Cuddle party??

Can we like book a cuddle party and link up between pros not pros and just love and hug ??β€β€πŸ˜„πŸ’ƒ



  • @hugzrus that’s a great idea! πŸ€—

  • Right is that like possible πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ™ just imagine a room full of love hehe 😍😍

  • Yes, it's possible to have a cuddle party. I've been to a few at the same location with pros and non pros. I stopped going because apparently the rules doesn't apply to everyone.

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    This is doable but not anytime soon because of the virus. Maybe it can be setup like a conference for a weekend with workshops, ect. In a different location every year. I'd be able to help with planning or ideas if needed.

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    Seriously just cus a few stores have opened up doesn't mean it's 2019 again . Cuddling one on one is still not really advisable with an internet stranger yet and you are talking about a cuddle party ? Here in Alabama there has been a 20 percent increase of cases just this past week which actually coincides with the reopening of many businesses and public spaces . Which is no surprise because people think they can go back to how things were as though we aren't in the middle of a pandemic . I am all for businesses and traditions resuming but it certainly is not business as usual . Can't just throw caution to the wind . There's been 388 deaths in Alabama . I know someone personally who lost her husband , died after just several days of being on a vent in a medical induced coma. Yay for cuddling and human connection but it's irresponsible and pretty naive to even be contemplating a cuddle party to be honest .

  • Is this serious?

  • The UK "relaxed lockdown" rules mean people from different households will soon be able to meet : in public, while keeping 6 feet apart. Perhaps one better than cuddling by video, but still not ideal.

  • @geoff1000 relaxed lockdown ? I really like that term

  • Definitely not the time for a cuddle party. In certain areas, it might be okay to start looking into having a one on one session with a pro or enthusiast cuddler you trust.

  • I don't understand why people shouldn't be allowed to play Russian Roulette with their own lives, if they deeply desire to do so.

    It's not like there's a gun pointed to their head or anything !


  • @Siberian76 because it isnt just their lives...but anyone they come in contact afterward that didnt know they were at a cuddle party...people w low immune systems. Those people need to be held in safety. This world need s to start thinking on we...togetherness form...not me me me. This isnt about individuals any more...this is us keeping the community safe!

  • As much as I'd love a cuddle is not time yet! And when it is....I will so be there! In fact I might be the one holding the cuddle event!

    Cuddle online..on the phone...but in a party...down the road will happen...just not now!

  • @Siberian76
    Several times, on different threads, you have said it should be a personal decision to risk oneself ; and several times, by different people, you have been told that you can be the transmission link, to someone who suffers badly or even dies. That can include innocent passers-by, and the health professionals who try to help you and them.

    Is it that you don't believe you can pass the virus on, or does the risk of doing so not bother you ?

    If you were prepared to isolate for two weeks before each 1:1 session ( to know you didn't have the virus ) , and for two weeks after, in such a way that you could not be reached ( in case you have caught it ) ; you would then only be putting yourself at risk, so that would probably be OK.

    The virus affects people differently, which is unfair ; some die, some have no symptoms. The lockdown also affects people differently, which is also unfair ; some people are alone, some are "stuck" with their ideal mutual cuddling partner ( human or otherwise ).

    Life is kinda unfair generally, but we perhaps too often think of when that unfairness is against us, than when it is for us. There is almost always someone "worse off" who would willingly trade places with us ; so we should be a little reluctant to wish for a new deal of cards.

  • I know @geoff1000, what the heck is @Siberian76 thinking? Being worried about the hundreds of millions of people around the world who are loosing their livelihoods, looking at loosing their homes cuz they cant pay mortgage. People being put in jail cuz they sat alone on an empty beach, worked to get money to feed their kids, played catch with their son in an empty park field. Why care about the millions upon millions who are suffering real life pressure and consequence when there are thousands in the hospital. Too bad for the almost 10,000 people who die every single day in the US from everything else (CDC). If only they died from a pandemic people would give a rip about them too. Oh well, life goes on. If the gov, and the tyranny of the minority, will allow it. @Siberian76, lol, what a tool. :)

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    Unfortunately, this lockdown has gotten way too political; sadly, it has become more about power and control rather than about genuine caring for one another and saving lives. Social distancing has become somewhat of a catchphrase than actual a positive method of handling this, then away of handling this Soften your hearts, people, tang those tongues, life on this earth is a gift, tomorrow is not promised to any of us at no time. Us humans enjoy making a game of everything because we just can't deal with the heavy stuff.

