Which male body type do women like to cuddle?



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    Was that survey sponsored by McDonald's or Pizza Hut ?

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    Inherent in the question is the assumption that women like to cuddle a certain male body type. That women are just as visual as men.

    Some are.

    But does any particular body type matter to women when cuddling ?

    How much of a role or value does a man's body type play or have on a woman's mind and interaction with a man generally and specifically when cuddling?

    Unfortunately I'm not female enough. Perhaps not the typical female. Or perhaps the female that fits into the established norm of what it looks like or means to be female. As none of those body types appeal to me. Neither do any of them as pictured reflect the broad diversity that is the human being.

    I'm a sapiosomatic cuddler. So it's how a man uses his mind and spirit to approach and interact with me that I truly like, not a body type.

    I don't even have to see what a face or body looks like to cuddle that person. I've cuddled men I have chatted with for months by phone or email conversations. And I never felt the need nor desire to know what they look like.

    And I felt safe and comfortable with them. That was never an issue for me.

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    Body type? From what I see it's not the body type, it's the payment type men use to pay with: cash, venmo, PayPal.

  • I am with you bles, I don't need/care about seeing someone's pic. If we can talk okay and I feel comfortable I am good. Their physical appearance doesn't come to mind.

  • As a man, it’s still interesting to know if a body type is a draw for some women. I think I’d have a wide variety of body types that might be interested in cuddling. That’s just on a comfort level i think.

    A lady may want to be able to wrap her arms around a guy or might want a soft belly to cuddle up to.

  • 20-25 percent bf

  • I thought the question about body type was more tactile than visual. Not discounting the mental connection at all, it's interesting to know what appeals to a woman's touch needs being met.

  • I've been told I make a great pillow and am somewhere between the pics for 25 to 30 percent

  • people cuddle with an energy. physical looks are a very small factor

  • A man who cuddled with a size 0 supermodel said, "It was like going to bed with a bicycle".

  • From my perspective, body type plays no part. It’s more about the client’s personality and energy. Bodies have an natural way of fitting together no matter the size :)

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    As a pro I have cuddled all body types and always make it work but if I was being choosy and this is purely from a cuddling prospective not from a visual standpoint 11-25% body fat aka the entire middle row and the first guy on the bottom row. In reality the top row would probably be more really skinny/ boney guys not shredded bodybuilders but either way if you’re cuddling you want some cushion but you don’t want someone so big that it’s hard to wrap your arms around them either. Generally it’s just more comfortable to cuddle people who are in a normal/healthy range. Obviously there are more important aspects that go into the quality of a cuddle session like personality and good hygiene so this is really more about what kind of bodies make the best teddybear.

  • I’ve been able to enjoy all kinds of body types for cuddling so as long as the person is clean and respectful, it doesn’t matter to me. Every body type deserves to have cuddles!! Lol each type has a different way to cuddle that makes it enjoyable 😄

  • I don't have any preference for particular body types when doing platonic cuddling, though someone soft and squishy is good - whether male or female. That said I've cuddled people who are more skinny and/or muscular and it was fine too. For me it's much more about the personality, whether we click, and whether they respect my boundaries.

  • Body type doesn’t really matter to me either if your a good cuddle partner and a good conversationalist or know how to good back rubs I am good to go. Also not hours away from me.

  • "My wife's appearance is very important. I want her to appear as soon as possible."

  • I prefer breathing with a pulse and willing to cuddle.

  • Well i think i fluctuate between 20-30% so I’m glad to know I’m not out of range for some

  • I think I'm going to have nightmares from that first row. 😆

  • I thought women like “Dad Bods.” 🤣

  • Jabba the Hutt is opening a CC account.

  • Hilarious! I read those percentages as the answers to the question posed, like they're survey results, and thought, "Yah ~ That seems right." ~ Lol! It wasn't until reading people's comments I realized those are their percentages of body fat!

    🤦‍♀️ clearly I need more 😴 and more ☕!

  • @quixotic_life if you based it on that the fattest won!

  • @quixotic_life
    That makes more sense 😀 ; although the percentage of muscle mass is probably relevant too, as a strong person has a similar fat percentage as a skeleton.

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    That is a very interesting question to ask indeed. Personally I think it does not so much come down to how the cuddling partner looks, but rather how he makes you feel. I have enjoyed cuddling with a bit more heavier types but also slimmer guys. Personally I prefer the 13%-bodyfat image, as it brings you the ideal combination of both a muscular frame as well as a certain softness, compared to the more ripped figures. The feeling of snuggling up to such a man with him treating you gently is hard to put into words. It triggers some beautiful, primal instincts I guess. Have a nice evening everyone! :-)

  • Before I started cuddling yes please give me hard body but now I do have a personal preference. I will cuddle anyone but a softer build feels nicer. Hard body feels like a bed of rocks covered in fabric.

  • So for me the top three pics😝

  • Soo... my body fat is 13%... I wish I was as ripped as that example LOL.

    Not a woman, but if I had a “preferred”... rugby player build... not ripped... but has some muscle, but doesn’t need to have no fat either.
    Solid and cuddly ;)

    I’d also much rather cuddle someone who’s an amazing person at 40%, than a jerk at 2%. Body / looks shouldn’t matter, it’s their energy and how they make you feel.

  • I actually cuddled with someone on the heavier side and liked it. It felt like I was cuddling with clouds. So nice and fluffy. 😀😀😀

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