not really against the Terms of Service ... If two people meet here who were not initially looking for anything romantic then (once they know each other) decide to pursue a relationship, there's no issue.

    It's the initial intentions that are the issue - people who are here specifically to date or have sex are the ones who are banned.

  • There are stories of prison officers falling in love with inmates, which I don't expect was a motivation for choosing that occasion.

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    Possibly, though I think that that's most likely unhealthy for an adult to experience, and often times* what we think/feel to be "love" is far from love: it's superficial, infatuation, crush, etc.

    Edit: I think living in scarcity/having a scarcity mindset, experiencing a lot of loneliness, etc., can also make us take simple acts of kindness, and the fact that most likely we find the person physically attractive way out of proportion. Generally speaking: it's kind of like, being thirsty for so long, walking through a lonely, dry, and hot desert. Then meeting a friendly stranger who we probably (maybe not even) find (remotely) physically attractive say hi to us. Followed by him/her giving us a drink, a shade, then asking us: "How are you?" If we weren't "in love" by the moment they gave us water, then we are probably going to be "in love" by the time we are done talking about how we are. Yet we know virtually nothing about them, and vice versa.

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    If you think you fell in love with someone before you have met them in person and if you are no longer an immature, confused, and inexperienced adolescent I'd say there are serious psychological and emotional issues. Or be blunt if you are an adult it's time to grow up.

  • I fell in love today, with a lady in a white dress who was watching me out of the window of an apartment above a shop.

    That lasted the few seconds until I realised it was an advertising poster ; in the window of a storage unit, above the dress shop on the ground floor.

  • It's possible. Who is anyone to say it isn't?

    We're complex and unique beings with different styles and levels of attachment and attraction to each other. I cannot even speak for my own mentally challenged mind much more someone far more intelligent and gifted than I.

    The most I can say is the social and diverse nature of the site opens many potential opportunities. One of those opportunities being romantic love. It all depends on what you're looking for. It all depends on where you are psychosocially in your life journey. There are so many variables. No one size fits all.

    But I'm just a mentally challenged idiot talking.

    I'll let the social gurus on this site give a more thoughtful and respected response.

  • The lady in the window wearing the white dress hasn't waved back yet, but I bet that by the end of the month she will.

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