  • @WKCuddles not being political at all . Facts are that it's not wise to be talking about forming cuddle the moment . That's based on covid 19 being a current thing, which has zero political affiliation.

  • @pmvines Why are you so scared of me? if you want to take my right away from stating an opinion than I would rather talk to you through your attorney. I thought this was an adult site and different of opinions was welcome

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    @WKCuddles Please, @pmvines was stating his opinion. Saying something is β€œnot wise” is not taking your right to an opinion away. If anything, you sound intolerant if someone runs counter to your view. You are right, it is an adult site so act like one and accept not everyone thinks like you. Doesn’t mean you are right or wrong, just means they see things differently.

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    Thanks @FunCartel ! @WKCuddles , three back to back messages sent to me about coming to Greensboro and taking you to court and getting an attorney if I want to take away your freedom.? Was all that really necessary? I normally don't address foolishness like that on the forum but you deactivated so I could not respond to you privately . Anyhow to address your post , nothing that I say is said with malice and I am not trying to act as an authority on the matter or tell others what to do . I certainly am not trying to take away your freedom. Wanna drink the Kool aid disinfectant go ahead. I am worker and believe everyone has automany and free will to make bad decisions . It is when those decisions affect others that I feel a need to speak out . If I offended you by what I said , it is merely words and not meant to cause harm . Facts are facts , independent of opinion , feelings , and rhetoric . That is what I try to go by . Just the facts .

  • Indeed @snuggleme123
    If only a few governments around the world were imposing lockdowns, one might suspect that they were trying to control their citizens for nefarious purposes. When so many are doing it, across the political spectrum, and publishing the effects on cases and death rates, then relaxing those lockdowns ; it looks more like a reasonable response to a pandemic.

    Yes, people are also dying of other things ; and yes, the lockdowns have consequences. But in the early stages of a pandemic, when the numbers are rising exponentially, there is a short window of opportunity when temporary lockdown measures can save millions of lives. Diseases and other causes of death, don't have that option.

  • @geoff1000 Yep, but we are past the early stages, past the short window of opportunity, time for temporary to be over for most places.

    I did a paver instal today and am way to tired to get into it deeper.

    @pmvines You are a reasonable voice as usual but I would argue about what we call "facts". IE...we dont need to wear masks then masks are good to wear. Kids are fine and now kids are a bigger risk. The facts in the numbers are less than factual. people who die in a car accident and have Covid are a Covid death, someone with a history of heart problems die of a heart attack and has the virus then its a Covid death. etc. Every positive covid test is a new covid number even if it is the same person getting another test. There are many reasons the "facts" are not factual.

    I hope you both have a great night and are well. Im going to bed. :)

  • @snuggleme123
    Perhaps the most important "fact" about Covid-19, is that it is so new, that we don't know enough about it, to make accurate decisions. If it were a medical treatment, we would want years of rigorous testing before allowing its use across the world, but it has been sprung on us. As the head of BMW in the UK said several decades ago "The mother of 90% of the problems, is the urgency to take decisions".

    Instead, we are having to learn about it, while we fight it ; but at least information is being shared internationally.

    In the UK, many reported Covid-19 deaths are based on the medical symptoms matching, rather than a test, because the testing capacity does not exist. The same people being repeatedly tested are the negative ones, the health workers who would otherwise risk infecting patients ; which if anything inflates the negative numbers. Most of the confirmed cases are in hospital, or isolation, tested to guide their treatment ; so they won't be dying in car accidents.

    The rate is coming down slowly in USA, UK and some other countries, but that is with lockdowns in place ; and countries which are relaxing those lockdowns, are doing so very gradually. Other countries haven't had lockdowns, and their cases are rising. My feeling is that some of those "free" countries, are having to wait until the population becomes aware enough of the threat, that they will accept the lockdown infringement on their liberty.

