Requesting Healing and Cuddling Energy Sent to Me

I am in Thailand...I usually live in California...I am a MAJOR cuddlier...I used to do it professionally and facilitate it! So it is a passion of mine!

Nine months ago today I tore my ACL partially, my Physical Therapist, after 4 months recommended me to go to Thailand to hike and do my therapy on the beach. 2 weeks later Covid has kept me here.

In the past months my ACL is completely torn now and meniscus is now torn and I need surgery in a country where I know next to no one as I was at the beach and now I'm in Bangkok as of 2 weeks ago. And I desire to be sent loving, caring, cuddling energy to help me heal. My surgery my time is at 5am on July 29th...if my doctor doesn't change the time. This time is 3pm PST on July 28th.

I would love for you to, if you are willing to see me wrapped in a burgundy and lavender blanket of healing, loving energy to support the doctor to do the best job he can that all my nerves are still healthy after the surgery, my thigh is still healthy, my new ACL is placed perfectly and secured for this life time...all strong and healthy. See my leg and hip being healthy, healing quickly and strong...and see me dancing full out in 12 months, hiking in 5-6 months and that my body is fully healthy and supported through the surgery and the time of recovery afterward!

If you could do this, I'd deeply appreciate it! I wish I had some cuddle buddies over here to connect this will be the closest way to do that!

Big gratitude, thanks and hugs!


  • Sending good vibes πŸ€—

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    @CuddleMeYummy - envisioning has begun, reminder on calendar and couple focus pics.
    Wishing you all the best ~ πŸ’—

  • Best of luck to you on your surgery. Sending your doctor good vibes and gentleness. Wishing you happy healing and virtual hugs and cuddles.


  • Cyber cuddles and healing meditations from the MCL meniscus infirmary. I'm with you.

  • Beautiful, Precious Woman... What are you refusing to "bow" to? Just a question. Our bodies are mere reflections of deeply held, often hidden patterns of thought.

    Have you considered this question, honestly? Sometimes, we don't NEED to "bow"; other times, we need to realize that submission isn't such a bad thing, after all.

    Consider this:

    But know, we WILL be sending you loving, healing energy. You owe NO ONE, and NO THING your beautiful, powerful Life. There's something that you need to release, in order to regain your flexibility. I'm also sending POWER to those whose hands touch you. What do you need to walk away from?


  • Sending so much love and light to you during all this madness!! Sending good thoughts for your doctor to do the best job as well πŸ™ hug

  • Healthy knee and speed-healing vibes sent. I'm sure that's scary to have to deal with, keep us all posted on the results.

  • Sending love and peace your way <3

  • Hi! I send you healing energy and good vibes. I know it's good for your body just to hear it, and you might feel it too. I know I've had some physical trouble where I needed it and someone helped me. You'll recover better if what you want is on your mind and you act accordingly to rebuild. It worked for my knee and shoulder. Every little bit counts.

  • I love that blanket @quixotic_life ...thank you! Gorgeous!

  • Thank you everyone for your care and support! I so appreciate it! I feel all of you so much!

    Yes @davebutton ...I am meditating twice a day seeing myself dancing in a years time and hiking in 6 months and in 5 years hiking Mt Kilimanjaro...always setting and feeling breathing in the intentions.

    @ImajenMoon I am doing deep healing work of empowerment and forgiveness and it has been a spiritual experience and deepening daily!

    In deep gratitude for all of you! Thank you! Big hugs and virtual cuddles!!!

  • Sorry to hear you're going through such a rough time! Sending healing energy your way! <3 Big hugs and virtual cuddles as well! =)

  • Hello Everyone,
    I want to give you an update! I went through surgery....all went well. The next day my doctor told me "your knee is very healthy, in fact by the time you heal this you will have a 25 year old knee." He only had to put one stitch in the meniscus and shave a bit off and the ACL replacement went great.

    I will say I have had hardly any pain...which amazes me! My flexibility is already starting to come back...though I'm not allowed to try to take my knee over 90 degrees for a month as for the meniscus needing to heal.

    I am back at my apartment now. I've had people coming by daily to bring me food and sit with me and talk. This has been the best. One person came over and rearranged my whole apartment so everything was within reach of my bed. Here I thought I'd done so much to get ready but his ideas exceeded mine and man has it been helpful. My fridge and other end table, everything right there within grasp! I knew none of these people 10 days ago! The care of strangers blow my mind!!

    Thank you so much for the love, envisioning me dancing and hiking and wrapping me in the wine colored blanket with lavender streaks for healing and helped me so much get through this...and if you feel called...I'd love fo you to see holding good thoughts for me in the this is about a year long journey! Feeling so blessed to be doing so well and to have you here with me. Thank you, Bliss!

  • Hi there CMY, I’m mostly a lurker here on the forums, but just wanted to post and say I’m really glad to hear your surgery was successful! All the best as you continue to recover!

  • @CuddleMeYummy ~ So glad you posted an update! And such good news! ~ I was considering messaging but thought you might still be on post-op meds/was too soon.

    So happy for you ~ πŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸŒΌπŸ΅πŸ€πŸ’–πŸ¦„

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