    The Constitution of the USA was written, on the basis that individual freedom was the best way to maintain national freedom ( e.g. The preamble to the Right To Bear Arms refers to a militia ). Fighting Covid-19 requires people to stop exercising some of those rights ; and since the percentage who would voluntary do so is too low, the law had to enforce it.

    I think the problem with Covid-19 is that the fatality rate demographic, is very different to the transmission rate ; that those who pass it on, are very rarely those who suffer severe symptoms from it, and they cannot easily be traced and held to account. Governments are acting very specifically to protect the elderly, and those with existing medical conditions ; and the measure of any society, is how well it looks after such people.

    If instead a person was very likely to suffer serious symptoms, and very unlikely to pass it on ; we could either rely on them to look out for themselves, or let them make a personal choice to risk themselves. The high rate of transmission, before having obvious symptoms, is what characterises a pandemic.

  • @geoff1000 I am glad you can stay at home an intellectualize how the world should be. I like most have bills to pay and a business that I dont want to just watch die from my couch while contemplating the sky falling. Gatta go to work, have a great day!

  • @snuggleme123
    I do not "stay at home". A few minutes of text each day on this forum, is a worthwhile use of some of my free time.

  • @snuggleme123 you are right , the facts are evolving in real time for sure. One consistency is the potential for transmission, so I am still staying cautious. Am glad to see stores open and people back to work . My fear is how soon we can forget the need to still practice safety . Just cus Starbucks is open doesn't mean we can all hold hands and kiss like its 2019

  • I'd be interested for some time in the future. Could totally use a hug from my cuddle cuties right about now! It has been enlightening having spent so much time with my thoughts and in my home environment. Can't wait to make some big, positive changes. Stay healthy <3 Scarlett

  • @pmvines with what the country has been put through I am sure the majority will keep practicing safety. I also think some places like NYC need to stay more shut down that open but the vast majority of the country should be fine at fully open. I believe viruses are like a cat five hurricane, they cant maintain full intensity for a long time. Many flash in the pan viruses have come an gone and this will prob be the same. Australia is in the time of year where it should be building but the numbers are not big, a good sign. I hope so anyway. Have a good night.

  • @snuggleme123

    This is the database I follow.

    Australia has been able to isolate as a country, and its population is very spread out. I'm worried for Brazil, Mexico and Russia, which don't seem to have done much prevention, and have rising cases.

    The world is now one big economy, with almost every place contributing in some way, even if only for tourism or as a consumer. The new "normal" will have a lot less interaction, at least for a while ; else severe lockdowns within a country, will be defeated by visitors.

    I think of a pandemic as like a forest fire ; if there are flames in one place, and unburnt trees in another, there is a risk of it getting out of hand again. At one stage, we try to protect the unburnt trees ; at another stage, we play whack-a-mole on the outbreaks, and now that we have better testing capacity, that is becoming practical.

    We can't stop tsunamis, but the ability to detect and warn they are coming, saves many lives. As we get better information on Covid-19, so people can be confident that they haven't caught it, that will be a big improvement.

  • @geoff1000 Covid has been spreading from China via air travel long before it was a known thing, and thanks to them internationally even after. Australia is an Asian hot spot, the Aussie Open in tennis is called the Asian Slam. China was infecting that world wide tourist hot spot for a long time. They are not isolated. Sydney and Melbourne are anything but spread out and they are not the only cities. Yes there are wide open spaces and US has that too. Yes they have an ocean between them and China, we have two oceans. What else ya got.

    There is one big difference in your weak fire analogy, the entire population is not told to stay home and watch their life start to burn.

    Tsunamis??? I have to go. Plus we are derailing the OPs thread.

    Have fun yall

  • Reason it's an issue isn't due to what might happen to me , it's about what might happen to others and that's not opinion but evidence based fact . An Alabama veterans nursing home has 91 of 150 residents testing positive for covid . Of that 91, 23 have died. the first patient tested positive nine days after an employee tested positive. So quite possibly the one employee who didn't get badly affected by it passed it on to the first resident and so on until you have 23 covid related deaths all in the same nursing home . Can't just go off of statistics and assume the percentage of the population that will presumably die from I t will be spread out evenly across the map . So if I offend somebody by saying it's not a good idea to have a cuddle party , sorry, there are more important concerns on my plate than your hurt feelings

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